10 things that must happen in the next Mortal Kombat Movie

A new MK movie is in active development, for a 2013 release, with MK Legacy’s director Kevin Tancharoen. The joy however is mixed with fears, even though i have faith in my good friend Kevin, i still believe making a Mortal Kombat movie is very difficult and tricky, and for that reason alone, i made this list of 10 things that i believe should be done with the upcoming Movie, to ensure its success among both fans and casual movie goers

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darfreeze2456d ago

The number 1 thing for me is that, it must not suck.

gogospeedracer2456d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing!
Since you said that I will say this...

Don't let George Lucas direct it!

zeal0us2456d ago

No don't let

M.Night Shyamalan


Uwe Boll

direct it.

FlashXIII2455d ago

Replace at least some of the cast members from Legacy.. the guy who plays Jax comes to mind. Nothing against his acting but he can't throw convincing kicks to save his life.

Jonah_Reese2455d ago

I find that hard to believe, I watched Micheal Jai White in Legacy and I agree his kicks were slightly awkward looking but he has done better you check out his other movies. I don't know maybe he wasn't giving his all. He's actually a pretty good fighter to boot.

Army_of_Darkness2455d ago

Bro, you need to watch undisputed! He kicks ass in that movie!

Quagmire2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

You kiddin me? Michael Jai White is the best one there, because he is a GENUINE fighter in real life. I say keep him as Jax.

Oh and also, bring back Robin Shou, previously portrayed as Liu Kang, but this time as Kung Lao or Raiden, considering he's older now.

felonycarclub2455d ago

hell yeah, he is the perfect person to play jax but there needs to be some serious ass kicking and i think they should put the x-ray move in there

Pozzle2453d ago

Robin Shou needs to be in more movies in general. He's an amazing martial artist and a pretty good actor. It's sad he isn't in more big movie roles.

maxmill2455d ago

PLease let kano kick ass

Pozzle2455d ago

Bring back Christopher Lambert. hahaha

ZombieAssassin2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

^^^ That, bubbles good sir. He will always be Raiden and Connor Macleod to me.

Quagmire2453d ago

I know right. He was such an underrated yet awesome actor. Only movies I can remember him from are MK, Beverly Hills Ninja, and just recently the two Death Race films, the first Death Race directed by Paul W.S Anderson, who was also the director of the first MK movie!

videoxgamexfanboy2455d ago

No matter what they do it will prolly suck. Its a movie based off a video game. I will give mk1 credit tho. That was one of the better video game movies.

felonycarclub2455d ago

i love mk1 but it really wasnt mk, if it dont have blood or fatalities then its not mk

videoxgamexfanboy2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I agree. No blood not truly mk. Kinda like mk1 on super nintendo

Pozzle2453d ago

Apart from the lack of blood though, it was pretty true to the games. And Shang Tsung kind of died via Fatality when he fell to his death onto the spikes. Even though it was a PG death. :O