10.0 Dark Souls review

"Dark Souls deserves a place in everyone’s collection as a game to slowly chip away at, a game to practise, a game to learn, and a game to invest in until you beat it, and you’ll have created your own gaming masterpiece in the process."

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A lot of great scores...tomorrow can't come soon enough, I can't wait to die!

Arnagrim2393d ago

My wallet, it weeps from the upcoming month.

zerocrossing2393d ago

10/10 nice! Friday can't come soon enough :D

davekaos2392d ago

even if this is half the game demons soul was then you xbox guys are in for a real treat of a game.

Wouldnt surprise me if dark souls is twice the game what demons souls is. I can see myself putting ridiculous amount of hours in :)

P.S. xbox gamers whatch out for the dark phantoms, them mofo's are dirty little bast*rds

DigitalAnalog2393d ago

Seriously, with all these great scores, this is one GOTY contender. Sleeper hit right there!

zerocrossing2393d ago

Id be a happy gamer if Dark Souls won GOTY, Its a pure gaming experience imo, not like all those hand holding/interactive movie games that usualy take the prize :/

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