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Crytek's Future Is 'AAA Free-To-Play Games'

NowGamer: Crytek banking on free-to-play explosion. (Cevat Yerli, Cryengine 3, Crytek, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Warface, Xbox 360)

LightofDarkness  +   1425d ago
Ugh, whatever Crytek. You just focus on them moneys now, you've made it very clear that's all you care about these days. Because f**k art, right? It just gets in the way of a tidy profit. /s
Tommykrem  +   1425d ago
Giving people high quality games for free sounds like a noble enough pursuit (even though they'll find other ways to make money of it. Art can be free too, you know. Even though I don't reckon Crytek to be the biggest artists of the industry.
jony_dols  +   1425d ago
It's a relief to see at least Crytek investing in the future.
They also have invested heavily in cloud gaming, but are waiting for broadband networks to improve worldwide before rolling it out.
lzim  +   1425d ago
They won't be non-profit.. whoa what a concept!

No, they'll make money back just not $60 up front. as per: "Yerli confirmed that he envisions Crytek's F2P games being supported by micropayments."
Autodidactdystopia  +   1425d ago
But i dont wanna pay a monthly subscription.

well that sucks. or micro payments.

I like to buy my games. :(
Tommykrem  +   1425d ago
Yeah, I agree with you, but having severa games with different business models is a good thing though.

And yes, of course it won't be non-profit.
DaTruth  +   1425d ago
Remember Sega channel? Did anyone actually buy that? Sounded like a good idea, but I couldn't afford that when I was 10 and my parents wouldn't afford that!

I had a pretty good system when I was a kid! My friend buys a game for $80(SMS games used to cost this much in Canada back then), and when he was done with it he would sell it to me for $20.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1424d ago
You know that's all a business is for right? Making money.
Ghoul  +   1425d ago
there it goes down the drain.


free to play is the next dot-com-crash.

the virtual refenue and market worth of such companys is mindblowing, they claim huge userbases and income on a 5+ scedule and get immense loads of infest money and stock market worth, NON of those companys held what they promised, and soon most people will switch the boat.

if your serious you know that free to play games attract gamers for some weeks then they are stuck with a small PAYING user base. the rest just leaves or stays on the free model.

mark my words, free to play will soon cost a lot of jobs and destroy many existences in the industry.

year 2000 webcrash is calling they wanted theyre method "how to get invest money" back.
limewax  +   1425d ago
Couldn't agree more, It kind of makes me think of PS home actually, its free and available to everyone yet it has a considerably small user-base for the quantity of people it is available to. It still struggles to deliver its promises because the amount of paying customers is even smaller than the user-base.

I really hope people don't start throwing themselves into this like crazy, Just do it like Valve, make a popular part of their library F2P and test the waters first
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Ghoul  +   1425d ago
EXACTLY the difference is that valve opens a new sector but the funding is based on a solid model.

the game made its profit and now goes free to play.

but so many companys base theyre complete revenue model on this crap....
and like i wrote earlier it will explode just wait.

what i meant is, crytec shoudlnt "bank" on f2p, they should threat it as a side produkt, but switching would be a baaad move
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LightofDarkness  +   1425d ago
Bubs up, Ghoul, that's what is commonly referred to "hitting the nail on the head."
ATi_Elite  +   1425d ago
Good games make money NO matter what
F2P is the way to go and if your game is good then your gonna make cash!

F2p games Do not cost a lot of cash to make and as they earn revenue they make more and more improvements.

Vindictus and Dragon's Nest are two very awesome and fun F2p games. they have low system requirements so go check them out!!
no_more_trolling  +   1425d ago
free to play costs more in the long run
look at those freetoplay mmos
Ayepecks  +   1425d ago | Well said
The headline is extremely misleading, because Yerli says nothing like that in his quotes. He just says they'll develop triple-A F2P games, not that it's the future of the company or will replace their retail offerings.
DaTruth  +   1425d ago
This was funny in the recently commented on section!

"Crytek's future is AAA Free..."

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Bolts  +   1425d ago
AAA Free describe Crytek pretty well. These guys are now officially outcast from the PC community after the Crysis 2 fiasco.
ATi_Elite  +   1425d ago
Crytek sucks
They lost the Far Cry IP
Crysis 2 was crap
they are the second string dev team on the mediocre game Homefront
That Kinect game lol
Crytek ticked of M$ by leaking info on Timesplitters being DX11 for the Xbox720
and so far it seems only Panzar Studios is the only non Crytek Dev team that is using the CryEngine 3 to make a quality game!

Crytek = Maximum Suck!!
BuffMordecai  +   1425d ago
Psychotica  +   1425d ago
I miss the good ole days when you bought the complete game. No dlc, no security, no patches etc..you just put in the cartridge and played (yes, I am old). I won't even try the pay to upgrade games..
Ghoul  +   1425d ago
haha true,

i loved the time where you on one side accepted beeing a nerd (pc) and got the whole shitload of patches drivers upgrades etc. or bought a sega/ninty/c64 module popped it in and it ran, actually they still do :)

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