Mass Effect - 13 hours in

Guardian UnLtd writes:

"This is hardcore. Mass Effect is out this Friday and 13 hours in I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. In the time it took me to finish Call of Duty 4 all I'd done is finish the tutorial, and pottered round the hub area chatting to the excellently depicted inhabitants. Thrill seekers will find the early stages slow going but then this probably isn't for them. The combat is more tactical than reflex, but Mass Effect is as much about the story as shooting. Anyway, the embargo lifts today but I haven't seen enough to do a review yet - so consider this first impressions."

"Mass Effect is an adult game and not because of the sex scene. It demands more of you than just sharp reflexes and if you let it suck you in then you may just be glimpsing one strand of the future of gaming."

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predator4048d ago

sweet sweet sweet, 4 days and counting, ive been wanting this more than i wanted gears.

ravinash4048d ago

otherwise i never will.

socomnick4047d ago

once you beat it you will hate it.

Captain Tuttle4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Is opening at 11:00 tonight to start selling it at Midnight. They're giving an extra 20% on trade-ins towards the game as well. I guess I won't be getting much sleep tonight. ;-)
The only problem is my inlaws are coming Wednesday for Thanksgiving and that will dramatically cut into my gaming time.

mighty_douche4048d ago

not buying into all that hype that you so often accuse sony fans of?

mesh14048d ago

tbh hah ail epnd like 30hoursion the side quest and goofing arouinbd ann al the planets then liek 2hours on the main story this is deff possible with these kind of rpgs this game is as liong as u want it to be

predator4048d ago

dude its good u want this game but please type english mate, i cant uderstand half of what ur saying.

the worst4048d ago

WTF??????????????????????????? ????????????????????????

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The story is too old to be commented.