Price drop helps bring customers back to Sony's PlayStation 3

After a humbling year in which Sony's latest video game console, the PlayStation 3, has fallen to a distant third among next-generation platforms, the high-powered system appears ready to begin making up ground and winning back market share.

Powered by a recent price cut, a handful of highly rated games and Sony's biggest PlayStation advertising campaign, the PS3 is preparing for a comeback after falling behind the surprisingly successful Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360, which premiered two years ago. A year after the release of the PS3, Sony hopes it can climb back to the top spot, which it occupied with the PlayStation 2.

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Sevir044018d ago

talks about Sony's short commings and how they were so arrogant, they've done alot overpassed year. this christmas they will sell quite well. plenty of people are now seeing sony in new light, with there new ad campaign and there sales have increased. their games are now out and it's getting plenty of support from developers and it's also been announced today that they have halved the price of PS3 dev kits was originally 20+Gs to make games for PS3 now it's even closer to what the PS2 was when it first launched. they are stepping it up. making it nore affordable for Devs and giving them more tools to make it easier. They are poised for success. as i like to say...

"Dont call it a come back because they never left" PS1 PS2, PSP and PS3 is just starting. the negatives are so hohum now it's pointless and devs are starting to get the hang. most notably Ubisoft and Infinity ward with AC and COD4. no one can talk about them any more so it's time for us to just sit back and watch how this generation of gaming plays out. it should be a great show. with such a stiff competetion it will be interesting to see what the outcome is like.

Danja4018d ago

good read..and for a change an unbiased article...ppl were just expecting too much of the PS3 too soon...lets be honest do you thik ne other console other than a Playstaion launching at $600 would have sold 6mill much less still be on the market..?? I think not...

It's also nice to see Sony realise what made the Playstaion so popular great games..Blu-ray is complementing the machine but it's not driving sales..and them now slashing the price of the dev kits signifies even more oppurtunites for small dev studios..more innovative PSN games perhaps..?

and the ads kick ass BTW.....PS3 FTW


gamesblow4018d ago

I was playing Lair tonight, reliving it... Man, I love this game. I really do. since Sony just sold 400,000 units in the span of a month and a half, why don't some of you who bought it pick this game up and give it a go. Don't listen to the media. This thing is an awesome experinece. It nailed the motion controls, if you ask me.

When people said the 180 was impossible to pull off... I laughed. I can do one every time. You lightly flick the controller up. That's it. Wanna speed boost foward? Thrust the controller down... It turns on a dime. It stops on a dime. Lair was highly, highly underrated...

Buy this game, people... Since you're buying PS3's now. R&C, Uncharted, Warhawk, Lair... Resistance. Those are the must have games. COD4 too. That's incredible. Forget Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm.. They're junk.

wil4hire4018d ago

Lair wasn't my type of game. The controls are 100% fine. I bought the game anyway in the face of the whole controls bs...

Its seeing success outside of the usa though.,

Danja4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I already beat's a fun game but I still think they should have atleast put the analog as an option..but the motion controls weren't that bad once you got the hang of it....but th target system is a pain dude..!! and 180 turns...doesn't actually work all the time..but it's a solid game...for what it tries to do..!!

BTW I don't understand you one minute ur PRO-SONY the next minute ur bashing them are you Bi-Polar or something..?

and Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm are two of my favorite games of the year like Lair others might how about you recommend all the great PS3 exclusives..and not just what you think is good..!!

paul_war4018d ago

I can not, it is still not out in Europe for another 4 days!

dhammalama4018d ago

Motorstorm is an incredible racer in my opinion. Probably the most amazing one I've ever played. It's just a bit short on content. Heavenly sword is beautiful and fun to play and the story is great! I haven't played Lair, so I can't comment on it, but Heavenly sword and motorstorm are brilliant.

sonyfanonly4018d ago

forget HS and Motorstorm WTF do you even own a ps3 if you did you would know better than to post that HS is as top notch action as you can ask for and motorstorm is the best racer ive played this year

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TheMART4018d ago

The coming pricedrop on the 360 (Premium to 279 max 299 Euro/Dollar) will draw the attention of those consumers totally of the PS3 once more.

This Christmas buying the best gaming device around for at least 100 Euro/Dollar less with more and better games out and closer to 200 to 250 dollar/euro then the PS3 is, the 360 will sell to the mass of people and the PS3 won't. Simple as that.

redmamoth4018d ago

... Can I have Fridays Euromillions lottery numbers please???

Skerj4018d ago

Don't you ever get tired of mindlessly trolling PS3 topics?

blacsheep4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

mart if you actually read what u just posted even you will see your grasping at straws and that as a 360 owner your gettin worried scared because ps3 is picking itself up off the canvas like rocky and is by no means KO'D, the fight is just starting my friend sony are now being humble which is due to consumer power and are now realising we as a consumer are loyal to games and not companies.

like the tortoise and the hare micrsoft peaked way too soon!tired itself out! releasin all their heavy punches now, 2008 is a sad sight for microsoft they should have paced themselves save halo for next year (then it could have properly been finished by bungie,thats prob why they left because of microsoft pushing them to release a half finished product) and maybe even save mass effect.

microsoft have nothing left to counter the punches sony will be throwing next year,so mart tell us gamers what exclusives microsoft has to counter exclusive system sellers such as MGS4 KILLZONE,GT5,LBP,GETAWAY,FINAL FANTASY,SOCOM to name a few?

all you probably have is GOW2, others like fable,alan wake people arent excited about and personally in japan GT5 and FINAL FANTASY are going to give ps3 lift off like a space shuttle.

mart i will make some predicitions now,
i predict visually 360 will get left behind next year
i predict ps3 will become the main lead for developers
i predict ps3 will own next xmas
and finally i predict 2008 will be the year you stop your fanboyness and buy a ps3 YOURSELF!

salgoods4018d ago

do you ever have anything intelligent to say? you have been touting this "supposed" 360 price drop then the 360 will kill the PS3 for sure. Well, it still hasnt happened and right now its only speculation, mostly coming from you. Logic says it won't happen. Why? well the biggest shopping day of the year (Black friday) is days away and there still has not been an announcement of this price drop. No leaked information. Nothing. If they were to do a price drop, it would be hella wise to do it before black friday. Black friday has people in electronic stores that don't usually go into electronic stores. But tht is besides the point. I've been watching and reading this stories and comments for a while and I finally decided to sign up.

You are one of the worst. Really. First, you tout the fact the 360 is outselling the PS3 4:1, 5:1, then see nothing wrong (and actually agree) when analyst say the 360 will outsell the PS3 2:1 in the US this holiday season. What happened to the 4:1, 5:1 lead?

To say the PS3 will NEVER catch the 360 is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm no fanboy but there are over 100 million PS2 owners. There are let's say 13 mil 360, 13-14 mil Wii's, and 6 mil PS3's out there. That is about 33 mil next gen systems currently floating out there. So POTENTIALLY, there are 67 mil PS2 owners that have not jumped on the next gen ship yet.

All I'm saying is there is still a lot of business to be had and your 6-7 mil lead is nothing to get comfortable with.

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felidae4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

lol. TheMART is so stupid.

crying like a baby. lolol.

enjoy the 360 - i do it, too. but i also enjoy some great games for the ps3. so who cares about sales or christmas sales or whateva sales?

TheMART = 15yr old.

juandren4018d ago

No, its TheFART


[email protected]4018d ago

Bubbles for juandren. Best comment of the day.

Noodlecup4018d ago

Is so illogical and stupid he comes across as more of a cartoon character than a real human being.

I think we've seen all we can from the 360, after Mass Effect what is there on the 360 that anyone REALLY cares about? The PS3 has GT, MGS, FF, God of War, Uncharted series, Killzone, the Jak and Daxter series, the Ratchet series and that's with big multiplat games like GTA.

All the 360 has is a non-bungie halo game on the way and gears of war, both of which I may add, are coming to PC too.

I think MS shot themselves in the foot with this, this isn't a fanboy rant because I own a 360 and a PS3, I'm just calling it how I see it.

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