Crytek: 10x Graphical Power Only Doubles Visual Fidelity

NowGamer: Crysis dev on processing power misconception.

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skyward2627d ago

I can believe it. Art direction is the only way to 'improve' visuals via effects/shaders. If we had 1000x GPUs we wouldn't know what to do with them.

Orpheus2627d ago

The CG movies use around 100~1000 million polygons , games today use around 2 million polygons. Ray tracing makes things 10 times slower if implemented today so there you have it.

200/2 * 10 = 1000 .. Your power has been utilized.

GamersRulz2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I just have one question for you .

how many games have you developed sir ?

Autodidactdystopia2626d ago

I think he's just abandoning creator.
Cevat really needs to get his head out his A$$.

Anon19742626d ago

"You get better lighting slightly and maybe smoother pixels, but for an average Joe – not for hardcore gamers – that image will not improve a lot."

I've been saying this for quite some time. PC elitists make it sound like hi-end PC's are the only way to game, but that's simply their opinion. Your average gamer won't even notice, or won't care, about the graphical "edge" of gaming on a PC. That's why it's only for enthusiasts. For the rest of us, a visual bump in details, lighting, framerate takes a backseat to the reduced cost and convenience of the current console gen. And given that most developers don't have the resources to even push the consoles to their max - the advantages of PC gaming overall are rather questionable for your average consumer.

ProjectVulcan2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I agree. Average joe consumers buy kinect games and wii consoles in their masses and couldn't care less about what a game looks like, or even if it plays that well instead of being shovelware trash.

However i consider myself to be a 'true' core gamer, along with i suspect- millions of other people, and probably everyone that visits this site regularly.

So it does matter to a large proportion. A large proportion CAN tell the difference.

When you look at the big multi format games and their graphical comparisons- in fact as i speak the leading article on this very site is a 1000 degree plus graphics comparison on the front page along with another 700 degree comparison......that tells me A LOT of people seem to care about this kind of thing. It tells me A LOT of people are interested in it.

So i am a PC gamer. Very proud of it. Love to see the best looking games and the cutting edge hardware. Anyone that claims it matters not then runs straight to the ever popular comparison articles clearly are telling porkies...

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