Intel's QX9770 quad-core to blow away competition in Q1 writes:

"Thirty million transistors on the head of a pin. Think about that for a minute. Where on earth can you fit 30 million of anything in that amount of space? It used to be that 30 million transistors was a good-sized chip. These days, in a 45nm Hafnium-based High-K process, it almost seems like we (OK, OK, Intel...) can defy the laws of physics. We're talking rocket science here people. Actually, it's probably a bit more complex than rocket science. Titanium (Ti), Zirconium (Zr), Gallium (Ga), heck we've even heard of Rubidium (Rb), but Hafnium? Is someone at Intel just making this stuff up?

Let's do some quick math, since we're feeling all smart and scientific. The new 45nm Intel Yorkfield processor that we'll be showing you today has a die size that measures about 214mm squared and is comprised of about 820 million transistors. Comparatively, AMD's Athlon 64 X2 6000+, that is built on a 90nm process, is comprised of some 227 million transistors and has a die size of 218mm square. So we have a 45nm-built processor with four times as many transistors and 2X the number of cores on board, that is actually slightly smaller than the other with one quarter the number of transistors and has half as many CPU cores. Not to mention both of these processors have comparable power consumption and thermal profiles."

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Vip3r4041d ago

One of these with a 9 series Geforce should rip crysis a new one. I could really do with a new PC seeing this one is over 2.5 years old and can't play Bioshock well. :(

OOG FunK4041d ago

man these companies are growing so damn fast now...hell the tech has jumped so much in the past year makes you wonder what is gonna be out another year or 2 from now

mighty_douche4041d ago

this is for pc nutters thats all. performance to money is no good, im estimating these hitting the shops at around £700, which for a CPU is nothing short of crazy.

do yourself a favour, get a Q6600, some good cooling and it'll easily OC to around 3.5ghz, mines currently at 3.2 and nothing even makes it break a sweat. all this for around £200, that leaves ya £500 which will get you 2 8800 GT in SLI with change.

still, if i had £700 to waste ;)

sagapo4041d ago

so you use watercooling then? or are you the pride owner of a VapoChill cooling? 'cause i'm thinking of getting a VC next year...

mighty_douche4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

and yes im the proud owner of a new water cooling kit! but its not needed, just good cpu fan/heatsink and good case ventalition is all you need. oh, and a little know how.

sak5004041d ago

Whats the temp u getting on ur Q6600? I believe its on 65nm. My E6600 is running @ 3.52 GHz with Gigabyte watercooling system. THe temp is between 48-54 Celcuis. The system is fast enough for games of this year except teh stupid crysis. But from what i've read on sites most people who have less than 8800 series have a prob with it.

m91058264041d ago

I have my X6800 running @ 4.0GHz with a custom Danger Den cooling system. And I now see that my GPU is my bottleneck =( (same GPU as you sak)

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Garrison4041d ago

but idk how to oC at all. And do you just leave it OC all the time or just OC for gaming?

mighty_douche4041d ago

OC-ing isnt to be taken lightly, if your thinking of doing it, please read as much information as you can, generally i wouldnt recommend it for anyone but advanced pc users. but google overclocking and your CPU and they will be plenty of information available. but remember READ FIRST.

mesh14041d ago

this is why the cell used for the ps3 is useless