Leaked List Of Skyrim Achievements

As if you didn't already have an overwhelming amount of personal hype built up for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the list of 50 achievements for Bethesda's new giant RPG has leaked. Minor spoilers ahead!

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mandf2603d ago

Seems like an easy list. I can't wait.

trainsinrdr2603d ago

Yay I successfully spoiled a shitload of surprises for myself XD
Damn you Eve.

Finger-Eater2603d ago

That actually doesn't look too hard.

Blitz0012603d ago

not at all...seems really easy :/

omi25p2602d ago

Got my sights set on 1000g

s8skanna2602d ago

I like this much more then the last ES:O. For some reason I thought for sure in the last game that we would get a achievement for finding some crazy piece of loot, then when I saw the achievements I was a bit let down. Most of it was story driven. This looks like what I was hoping for in ES:O.

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