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PS3 Firmware 4.0: Next major update discussed

Product-Reviews.net: Each time we see a minor update to Sony’s PlayStation 3 software we’re met with a bucket load of features that users want, also a few problems different users face with the system. The idea of firmware updates that don’t bring new features, and instead fix security and bug issues will only keep PS3 users happy for so long. So we wanted to look at the future and what PS3 Firmware 4.0 could bring, which will be the next major update. (PS3, Sony)

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1427d ago
Sony said Cross Game Chat is not possible. Not enough ram and the XMB is a Ram hogger
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Rhythmattic  +   1426d ago
Some good points here..

My Cross Game Chat input..

In the last PS3 update, I can now only Mute my Official PS3 mkII Headset while in a game....

Take it for what its worth,but to have a mute function that works by keeping your friends in contact, through out play, but dis-engaging everyone else.. Afterall, you'd never mute yourself for a friend.... Would you ?

Maybe its their way around the supposedly MS "Patented" crap , or maybe with each OS footprint they reduce, they could free it up for Other uses...
Maybe I'm wrong, and most likely I am, but it seems crazy to lose a mute function, while not in-game..
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Bleucrunch  +   1426d ago
Speaking as an IT professional...RAM is gold the more you have the more the device can do at a single time...that is why RAM cost so much...But I am pretty sure the next playstation will have a sufficient amount to do what is needed...but don't expect a crazy amount...RAM is expensive I can't stress that enough to my fellow gamers.
STONEY4  +   1426d ago
In today's world, 8GB of RAM at $50 is not expensive. Neither is 4GB for $30. I do expect at least that next-gen.
Gawdl3y  +   1426d ago
Erm... No, RAM is not expensive. You can get 8gb nowadays for $60 USD, many times for even less.
GiNJAXL  +   1426d ago

Hmm.. you'd think an 'it professional' would know that RAM is extremely cheap.

This has already been expressed thou, by the guys above me.

An 'it professional' would know that the actual use of ram for something like cross game chat would be so low that if Sony seriously can't figure out how to enable it they should start thinking about hiring people who actually know what they are doing. Their OS hogs so much god damn ram it's retarded. 60% of the ram usage could be freed up if they removed all the BS on the dashboard. I already own a PS3 and know about the Store you don't need to run adds for both on my dashboard. Certain services could be dropped completely. why have both a movie store and a game store when you can access both from each other? Why not do what any one else would and combine them. (Microsoft needs to do this as well)

Hows about that picture viewer? Oh that's right 95% of cameras allow you do to that very thing simply by plugging it into the TV.

Music player? Why!? You know you own a stereo. Why not oh I dunno.. use it. Not to mention that desktop or laptop you have sitting there.. both of those play music. Even if they don't have a disc drive you can use Pandora/Last.Fm many of the internet radio stations so on and so forth.

Hows about that "whats new section?" Do you need that? Hmm? Do you need to know that you recently play Uncharted? You should probably know seeing as YOU JUST PLAYED IT. The rest of the info in that section is adds. Just what we need a constantly running add generator like as if the XMB doesn't have two of those already.

Hows about that Home.. that was awesome wasn't it? No? Oh whats that you turned it on once and then never used it again? Yeah.. just like everyone else. If they wanted to do Second Life on the PS3 they should have just done Second Life on the PS3.
jhenri  +   1425d ago
I think you mean it's expensive to use a lot of ram in console. Sure you can get 8 gb for $60 or whatever but when you add that cost into what the other components are going to cost, that adds up quickly. How many of you guys are willing to pay $600 again.
T3MPL3TON  +   1426d ago
They could easily modify the XMB to hog less ram to free up enough for Cross Game Chat, but then again they wouldn't need to BECAUSE CROSS GAME CHAT DOESN'T USE RAM.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1426d ago
not as easy as you may think, they actually had a problem with the ps3 that made third party games look bad because the XMB was a memory hog and they did fix that issue but it's hard to lower it down anymore without suffering extream performance.

Look at the Xmb while ingame, it runs slowly right?

Cross Game Chat does not use ram on the Xbox because they implemented that feature into their operating system before the console was released.
Ps3 never had this in mind so the only way they would be able to add Cross game chat is by using up more ram... which they wont do.
princejb134  +   1426d ago
last time i was hyped for a ps3 update dinasours walked the earth
commong sony bring me something new and interesting
at least minimize the in game xmb so it can load faster
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1426d ago
i would much want a full blown XMB interface update. I feel left out, Microsoft updated theirs 3 times and we never got our updated besides for Dynamic themes
tr00p3r  +   1426d ago
I don't believe that the PS3 isn't 'powerful' enough to handle cross game chat.. it's just that Sony are too fucking lazy to put it in yet, and when it does come it will more than likely be a Plus only feature anyway.
DragonKnight  +   1426d ago
Oh yes, because Sony hasn't ever listened to what the fans want and (for reasons that are beyond the ken of mankind) fans have NEVER repeatedly asked for Cross Game Chat. It's not the most requested feature on Playstation Share Blog at all. /s

Troll somewhere else.
RevXM  +   1426d ago
Im with tr00p3r on this one.

PS3's os requires about 50 MB of the ram.
While 360's os requires only 35 or something...
And 360 got more ingame features... what does that tell you?

It tells me XGC should be possible.
Its not the most important thing of all, but I would sure as hell apreciate it!

Sony should be able to free up some more memory for sure and also make thing faster, slicker and smarter etc.
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DragonKnight  +   1426d ago
You're forgetting the way memory is allocated in the PS3 is different from the 360, you're also forgetting that the PS3 has more multimedia features than the 360. There's all kinds of reasons why it isn't just about 50MB of RAM for the OS. It's also likely that MS has a specific patent on the way they do XGC which forces Sony to find another way. The truth is that we don't know everything, but to suggest that it's just because Sony is lazy and doesn't want to add the feature is asinine.
gamingdroid  +   1426d ago
It's pretty simple really, the PS3 OS although occupies about 50MB of RAM, but it is actually split into main memory and video (local) memory in 7MB and 43MB chunk. See page 28:


That means, it is that much harder to reduce it if it is even feasible. Especially since Sony originally had allocated 120 MB for the OS and already reduced it by 60%.

My inclination is that xross game chat being the most requested feature for years, Sony would have done it if they could. I mean the system is 5-years old.

Maybe with a complete redo of the dash (like MS is doing), but that would be a huge undertaking considering all the API hooks already in use. Also Sony is too busy focusing on PS Vita. They pretty much abandoned even PS Move so by the time they get it released, we might very well be in the next generation....
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playboi28  +   1426d ago
Are people forgetting the steps forward that Sony already made? Did people honestly forget that the PS Store used to be a webpage? Did they forget that there was no in-game XMB? Netflix used to require a disc to play? There was only a Sixaxis and not a Dual Shock 3? There were no trophies? They had video chat BEFORE PS Move & Kinect? People really need to cut them some slack. They do listen. Usually, if they haven't done something (especially something so highly requested) it can't be done. For example, people have been complaining about the Xbox 360's crappy ass d-pad. They came out with a "replacement" that's almost just as crappy. Reason? Patent issues. Research before complaining people!
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A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1425d ago
When me and my friends play we use the text chat...It can be used regardless of what game your on, it can be accessed with the press of a button and you can have multiple rooms open for different groups of people...

We all have usb keyboards hooked up as well so we chat fast.

I think this feature is largely overlooked and hugely unappreciated.... When you get in game the mic's come on.. may be a bit slower, but is the result not the same?
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T3MPL3TON  +   1426d ago
I agree trooper, there is no reason they can't put it in, they just refuse to.
CynicalVision  +   1426d ago
Having the ability to do something simple like deleting 0% trophy data would be great.
waltyftm  +   1426d ago
Well said, got a few dodgy Jap games that could be done away with.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1426d ago
LoneWanderer09  +   1426d ago
Also a option to delete some Avatars i got so many that came bundle together and i downloaded them just for the fun of it, but now it takes a long time to get to the ones i really like
THC CELL  +   1426d ago
We don't NEED cross game chat, its spoiling gaming
I was playing bf3 with people in party chat and i could not tell them where to go and who is getting shot at.

Same with halo
Now if they say well all servers are not aloud party chat for matchmaking games then i will approve
Sony don't add it.
M1chl  +   1426d ago
Because if you have a choice use something, its always worse...
JellyJelly  +   1426d ago
I bet he didn't need rumble and trophies either...
Canary  +   1426d ago
No, we don't NEED it. At all. Doesn't everyone has a cell phone by now? Use that.

Hell, we don't even need CHAT, period. Chat would only be useful in some theoretical game where one player acted as a "commander" and could set down waypoints/objectives/routes on the map. When everyone is just running and gunning it's just pointless chatter--which is often incomprehensible due to the cheap-ass microphones being used + mumbling + background noise.
Raoh  +   1426d ago
party chat is the worst.

I played left 4 dead 1 or 2, i forget which, on the 360 once and I could not get any feedback from my team i spoke and spoke and spoke until finally one person came on and said 'oh sorry me and the other guys are on party chat' then continued to ignore me again.

why bother leaving that spot open? why party chat if 3 of the 4 people playing are playing the same game?

damn shame what online chat has done to people.
Ezio2048  +   1426d ago
i know i am being ridiculous but if we could play on our PS3 with an Xbox 360 user?
specially a shooting game.....>_>
no leave it...neither its possible nor anyone would want that..
anyways i am happy with my PS3 but i would want to play all classic PS2 games!!!
roguewarrior  +   1426d ago
should of got the 60GB PS3 when you had the chance(:
danswayuk  +   1426d ago
Classic PS2 games are coming to the PS3 in the UK, Sony just confirmed this today.
DonMingos  +   1426d ago
I would like to play my classic ps2 games, on my ps3, without having to buy them all over again.
kaozgamer  +   1426d ago

I just want to put my ps2 disk into the ps3's optical drive and just play the game just as I would on a ps2 (hopefully with some hd scaling because if i connect my ps2 to my 55" led it looks terrible)
Dark_Overlord  +   1426d ago
I agree, I've hundreds of Ps2 games and don't feel like paying for them all again.

Why can't they let users who already own the game download a software patch (which im guessing is what they are doing to them) to enable us to play them.
Highlife  +   1426d ago
Here is a crazy notion don't sell your ps2. Now you can play all of your ps2 games and don't have to rebuy them.
GarandShooter  +   1426d ago
Then why didn't you buy a backward compatible PS3?
DonMingos  +   1426d ago
@Highlife, I didn't, my ps2 was stolen from my house a couple of years ago, and they only left the games, that was when I decided to buy my PS3 instead of buy another PS2.

@garandshooter, because Sony stoped making those 4 years ago, just 1 year before I bought mine
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1425d ago
Mine will play all my PS2 games. Sometimes there are benefits to being an early adapter...

Unless you bought a 3DS at full price.....
Dark_Overlord  +   1425d ago
I bought a PS3 launch day, and reguarly used the backwards compatibility (the PS3 does a good job of upscaling) then it got YLOD and died.

I had a choice between heat gunning it and keeping everything I'd earned (saves etc) over the past few years, or pay Sony £130 to bring me a refurbished one. OBviously I heat gunned it and backed up all my data, a week later though it permanently died :(

Now Sony won't touch it
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BitbyDeath  +   1426d ago
I'd like to be able to remove items off the "View Downloads" list in the PS Store.
danswayuk  +   1426d ago
Same here, such a small change but one I would love.
callahan09  +   1426d ago
For me it would be ideal if we could switch between lists of items that we paid for and items that were free. That would make it easy to keep track of the important stuff that I have in my download list that I actually bought and not just a bunch of free themes and demos and crap.
CynicalVision  +   1426d ago
Why? If your console ever breaks or you buy another one then how are you supposed to get your downloads back?
banana420  +   1426d ago
download them again from psn store.you can use your account on more than 1 ps3...
BitbyDeath  +   1426d ago
I just meant so i could remove all the demos and crap that gets added on there to save me from scrolling later on when i want to redownload something. Being able to switch between both paid and free items would work as well or even better allowing to switch between, Paid, Free and PS+ items.
CynicalVision  +   1426d ago

That's my point, how are you supposed to download them again if people "remove items off the download list"?
manitobawpg  +   1426d ago
I'd like the ability to add a 2nd mic for controller 2.

Good feature if your wearing a headset and your friend or 2nd player talks to you and you can't hear them.

Edit: games with 2 player split screen multiplayer
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DragonKnight  +   1426d ago
Why would you need a second mic for someone who is in the room with you? That would only matter for people who are playing online with you who aren't there with you. If you can't hear someone sitting right next to you, you need a doctor. Or am I misunderstanding your request?
Freshnikes  +   1426d ago
I'm thinking that he means so they both can talk to other ppl online.... Cause if I'm in the same room as you....dammit man put put the mic down and talk to me....I'm right next to you on the couch....
ThatArtGuy  +   1426d ago
Use the official PS3 headset. It can be used on the cradle as an omnidirectional microphone. Problem solved.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1425d ago
when I play online with my friends the bro's, I can always hear both of them (they are in the same room)
goodfellas27  +   1426d ago
Bro, just use the PlayStation Eye (Eyetoy) as the mic for everyone. It has a full array unidirectional mic.
Majors  +   1426d ago
XMB needs to be slimmed down to what you can use while in game. There is no need to show everything when 95% of it tells you to quit the game anyway.
And I agree with the dodgy 0% - 10% trophies, you should be able to delete them.
ZeroX9876  +   1426d ago
First thing they have to do is cuts some useless icon when opening XMB in-game. I just don't want to look at my messages when playing since it takes almost 10 sec just to open up the XMB. A brand new in-game menu is necessary, just the IN-game menu.

Then, if they can save up some Ram with all those useless icons, maybe we'll get cross game chat. I love my PS3 more than any other platform, but sometimes I'm playing an online game and my friend got some difficulty joining me, so he keeps sending me messages, but it takes FOREVER to open them. Would be nice to be able to play your game and talk at the same time.

also, in-game music would be nice. I know for some, putting music over your game is like ruining the atmosphere the game is trying to show you, but when I'm playing an FPS, I always have my laptop around to listen to some heavy music like Dope or all that remains to kick some A** online. having it on ps3 would be nice.

better browser for sure and MKV support would be nice.

I know there's other feature people are looking at, but I think those are the most wanted ones.

And some gamers are saying they want a brand new menu. I like the XMB when outside a game. It's simple, you got access to everything extremely fast and each section is well managed. I prefer the XMB over the Xbox menu, BUT I prefer the in-game Xbox menu over the in-game XMB (just because it's slow).
Kleptic  +   1426d ago
the PS3 has had custom soundtrack options for almost 3 years now...started around when we got the in game xmb...

its just not a forced option...Not every game supports it, especially those that released before the functionality...but most newer games have it...
narutogameking  +   1426d ago
funny how people complain about minor ps3 firmware updates but when there's a "dashboard update" for Xbox 360 everyone is so excited!
Blaine  +   1426d ago
Double standards...
NewVegasTroop  +   1426d ago
all i ever wanted is to play my music in game in every game, custom soundtrack, it is so easy to transfer music to the ps3 hdd but not all games have custom soundtrack, while xbox its a bit more of a pain to transfer (rip from cds, how outdated) music to hdd but you can play your music in every game
goodfellas27  +   1426d ago
The reasons behind this is that Microsoft own the patents for that option, plus it take re-sources from the game
tawak  +   1426d ago
functionality to change my psn id! willing to pay a price like xbl...why did i come up with a gayish psn id in the 1st place!..fck!
Freshnikes  +   1426d ago
I will sell u my psn I'd....freshnikes if u want It... Nice af1
tawak  +   1426d ago
naah i want to keep my trophies and saves files though.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1426d ago
firmware 4.0 - PS2 games on PSN.

That´s pretty much what is all about.
Raoh  +   1426d ago
Enough with the cross game chat. It is an overrated feature.

On my 360 people just loved to talk and send voice messages. On my PS3 and PC I get none of that.

People do have mics on PS3, like someone wrote a while ago, most of us ps3 gamers don't want to chat with anyone unless its about what is going on in game and that is to the people playing your game with you, not cross chat, in game chat.

I guarantee that the playstation 3 or 4 will have cross game chat and it wont make a difference, not many people will use it.

I hope playstation gets it just so people will shut up about it.

Why is it such a big deal? Is the game you are playing so bad you want to talk to another gamer about something else during your gameplay?

If your not talking to and paying attention to the game your playing and instead talking to someone else about something else you are doing it wrong and I hope we never play together.
StarWolf  +   1426d ago
maybe not you but there are groups of people who would love nothing more than to have their own party chat where they can talk with no interruption from people or games ending. mainly hardcore online users with FRIENDS or CLANS.
uhhuh   1426d ago | Spam
bub16  +   1426d ago
to people who say there IS enough ram to run x chat, when im in a game and i press the xmb button. its so laggy and slow, just imagine that with x chat aswell!
ZugZug II  +   1426d ago
"Each time we see a minor update to Sony’s PlayStation 3 software we’re met with a bucket load of features that users want"

umm, no.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1426d ago
Any conversation that isn't important enough to stop you from playing a video game isn't worth having, that's my opinion on the matter anyways.....

But by Yevon's name, please improve the web browser....
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sycnation  +   1426d ago
So anyone see the PlayStation 3 teaser trailer- beyond the door
Feldman9000  +   1426d ago
Misleading article. How did this get approved?
Styxoric  +   1426d ago
No matter how you look at it, the current XMB is outdated and poorly adjusted to fit with the new times.

What is needed is a complete overhaul on the OS side, which i'm starting to think isn't going to happen.
mjsmufc99  +   1426d ago
custom avatars, more colors for your profile bar, more different style of fonts, maybe some dynamic themes built in!
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CynicalVision  +   1426d ago
Custom avatars will probably never happen, Sony know what kind of avatars people would upload. It's easier to just not give them the option.
Karum  +   1426d ago
Author lost my interest when he even mentioned cross game chat. It is now widely known that this feature is not possible on the console.

Surely any half decent journo whould know this considering the noise that confirmation made throughout the console world?

Personally I would like to see the XMB redesigned. Yes it is functional and easy to use and there is nothing really broken about it (except in game XMB, it is kinda slow tbh) but to me it just isn't an aesthetically pleasing experience even with one of the hundreds of themes available.

Although I don't think this will really be done until the PS4 when it eventually comes out somewhere down the line.
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kenoh   1426d ago | Spam
Allowen  +   1426d ago
There should be a XMB and Web browse more compatible with the MOVE controller would be very appreciated .

It was a disappointing the first time I used my MOVE when I saw that I could not navigate well on the XMB and not even the Web browser could work well with Move+Nav controllers.
I was expecting to be able to use the W. browser just with the MOve the same way we can use it on the Nintendo Wii with just the wiimote.

I am sure that the MOVE would sell a lot better if the interface of XMB had a better support to it.
So this new interface is on my wish list for a future FW update.
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Alcohog  +   1426d ago
It must feel good to have such a terrible article reach the top of N4G.
CynicalVision  +   1426d ago
People see the words 'PS3 Firmware' and instantly come flocking.
ChiVoLok0  +   1426d ago
What's cross game chat? I seriously don't know so don't think I'm trying to troll or something.
PirateThom  +   1426d ago
Being able to talk to a friend while they play a different game.
roguewarrior  +   1426d ago
You mean like a cell phone
ChiVoLok0  +   1426d ago
Thanks bubbles for you :)
2pacalypsenow  +   1425d ago
@roguewarrior Yes but add 7 more people to that and only a $60 yearly fee or free on ps3
andibandit  +   1425d ago

No like a conference call.

Imagine calling 7 friends to set up a clan fight....
you call 6, number 7 says he has to eat soon and will be ready an hour from now.
You call the other 6 AGAIN, to tell them that you should to wait 1 hour.
The last guy tell you he has too eat soon too, and wont be ready until 1½ hours from now.
So you call the remaining 6 AGAIN!!! to tell them to get skype, ventrilo what ever, because you are going crazy.
Darth_Bane79  +   1426d ago
I think that the only reason why people want cross game chat is to end the argument of that matter when the console comparison debates start. I personally find the feature useless. I don't even want to answer the phone while I'm playing because its a distraction, and if I do get into a conversation of any type, that has nothing to do with the game I'm currently playing, then I have to either pause or quit the game. If I got something to say to any of my friends on the game, then I just send them a message. So in my personal opinion there is a lot more useful things that could be done on a firmware update than cross game chat.
andibandit  +   1425d ago
Really...i mean REALLY!?!?!
You think people want Cross Game Chat, to end the comparison?.

The rest of your thread was basically:
"I dont find cross game chat useful, cause i dont talk to people."

Thats great, but it has less to do with cross game chat's usefulness, and more to do with the type of person YOU are.
#28.1 (Edited 1425d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Dread   1426d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
homer  +   1426d ago
Crossgame chat would be awesome. Heck, off game chat would be sweet too. I hate having to type messages to get my friends to play games with me when if I could just talk to them, it would take so much less time. If sony wanted to be lazy, they could at least give us voice messages and I would be fine with that. It would appeases people like me and not anger the people who lie about xgame chat being bad when in all honesty they probably don't even have a 360 to know what it is like.
Get rid of full ingame xmb. It is stupid of sony to have it in the way it is now. The current one when you turn on your ps3 is fine and all, but the ingame one needs to be streamlined bigtime. Only let us access the things we can access without making us quit our game! No point in showing us stuff we can't use while we are gaming. Easy access for messages is a must when playing competitive online games.
Browser upgrade and ps2 emulation is great and all, but do the other stuff first.
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