Isaac Clarke is Back, But in a New EA Game

MediaStinger: "With the success of the Dead Space series, Dead Space 3 is a given, but with Dead Space 2 just being released, it’s going to be a couple years until we see Isaac Clarke return with the series. For now, Isaac is making a cameo in EA Sports upcoming re-release..."

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DrFUD1672d ago

not fair.
He has to jam wearing zero gravity boots

iXenon1672d ago

First Dragon Age and now this? Is he gonna be an extra skin for the next Crysis game, too?

denero11672d ago

after the ending of dead space 2 where he was sitting alone waiting for death that sealed his cool factor he is now a legend

DarkBlood1672d ago

he was with the girl who lost one eye unless theres more then one ending i dont know about?

denero11672d ago

nah your correct i was talking about before that part where he's just sitting there

iXenon1672d ago

Thanks for the spoiler warning >:\

egidem1671d ago

It's not a spoiler - the game doesn't end that way, in case you were planning on playing it in the near future.

egidem1671d ago

I think you're talking about the 1st game dude.

denero11671d ago

yeah i get em mixed up

Sarcasmology1672d ago

As long as I eventually get to stomp on more necro-babies, I'll be satisfied.

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