Operation Metro – The Hype, the Hope, the Fallout, and where DICE goes from here writes: "Not to say that Battlefield 3 is heading in the direction of becoming a failure, but if the Operation Metro closed beta has anything to say, DICE has had a serious wakeup call in regards satisfying their core audience and delivering a true Battlefield experience, the same experience that Battlefield: 1942, Vietnam, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield: 2142 all delivered on."

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Dart892426d ago

I've been excited about this game for awhile but after playing the beta i really can't wait for it.The insane amount of unlocks this game has will take me at least awhile to unlock all.

Dice has really done a good job in my opinion but if people wanna judge a final game by a beta then let them that means less douchebags i have to kill online.

cyborg69712426d ago

I'm in the same boat. Can't wait to play with choppers and tanks, with destruction.

Hufandpuf2426d ago

Conquest mode is going to be INSANE!

ATi_Elite2426d ago

Man oh man i can't wait to play 64 vs. 64 player Conquest mode!!!

Private hacked servers with low ping CONFIRMED!!

SuperbVillain2426d ago

Just finished playing some rounds...this sh^t is fun! the gameplay,movement,recoil,feel a bit refreshing

trenso12425d ago

i only wish they gave us caspian border for consoles still cant wait for this game but when it comes out making sure i dont play operation metro as my first game