Batman: Arkham City Trophy List Outs Nightwing

NowGamer: Batman colleague confirmed as playable character.

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TimmyShire2422d ago

If they keep going at this rate they might as well just drop the 'Batman' title - you play as every other sod BUT Batman it seems...

KwietStorm2422d ago

Well you obviously play as Batman for the vast majority of the game. Then there's Catwoman and Nightwing. Who else so you play as?

fastrez2422d ago

Nice, he's a badass character, definitely the best Robin varient out there.

Feckles2422d ago

That's only way I'd play as Robin, if he wasn't Robin.

hades072422d ago

GOTY contender but can they stop releasing spoilers? I will know everything about this game by the time it releases.

Yi-Long2422d ago

... where you play in cell-shaded The Animated Series levels yet, did you!?

CranberryPub2422d ago

It'd be nice if certain websites didn't put spoilers in headlines.

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The story is too old to be commented.