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Eurogamer Give Mass Effect: 8.0

When cuddly old Bob Hoskins said that it was 'good to talk', he was trying, in his loveable Cockney kind of way, to get us to rack up enormous phone bills. He wasn't advocating that using endless exposition was the best way to get you into space fairing action RPG epic. He'd probably politely tell them to 'shut iiiiit'.

Eurogamer Conclusion:

Eurogamer say that despite the niggles, Mass Effect is most definitely a great game with an awful lot going for it - but one that doesn't quite deserve unquestioning praise. For what it achieves in delivering a compelling narrative and wonderful atmosphere, BioWare deserves a huge amount of credit, as there are few games that come anywhere near it in this regard.

The dialogue system, and the impact it has on individual missions and the game as a whole is exceptional, adding greatly to the potential replay value. Where it doesn't quite hit the mark for me is in the action stakes. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 8/10

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predator  +   2928d ago
i am not suprised by this, they gave gears an 8. they love it yet they give it an 8, oh well thats eurogamer for you
toughNAME  +   2928d ago
yeah eurogamer is so tough with their reviews

there either really honest

or there just trying to get some hits...
predator  +   2928d ago
all over websites havn't gone as low as 9.2 yet eurogamer do this, makes me wonder sometimes what kind of gamers are they and do they appreciate good games.
MK_Red  +   2928d ago
Good comment but I think it's a problem with all reviewers. When Assassins gets 9.5 and 9 from GameTrailers and GameSpot yet 7 and 6.9 from Eurogamer and TeamXbox it's obvious that there is something wrong with reviewers and two 8s for ME (From Hardcore mag and this) is just more proof.
And These SHOULD NOT be opinions because Game reviewers should speak for general. If they want to make things personal, they should make blogs. Reviews were once technical and helpfull. Now it's people holding grudge against Jade Raymond, Ubi Montreal, BioWare and other great devs and their games.
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Multigamer  +   2928d ago
eurogamer are 1 weird bunch of people. oh well, bet eurogamer members are goin nuts over at the forums.
OpiZA  +   2928d ago
Yeh i'm sure there's a ton of trollin going on too

Well so far from the recent reviews it's averaging out at around 9.3 after this review... sounds good to me :D
AIZEN SOZUKE  +   2928d ago
over hyped game?
yes, aww, and the end of 180s graphics
predator  +   2928d ago
dude what are u on this site for its called news 4 GAMERS, u are not a gamer, we should start getting rid of people like u,all u do is spam posts, Play games Not consoles, u act like a console is ur wife, sad
Parlivus  +   2928d ago
Maybe it IS his wife? :)
00  +   2928d ago
or maybe
it's his sister
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Vojkan  +   2928d ago
We Europeans are not biased like americans that lick Microsoft azz. Especuially american sites that constantly overrate 360 games. Mass Effect is junk with so many technical problems, it doesn't deserve more than 8.5
rofldings  +   2928d ago
Agreed. I love how Gametrailers TAKES AWAY POINTS from uncharted because of the SAME PROBLEMS BUT WORSE on Gay effect, yet it gets a higher score.

Screw this. Seriously.
Parlivus  +   2928d ago
Its true, Assasins Creed should have got a significantly higher score on the 360 than on the PS3 just because of the glitcyness of the PS3 version.
Developers should really get their act together with the PS3 multiplats now, I'll hopefully have a reason to spend £299 on one then. (Sony fanboys please don't read this as an excuse to rant on about blu-ray and home etc, they don't interest me and I don't want this to be seen as flame-bait)

Edit: I know the 360 version is glitchy as well, but I've been playing it for several hours now and not encountered one crash, glitch or framerate slowdown.
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rofldings  +   2928d ago
The 360 version has glitches/freezes too, btw.

Also, the PS3 version can easily be fixed by turning off the message board and signing out of PSN; temp fix until firmware 2.01 is released.
REbirth  +   2928d ago
not as a fanboy but as a gamer...
...can i call it massive bug effect? :P

just kidding...dont get upset with me^^ xD
ParaDise_LosT  +   2928d ago
Or maybe
Mass Defects xD

Just Kidding guys :D you know I love the game :)

Ohhh and they Gave GeoW an 8.....
so this isn't really a big suprise

They gave Bioshock a 10/10 tho...
These people are just very hard to please...
controlfreak78  +   2928d ago
But these are things that can be patched later. Right?
riqued  +   2928d ago
No, the hardware is weak. A first party title having so many issues is sad, really.
riqued  +   2928d ago
Its just because of technical issues. I would understand if this was a port from a third party developer, but a first party title can't have that many technical problems.
I guess this are the best graphics the Xbox 360 will be able to handle.
Whoooop  +   2928d ago
you know what???
This game is like Uncharted for the PS3...

Neither game brings something completely new, but they are both unique in a special way.

Both games will get nice reviews and both will get questionable reviews, but WE the gamers know a GREAT game when we see one.

We PS3 owners love Uncharted just as much as 360 owners will love Mass Effect and nobody can take that away from us.

I don't care about reviews with Uncharted, because its a wonderful game. PERIOD.

Mass Effect is the same, there's no need to rely on reviews, because we all know ME it's a wonderful game too and nobody should make you think otherwise..

I really wish ya'll enjoy this game. I know I would if I had a 360..

Great time to be a gamer, worst time to be a fanboy...

cheers F*kers.
predator  +   2928d ago
most decent comment on this thread full of retarded fanboys, bubble for you, myself will enjoy both titles, unlike some here who sleep with there consoles in their bed
mesh1  +   2928d ago
wrong mass effect is goty and AA ON METACRITIC while uncharted is not mass effect has gott 9+ so dotn comapre it to uncharted
Ri0tSquad  +   2928d ago
bubble for you whoooooop
great comment
MK_Red  +   2928d ago
It's not just ME or Uncharted.
The reviewers are justing trying to get more hits and traffic by giving low scores to great games like Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Uncharted. Just look at those idiots that gave Assassins 6 and 6.7. There will be others who would do the same to Uncharted and ME just to get attention. It's the strategy that worked for Jack Thompson (Attacking great games like GTA, BioShock, Bully, Halo 3 and such)...

Cheers for all real gamers that enjoy the games. May those idiot reviewers see the truth one day and start REVIEWing games professionally instead of personally. If I want personal opinion, I ask my friends and other people. Sites and mags are supposet to be pros and helpfulls...
Whoooop  +   2928d ago
@ MK
yep I left AC because I was trying to make a point... As a gamer I know AC is a good game..

I will try it tonight though.. I bought today before work.
Xi  +   2928d ago
look at the sony fanboyism on this thread, so many agrees on so many negative comments, what's happening to this site.
predator  +   2928d ago
not enougth true gamers out there, there like ants they just keep coming
Xi  +   2928d ago
You don't see this type of thing on uncharted reviews
if someone says a negative comment they have like 13 disagrees, but on mass effect it's all agrees.
predator  +   2928d ago
exactly, im on there praising it to as i play all games and hardly any 360 fans were other there but here its compltetly stuiped,
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2928d ago
I personally don't want to give a damn about those comments. Seriously why bother.
OpiZA  +   2928d ago
I fear it's the beginning of the end. The desperation of PS3 fanboys (not PS3 gamers) in here is overwhelming
Ju  +   2928d ago
Just short, because I don't really belong in here. But please reconsider that statement. I am a PS3 gamer and I am going with Whoooop's comment up there. For us, however, it seems we get low ratings all the time. For me personally I was curious to see how our 360 friends react to the result. I know the Uncharted results p!ssed off a lot of people. At least it hits us (PS3 and 360) gamers the same way, now, it seams. Maybe that's also a effect of 10/10 overratings in the past and we probably should get used to reasonable scores again.
Parlivus  +   2928d ago
The reason for the poor PS3 reviews is generally the sub-standard frame rate on multiplatform games - and to be honest its not really a suprise they get worse scores than the 360 equivalent. Its a shame as the Ps3 should really be getting into its stride by now.

Glitchyness comes with games as standard it would seem now - if its a hyped up game where the review sites are likely to make advertising revenue from banners from said game, then they're likely to give it a good review score.

This whole thing reminds me of the "Alienware" and "Hexus" debacle which is detailed here: http://www.hexus.net/conten...

If the review sites gave dodgy review scores to games, companies would simply stop sending them review copies, and stop spending advertising revenue with said site.
titntin  +   2928d ago
It Is fair comment.
I've been playing the baby for more than 40 hours now and I do love it to bits, but it is not without its faults. If you are playing primarily as an RPG, then this is about as good as it gets, and I've never been quite as immersed in a game as I have been with this - and I play a lot of RPG's.
Its the action that will annoy some, particularly those that wish to play it as a shooter. The Ai is simply weak. Add to that a few glitches that should have been picked up (I've become hopelessly stuck in the landscape on more than one occasion) and I can see why 8/10 is a possible interpretation. I would argue its a 9/10 though, and only stay away from the pewrfect 10 because of the above mentioned faults...
Spartan 117  +   2928d ago
thats ok an 8 from eurogamer is like a 10 from anyone else.
rofldings  +   2928d ago
So Uncharted got a 9/10 and SMG got a 10/10

Where does that leave them? 11/10, 12/10?
dagonet  +   2928d ago
i getting to like eurogamer
they seem to know quality when they see it

Mass Effect 8/10
Uncharted 9/10
Assassin's Creed 7/10
Mario Glaaxy 10/10

nuff' said :P
controlfreak78  +   2928d ago
Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, your still retarded
P4KY B  +   2928d ago
I'm going to use that one.
TheIneffableBob  +   2928d ago
MK_Red  +   2928d ago
Well, for me this is more proof that reviews suck. When Assassin's gets 7 and ME gets 8, its obvious that most of these reviewers need to see a doctor ASAP.
predator  +   2928d ago
welcome back, good to see a real gamer on this thread
rofldings  +   2928d ago
So your definition of a "real gamer" is someone who likes the same games/console you do?
predator  +   2928d ago
no a gamer that appreceates games, isnt a fanboy, and doesnt attack some one for likeing a game on a certain console, u dont have to have all 3 consoles, just appreciate good games when u see them, unlike some people on here
MK_Red  +   2928d ago
Thanks for great comment and words predator.

rofldings, did you know that I'm kind of a PS3 fan? lol...
It's not important that what console I like or play. It's important that great games get played and praised for their greatness.

A real gamer should play and enjoy great games on all systems:
BioShock, Orange Box, COD4, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Super Mario Galaxy, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Zack & Wiki and others.
mesh1  +   2928d ago
faults dont break game story/immersiveness/gameplay of the genre tis meant to represent break a game if done poor mass effect excels at all those points so believe u me u will see more and more better reviewrs remember as the sony fanboys say eurogamer are justlooking to get attention why keep and saying mass effect is a shooter what twats they dont allow for new ideas if it was turn based kotor style which was yawn they wud love it aye ? haha kotor was an amazing game but i know and here mass effect is better so im laughing at sonyfanboys
PS360WII  +   2928d ago
Yea they are not riping on the game. Just saying that if you like a heavy dialog game with full freedom then this is your game. If you want more action and more of a feeling of where to go then this game isn't for you. 8/10 is a good score. Hope people like it who buy it.

What I'm suprised with are the prefect scores that are coming out for this game and all the glitches that come with it. That's just a no no.
AIZEN SOZUKE  +   2928d ago
xbox fans are mad now
but the other day when the socalled,"ps3s exclusives not selling" topic you xbox fans were all there, so please dont complain
remix  +   2928d ago
can somebody tell me how to delete my account???????
this site is annoying to me and is just out of hand.

how do you delete your fuc*ing account people.
but b4 i go.
@ikercruiser, did you seriously say uncharted is a rip off of tomb raider. dumbasses these days have exceeded the limit of retard.

i cant believe you even said that. clearly you've never played the game. sad so sad that they say uncharted is better then mass effect.lol
mass effect was the perfect name since it has all those glithes in it.
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led1090  +   2928d ago
thr goes the average mario galaxy no1 as of now
ilkercruiser  +   2928d ago
keep up the good work
9 for Tomb Raider Indiana Jones ripoff "uncharted" and 8 for the Best Work of BioWare so far ?

This made my as$ laugh.
Devr  +   2928d ago
Consider this:

You think Uncharted is a Tomb Raider rip-off because in both games you look for treasure in ancient ruins. But if you apply that "logic" to Mass Effect, doesn't it make ME a KOTOR/Any other space RPG rip-off? I'm not saying it its, just saying that calling Uncharted a Tomb Raider rip-off is stupid.
EDF 2017  +   2928d ago
I have the game and it PWNS
Best games on all consoles!

Pics to prove!!!

Sorry about the pic qualit, taken with a blackberry pearl.

Related image(s)
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Funky Town_TX  +   2928d ago
8 NOT 10?
No game with v-sinc / framerate issues should get a score higher than a 7. Just look at the vids and see.
Jdoki  +   2928d ago
Good for Eurogamer! If they feel it's 'only' worth 8/10 then fair play to them for sticking by their convictions. Personally this is a game that's #1 on my wishlist this year, but I respect their opinion a lot.

The last few months have seen more and more games getting stupidly high reviews, with websites just 'following the herd' or giving extremely harsh reviews just to get more traffic. it's almost like some sites are afraid of losing traffic, so don't dare give honest reviews.

Maybe Eurogamer have got it slightly wrong (but maybe not); but as a PS3, 360 and Wii owner I feel that this year we've seen some good games get crazy review scores, and a lot of this seems to be based purely on the level of hype.

Halo 3, Mario Galaxy, BioShock... all great games, but nowhere near deserving of scores in the very high 90's or 10/10's. Mario Galaxy is averaging higher than Mario 64 on Metacritic last time I looked - crazy.

Mass Effect is THE game on the 360 I've been waiting for since it was announced. The review scores don't matter... What convinced me to buy this game was the pedigree of the developer and the subject matter.

The quality of journalism in the gaming industry is very poor for the most part, and it now seems almost impossible to trust what they say and the scores they give. In some ways I hope Eurogamer are proved right.
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Maestro  +   2928d ago
LOL, Goodbye "game of the year"
MK_Red  +   2928d ago
Do you really need to post this in review of any game that isn't Mario Galaxy?
Whoooop  +   2928d ago
Leave him be MK
At least he has ONE game to play on the Gamecube with new controllers..

It's just herpes again... I mean Mario :)
CrazzyMan  +   2928d ago
Nice to see Unbiased review.
13-15h for an RPG - is nonsense.
ONLY on x360.

and uncharted, which has ~12h gameplay is not even RPG.
Mass effect ofcourse is a good game, but come on 13h for an RPG??? And just to think, that half a year ago, people were happy, that game will fit in 1 DVD.. yeah, it fitted, but at what cost.
Xi  +   2928d ago
when you consider there is little to no grind, 13 - 15 hrs for the main quest is what most rpgs are, look at oblivion, it was roughly 8 hours for the main quest + 1-2 hours in travel time, exploration, and grinding, then side quests gave the game it's legs making last into the 50-60 hour range. Mass effect is 13 hours + 10 hours on side quests seems reasonable for this type of RPG shooter blend.
Double-Edged  +   2928d ago
Picture it this way.
when you play through campaign, side quests, and explore...

Youll want to play the game over and over again because of the different experiences you can get.

Have you played Chrono Trigger? Ahh yes, the RPG of SNES?
well.. that game is short believe it or not. But what made it have replay value was that there are multiple endings, and you can play the game differntly each time.

and please dont bring up uncharted.
That is a linear game which is only 12hours as you say on a blu-ray. that's nonsense.

It's nice to see you hate on Mass Effect. But that's okay. If i had a PS3 only system....I would be extremely jelous.

Xi: yeah he doesnt know much about RPG's. He's got no clue. He's stuck with a linear 12hr bluray game.
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x440Magnumx  +   2928d ago
Um. That's 13-15 hours for the main story. They say another 15-20 for the sidelines, and god only knows how much exploring you can do besides that.

The the replay value is extremely high, so there will be more than a few with over 80, and even 100 hours into it.

What's really interesting to me is despite how much they like it, they have to go to the "barely passing" level of videogames. Everyone is giving it 9s and higher, and they can't even muster up an 8.5? Odd, and inconsistent with everyone else so far, except the no name hardcore whatever.
wangdiddy82  +   2928d ago
mass effect
over rated just like halo 3... Eurogamer knows a good game thats why they rate so hard.. They always have.. They give props when props are due.. Not like most sites praising a game when they know its not that great.

Mass effect is a good game but a great game.. Far from it..
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