The five best Warriors games on PS3

There are a lot of Warriors games out there for the PS3, especially including Japanese imports.

Which ones are the best value?

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Bathyj2513d ago

Is Kratos, not a warrior?

Quagmire2513d ago

Psychotic Maniacs arent considered Warriors.

showtimefolks2513d ago

A great warrior game like this. Open world,weapons upgrade system,a above average story,side quests which are not all just fetch this and fetch that,great weapons or a create a weapons system,above average company in real time and smooth running while delivering at the very least good looking graphics. Any suggestions. How is two world 2?

jc485732513d ago

Fist of the North Star......

256bit2513d ago


luiti12513d ago

how can they forget sengoku basara 3?

MattS2513d ago

It's not a Warriors game?

Basara is owned and developed by Capcom, not Tecmo Koei.

luiti12513d ago

oh, i misread thanks.