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Mass Effect Video Review by GameTrailers

Is this RPG out of this world? (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 9.6/10

Update GT Scores:
• Story: 9.5
• Design: 9.8
• Gameplay: 9.7
• Presentation: 9.0
• Overall: 9.6

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predator  +   2844d ago
can someone tell me the score it got, im in work and it wont load.
Relcom  +   2844d ago
Yeah me too
I very curious. First guess 9.5.
predator  +   2844d ago
2nd guess 9.2
REbirth  +   2844d ago
gametrailers gave 9.6 to mass...

looks very pretty...
still want to know if this game is bigger than kotor or fable (time spent)...
predator  +   2844d ago
cheers Rebirth,

great reviews across the board, fantastic game
mighty_douche  +   2844d ago
good score!

enjoy it RPG fans!
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MK_Red  +   2844d ago
1.Great find and score.
2.Lol at the disagree you got for a question...
Silver Bull3t  +   2843d ago
The gametrailers review claims 20 hours if you stick to the main questline.
SimmoUK   2844d ago | Spam
Vojkan  +   2844d ago
Another 360 overrated game. Did you folks see comment at the end? When that ugly big hair freak reviewer said "Framerate drops are very often, loading screens are aslo quite often(freezing screen in middle of game, how last gen is that?), texture pop in after few seconds, but it is easy to overlook it"- omg if this was in Uncharted or any other PS3 exclusive it would be such a big deal, but since it is on crapbox it is easy to overlook!?! MORON! Also leaps move unproportionately compared to voice, hair in game looks so bad, animation is no way near Ratchet, Uncharted or Heavenly Sword. Characters in ME look so plastic and fake. Ughh.
9.6 for this short junk. 20 hours my azz. Few sites(1UP one of them) said that game main campaign is 13 hours. I guess this freak counted time he spend reading those stupid "infos" about planets and other useless crap. But hey you know how funboys are.
Relcom  +   2844d ago
Bioware made Bauldurs Gate Franchise!!!!
I mean c'mon. They do no wrong
controlfreak78  +   2844d ago
But these are things that can be patched later. Right?
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2844d ago
to the people who say its overrated
its getting high scores across the board because its an rpg mixed with shooters so its trying something new...and since its also an rpg it has an expansive dialog system that hasnt been done before..it also lets you explore an entire galaxy, besides spore [if its even coming out still], what other game lets you do that? on pc or any other console?..oh and the game looks really good...its not amazing tho, its got an unsteady framerate and with all those pop in textures that i see alot with the unreal engine, gears of war had it, rainbow 6 vegas had it, not sure about bioshock...never really got into that game

[edit]care to explain the reasons behind the disagrees? or are you just disagreeing because ur a fanboy?
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demolitionX  +   2844d ago
mass effect!!!... so i assume that it's better than all RPGs: better than diablo, FF, and more. these reviews are just misleading
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lonestarmt  +   2844d ago
well I"m not saying mass effect isn't a great game, honestly I wish I could play it, and prob will in the summer, but this is a double standard. IF the ps3 game had those problems then it would have gotten a lower score, I promise. I say those problems shouldn't hamber the game and it deserves the score it got, but why do they so easily overlook any problems with a 360 game and it gets higher scores??

Also I'm a huge rpg fan, prob one of the biggest on this thread, and I'm sorry but this isn't an rpg. Its a shooter, with the best rpg elements intergrated in. The storyline is the only rpg thing about it IMO. Also if this is an RPG then 15 to 20 hour gameplay length? thats the shortest RPG every made. I know that it has really high replay value because you can make different choices, but that doesn't change the fact that its only a 20 hour game at best.

still good game! Can't wait to play it when its out on PC!!!
controlfreak78  +   2844d ago
Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, your still retarded
UnblessedSoul  +   2844d ago
Against Final fantasy everything comes up short
Real gamer 4 life  +   2843d ago
I think there is clearly a double standard here. Gametrailers is losing credibility because they have a double standard. If it was a ps3 game with all those glitches and pop up they would have took points off the ps3 games. And i know this for a fact that they would have, I think there some biased people thorwards sony, But why i ask?
Why does the media continue to bash sony and thn praise microsoft. I know that microsoft has used alot of rival marketing in the past, they dont like competition, i mean just ask apple.
0LDSCH00L  +   2843d ago
@ UnblessedSoul
"Against Final fantasy everything comes up short" Yea.. i guess if you cant run into battle on a giant chicken it isnt worth playing right?
lonestarmt  +   2843d ago
haha ok you don't know what your talking about. lol. When your on a chocobo you don't fight battles. Thats the reason why you use them. Obviously you only like american made RPGs. Don't hate on the people who like JRPG style. I guess its not an rpg unless you shoot crap?? haha
CrazzyMan  +   2843d ago
so, 13-15h is enough for RPG now?
now i am really confused.

and uncharted, which has ~12h gameplay is not even RPG.
Mass effect ofcourse is a good game, but come on 13h for an RPG??? And just to think, that half a year ago, people were happy, that game will fit in 1 DVD.. yeah, it fitted, but at what cost.
lonestarmt  +   2843d ago
I agree!! like i said before since this is more of a shooter game than rpg the length is ok, but if you consider this an rpg 15-20 hours is unacceptable. Uncharted and heavenly sword loose points for being "short" and those type of games are short to begin with, but rpgs are at least 35 hours long, yet mass effect looses no points for being short??? Again, I'm not saying mass effect isn't good, but why not take off for the same things they do on ps3 games, boogles my mind. Action games are normally 8 to 12 hour long, and heavenly sword is about 6 to 8. its short. RPG's are normally 35 to 60 hours and this is 15- 20 ?? thats a 15 hour difference. Which should get slammed for being too short?

edit @ below: how are we being biased? I'm not complaining really that mass effect isn't good just stating lots of reason why there is a biased against ps3 in reviews. Your missing my points. Saying its only 15 hours is very, very low for an rpg, thats not biased buddy, thats a fact. Now its most likely alot like heavenly sword where its a short for its genre, but its a blast to play and way worth it. I sure wish 360 fans whould have your logic when they look at ps3 games....
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Double-Edged  +   2843d ago
why dont you guys play Mass Effect.
And you'll see why 15hr of main story line is no issue.

Read the reviews in which people have experienced the game before you put bias comments.
Skerj  +   2843d ago
Almost done with AC then I start Uncharted. After that I think this will keep me busy for the next month, it's looking good.
LSDARBY  +   2843d ago
Gametrailers are being so biased lately, Assassins Creed, glitchy, repetitive over rated game gets a 9.3 Uncharted which imo is one of the best games ever. gets a 8.9 And now this a game with framerate problems, long load times and texture pop in, gets a 9.6

Why are the media so hateful towards PS3, i used to respect gametrailers. Not anymore
Contra26  +   2843d ago
sucks to be a PS3fanboy right now
SRuN4  +   2843d ago
hate to bring it up..
First off I'm getting both Uncharted and Mass Effect but the scores just dont add up. If you take the avg of the Uncharted scores its 8.975 and they rounded it to 8.9 final, while Mass Effect avgs to a 9.5 yet they bump it to a 9.6. Before you fanyboys go crazy do the math and you'll see the numbers dont lie..
Jones Miller  +   2843d ago
You forgot
to count in the x-factor
sanderFVCKINcohen  +   2843d ago
10, 10, 10,....yeah and at the end of it, TOTAL=10

Numbers TRULY don't lie bro....

So I'll agree with what Uncharted has recieved so far, and Mass Effect too.
Jones Miller  +   2843d ago
YIIIIIIIIII HAAAAAAAAAAAA some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of lesbian love!
Kazzik  +   2843d ago
At least now what you are talking about sheesh if you run through single player it would take you 15-20 hours but there is hours and hours of side quests and other things to do hence the game is alot longer .
HarryEtTubMan  +   2843d ago
Uncharted is the best looking game on the market and GAMETRAILERS AND IGN agree with me!

" We've waited a while for a Playstation 3 game that TRUELY SEPERATES itself from Xbox 360 software... and we finally have it. Drake's Fortune is !!!!!!EASILYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! THE BEST LOOKING CONSOLE GAME ON THE MARKET"

-QUOTE from GT on 11/18/07

KidMakeshift  +   2843d ago
Graphically the game looks inconsistent
Everyone keeps praising how great this game looks, but it doesn't look great as a whole (it still looks really jaggy and somewhat muddy). Some of the characters in the game look fantastic (ex. default Shepard), but a lot of the other characters lack the same amount of detail and polish. The same goes for the environments.

Also, I'm so tired of muddled sci-fi game environments and advanced technology simply consisting of ugly metal sheets wielded together, and blinking orange and blue lights. This game has a lot of the same bland design choices that Knights of The Old Republic had. That kind of artistic style just looks so dry and empty for such an advanced future.

I really hope there turns out to be more to this game's design

P.S. please learn how to use the word "bias" correctly.
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