Halo or Half-Life Movie? Totilo (MTV News) & Croll (Newsweek) Battle It Out

Via Ripten:

"MTV News' Stephen Totilo and Tim Kash go head to head in a battle of video game knowledge and wits versus Newsweek's N'gai Croll and Smart Bomb author Heather Chaplin."

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mighty_douche4046d ago

the halo story line is weak at best. still id like to see a load of CGI chiefs going at it!

oh yeah chief porn! 360 fanboys wet dream! ooohhh he's getting his helmet out...

lynx1halo4045d ago

For years that has been the main aspect that Half-Life has been praised upon is its great story line...and the way it draws you in.....its natural progression would be into a movie.....OH AN HALO WOULD SUCK JUST AS MUCH A$$ IN A MOVIE AS IT DOES ON A GAME

OOG FunK4046d ago

Id love to see a halo movie be made if they actually put money into it unlike the other game franchises that have become movie...low budget crap.... lol

Anyway if you seen some of those vids on gametrailers n stuff one dude made a couple of real lil movies of halo...kinda corny yet they were really well done for such a cheap amount of money...jus gives you an idea of what could have been.....

Nostradavis4046d ago

No need to throw in the towel just yet. Trust me, if there is money to be made, the idea of a Halo movie will never die.

AbyssGravelord4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Halo movie no if's, and's, or but's...

lamini4045d ago

already say no to a Halo Movie?

Nostradavis4045d ago

Yeah, add that to the list of "no price cut", "what red ring of death" and my favorite "this game is an exclusive"...

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