Forza Motorsport 4 - Endangered Species Trailer

In the live action short film titled “Endangered Species,” Jeremy Clarkson, host of Top Gear – the popular BBC TV show – provides the narration for a tongue-in-cheek illustration of something many car lovers already know: that the real world is becoming an unfriendly place for those who truly love automobiles.

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JellyJelly2427d ago

Judging from the demo this game not only raises the bar for driving simulators, it flings it into space.

Very weird trailer btw, not enough in game footage. Looks like they tried to do something similar to the Gears trailers. Unfortunately they failed. Waste of Clarkson :(

Paradicia2427d ago

You Jelly? :p

Don't see how it was a waste of Clarkson. The trailer is class!

cliffbo2427d ago

there was not any ingame footage so how can you say it raises the bar for driving simulators ?

or are you looking at another trailer to what is shown here ?

Paradicia2427d ago


Play the demo and come back to me.

Perjoss2427d ago

love this trailer and I cant wait for F4 but how relevant is it?? are there any police chases in the game?

FordGTGuy2427d ago

I know some of you guys are just getting up but damn use some thought, the idea is that the kind of driving you can do in Forza legally would be illegal on normal roads.

Perjoss2427d ago

i dont have sound on this machine maybe that explains why I didnt 'get it'. I'll be watching it again later with sound on!

Nunchez2427d ago

I thought it was pretty kickass!

Ricksta_132427d ago

That 2.00 update for GT5 better b a good 1 :-P

icxe2427d ago

The trailer was crazy just listen to what he says that's the most important thing fuck the ingame footage Theres other trailers and even a demo for that!!!!

Paradicia2427d ago

The message he puts across is lost with people who have a small attention span. It's not their fault their stupid :P

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