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Batman: Arkham City Trophy List Outs Nightwing

NowGamer: Batman colleague confirmed as playable character. (Batman: Arkham City, Culture, PC, PS3, Rocksteady Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Xbox 360)

TimmyShire  +   1426d ago
If they keep going at this rate they might as well just drop the 'Batman' title - you play as every other sod BUT Batman it seems...
KwietStorm  +   1426d ago
Well you obviously play as Batman for the vast majority of the game. Then there's Catwoman and Nightwing. Who else so you play as?
fastrez  +   1426d ago
Nice, he's a badass character, definitely the best Robin varient out there.
Feckles  +   1426d ago
That's only way I'd play as Robin, if he wasn't Robin.
hades07  +   1426d ago
GOTY contender but can they stop releasing spoilers? I will know everything about this game by the time it releases.
Yi-Long  +   1426d ago
You didn't know about the dream-sequences....
... where you play in cell-shaded The Animated Series levels yet, did you!?
CranberryPub  +   1426d ago
It'd be nice if certain websites didn't put spoilers in headlines.
Lord_Sloth  +   1426d ago
If you're all that dedicated to avoiding spoilers than why not just stay offline until you get the game? I did that with MGS4 for an entire month! It sure beats bitching about it.

Glad Nightwing's in. I was keeping my fingers crossed.
MidnytRain  +   1426d ago
But then you miss everything else.
Lord_Sloth  +   1426d ago
I missed nothing at all. I just had to do a crap load of research to make up for it when I got back.
MidnytRain  +   1426d ago
I'd rather do without the crapload. :)
skyward  +   1426d ago
Not really a spoiler if it's DLC. Anway pubs/devs should know that trophy/achievement lists always go online ahead of the actual game. It's like when the OST to a movie releases weeks before and has tracks named after plot twists - WTF?
KevBoogie  +   1426d ago
this doesn't make me upset it just makes me want it more for me the more the better i prefer to get a bang for my buck in this case 60 bucks for me the more the better.
WhiteLightning  +   1426d ago
Will N4G stop letting people put the spoilers in the title.

Great another thing ruined....<sigh>
rattletop  +   1426d ago
Just pre-ordered today. WOHHHOOOOOO!

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