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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1595d ago | opinion piece

Why You Should Care About Rage

1UP - Rage is set for release this coming Tuesday. So why should you care? It's just another generic sci-fi shooter staring a bald dude from the studio whose last game was an edutainment title about the necessity of duct tape, right? Not quite. (PC, PS3, Rage, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   1595d ago
I don't care about it.
Learn to deal with that.
Johandevries  +   1595d ago
I do.
Been dealing with gaming trolls since 1997
fluffydelusions  +   1595d ago
Yet you care enough to reply.
SilentNegotiator  +   1595d ago
It's an article trying to convince people to care. I gave it a swing, and guess what? Half of his reasons are the 'brand name' behind the game. The others are "Console Parity" (WUT?) and "Focus on speed"

Not everyone coming into this article has to verbally hump the game.....His "deal with it comment" was pretty goofy, though.
cliffbo  +   1595d ago
he is allowed his opinion even if he does not care about it.

me personnelly thinks it looks good but not everyone likes the same things as everyone else does.
SilentNegotiator  +   1595d ago
I don't care either.
And the author's dumb reasons (brand name, brand name, Console parity, and speed) do not change that.

It may look pretty, but I've seen plenty of gameplay videos; the gameplay is generic, the AI is dull, the "open world" is mainly corridors made of the environment's sand structures leading from point A to point B, and John Goodman is in it (lol).

Guaranteed to be one of the most over-rated of the year, thanks to its looks, developer brand name, and lots of marketing dollars.
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JBSleek  +   1595d ago
I'll GameFly it. No need to waste my money on an unproven game.
fluffydelusions  +   1595d ago
I'm not saying the game is good or not as I have yet to play but id is a proven company... they invented the genre
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specialguest  +   1595d ago
Nothing wrong with GameFlying it, since we don't know much bout the game.
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Reaper9937  +   1595d ago
Too many great games coming during the next few months.

- Skyrim
- Uncharted 3
- Batman AC
- Dark Souls
- Legend of Zelda SS
- BF3
- ICO and SoTC
- AC:R

Sorry Rage, but u gonna have to take the backseat on this one.
pr0digyZA  +   1595d ago
just wait till the scores start coming out, and then the hype. Soon you will not be able to resist.
kevnb  +   1595d ago
rage will be better than most those games.
Reaper9937  +   1594d ago
We will talk again once all the scores have been friend.
Reaper9937  +   1593d ago
At the moment lets look at the Metacritic scores, shall we...

- ICO and SotC - 91
- Dark Souk - 89

- Rage - 80/81 [Xbox/PS3]

Dude I've been gamer for a very long time, I kind of know what will be the games to get immediately or what games will be better picked up in the bargain bin, Rage is the latter.
finbars75  +   1595d ago
I'm kind of surprised at the reactions for RAGE.A lot of people have no entrests in a game that will most likely be up for GOTY.Myself it looks promising and could be alt of fun.It reminds me so much of the mad max movies which is why I think it will be a great game with a lot to offer.I do think it's weird that there's no reviews out which is the only thing that I'm a little weiry about the game in a negative way.I will still buy it on day 1 that's for sure.I also thought maybe the reason people are turned off is that the name Bestheda is attached to it.There record isn't really up to par after Fallout new vegas and the dlc and the game Brink.Let's see if all these years of making this game pays off.I have a lot of faith in ID so let the apocalyptic world war start.
kevnb  +   1595d ago
its because they didnt market it with a bunch of bs pre-rendered crap. A lot of gamers want an interactive movie these days.
dredgewalker  +   1595d ago
I'll wait and see if it's worth getting. To be honest I was a little disappointed with Doom 3 and Quake 4 even if they were good games. I'm actually spoiled after playing Stalker games.
codename13  +   1595d ago
no matter what ppl say, I care about this game. :D
pennywhyz  +   1595d ago
soon as they said it was made around consoles they lost my sale .. they should just say the game is gimped.
kevnb  +   1595d ago
often when they say that the pc version turns out great, but when they say the pc version is fantastic I start to worry. Carmack was saying they hit 30 fps on integrated intel graphics, so im really not worried. Especially once the mods start to come out.
Big_Mex  +   1595d ago
Already got it preloaded (21gb), this along with dark souls is gonna be awesome on tuesday. Also, off topic i have a UC 3 beta code if anyone wants it pm me. Ill prolly have more since i do eat at subway alot and the dude just gave me 2 extra cups even though i said id pay. Already gave other to my brother.
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omi25p  +   1595d ago
I didnt care about this game but after i played the awful BF3 beta ive decided to not buy that game on day one.

So i started looking at rage saw how amazing the gameplay looked nd now im getting it day one. Mainly because of the windstick
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mdarwin1  +   1595d ago
lol same thing happened to me good buddy. played a horrible beta on ps3 and computer. went straight to Gamestop and told them to take off my preorder for battlefield 3 and i would like to preorder rage instead.
eak3  +   1595d ago
ha Im thinking of doing the same thing, the beta is less than impressive and might swap the pre-order for Dark Souls however. I want to play this game but not gonna sink money into right away, want to see what the community thinks first.
kza  +   1595d ago
theres only 1 reason why i dont care about Rage at least not yet, Dark Souls is going to take over my life lol so i dont need another game untill im done with DS.
ironcreed  +   1595d ago
Sad to see such an amazingly polished and beautiful game from a legendary developer flying right under the radar, while over hyped modern military rehashes like Battlefield 3 steals the headlines. My money is on RAGE.
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Jocosta  +   1595d ago
Finally someone with a damned brain around here, modern military shooters jumped the shark with me 5 years ago, they have absolutely nothing new to offer. Some may respond to this and say Rage is like Fallout or Borderlands, but from what I have seen, it sets itself apart due to it's gameplay.
teedogg80  +   1595d ago
I don't know about anyone else, but I for one will be enjoying this great game on Tuesday.
kevnb  +   1595d ago
It looks awesome to me, they had the balls to show 100% real gameplay instead of the bs prerendered stuff everyone else shows. And it looks like a ton of fun. All the little things that make shooting games fun are done perfectly, mark my words.
Baka-akaB  +   1595d ago
Looks good , but ID picked the worst timing for me to relese the game . It could still be very sucessful , but i'm not planning of buying ay fps during the holidays with the massive list of games i already got to buy or finish .

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