Strategy Informer: Dark Souls Review

From "Let's get one thing straight: Dark Souls hates you. It hates who you are and what you stand for. It hates your friends, it hates your spouse, it hates your family, it hates your pets, it hates every single little thing about you right down to the fact that you even exist. It's not your fault - you didn't upset it, you didn't insult it's mother or it's religion... the only thing you really 'did' was want to play it, and for that it hates you so much it will do it's very best to kill you. Often.".

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justGAMES2205d ago

This review is garbage!! Why do dumb ass gamers review games and who approved this?

Chuk52205d ago

It got an 8, calm down.

justGAMES2205d ago

I was talking about the review itself NOT the score. Read first!!

Chuk52205d ago

I did, I've seen far worse reviews enter this site from more "credible" articles.

iamgoatman2205d ago

This translates as - "Wah! They gave a game I've never played a score that wasn't perfect, ATTACK ATTACK!"

Grow up son, it's just a review.

justGAMES2205d ago

Another idiot that needs to be corrected

iamgoatman2205d ago

I'm not the one whining like a child, but whatever.

BlackTar1872205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Goatman who are you to say his comment isn't valid? You sound like your whining about whining like a child.

The score is fine like GAMES kinda says but the review is pretty poor in most areas.

I don't know why he is not allowed to state that.

And Chuk because you've seen worse that means what exactly this one is all the sudden better?

roadkillers2205d ago

Your description is about f1? There also isn't a score on this site...

JamieReleases2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Fixed. The score is to the right.

violentheart2205d ago

Who the hell is strategy infromer anyway?

Dragunov2205d ago

All the review does is complaining about how much you die... Not a problem really if you have played Demons Souls you know what to expect.

Bad review is bad. Seriously. Read it.

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