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37 celebs that should be in the Next Def Jam Fighting Game.

In part to of this 2 part series GamerFitNation's BlackBible list celebrities he feel's that will be in the next Def Jam Fighting Game. Assuming you read part 1, BlackBible now ask that you follow him a little further down the rabbit hole as he explains why these 37 celebrities should be in the roster for a new Def Jam Fighting Game. Also be sure to leave comments on if you agree, disagree, or have better picks we'd love to hear your thoughts. (Culture, Def Jam: Fight for NY, Def Jam: Fight for NY: The Takeover, Def Jam: Icon, PS3, Xbox 360)

thegamefanatics  +   1217d ago
lol the Biebs.
BLACKBIBLE  +   1217d ago
Yup, I said it Biebs. I know that some of you may not like it, but if there is a game he will be in it. Now to be fair before you disagree check my reasons why.
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Yodagamer  +   1217d ago
hell i ain't gonna disagree with ya, time to beat the **** outta him lol
Bull5hifT  +   1217d ago
Vin Diesel, The Rock, Young Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Ving Rhaymes, Terry Crews, American History X Edward Norton, Fight Club Brad Pit, that Big Brother From Prison Break, Denicio Del Toro, that Guy from the movie DRIVE, Chuck Norris, Young Steven Seagall(lol), Batman guy from The Dark Knight, and Heath Ledger as the joker, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tyrese, That guy from IRON MAN, the guy from Captain America ........ I Dunno , BADBOY: yeah Bone Thugs need to be in The next Def Jam
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streetballdude  +   1217d ago

I'm not sure if you noticed, but Def Jam games usually only include Def Jam signed rappers, or rappers in general.
Blaze929  +   1217d ago
thatd actually be pretty funny...
L6RD7BLU3  +   1217d ago
YES! put him Bieb in there so I can beat him shitless He'll definitely catch a Beiber fever LMFAO!
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badboy7428  +   1217d ago
Todays hip hop is garbage. I grew up on biggie,wutang,tribe called quest,bone thugs. Todays hip hop is pop trash.
BLACKBIBLE  +   1217d ago
To be honest I grew up on the same music as you and to a certain exact I agree, but this article isn't about that. What is article is about is article you we feel that will make the roster in a new Def Jam title. I hope to hear your thoughts on it especially if you played past Def Jam Fighting Games.

One you mention Justin's image, do you forget he played a killer on CSI?
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JTX  +   1217d ago
How can today's hip hop be garbage with chico and the man releasing in december? Believe it or not, there IS good hip hop music being made if you look past the mainstream pop radio bullshit.
JellyJelly  +   1217d ago
A lot of Bone thugs n harmony's songs are more pop than hiphop though. Nothing wrong with it, I love them and I don't give a damn about wether music is "real" or not as long as it's good.

There's both good and bad among both the new and the old.
iceman06  +   1217d ago
I agree Jelly. People seem to romanticize the past and only see the good. Remember there was a very successful Vanilla Ice!?! Point being, there was some real crap released along with the Wu, Tribe, Pac, Biggie, etc. However, I WILL say that there is a lot of crap that gets radio play NOW that probably wouldn't have seen the 2 am sleepy time hour back then.
jefet21  +   1217d ago
if justin bieber is in the game i will buy it just to beat it everyday
Stunt  +   1217d ago
Get outta here with Bieber. Doesn't support his image.
felonycarclub  +   1217d ago
they should just put him in mk so i can finish him lol
maniacmayhem  +   1217d ago
Hate on Bieber all you want but the guy is getting paid and has a huge following.

Not to mention he's b**ging Selena Gomez. Hard to down a guy when he's doin all that before age 30.
dark-hollow  +   1217d ago
Omar91  +   1217d ago
JellyJelly  +   1217d ago
"the guy is getting paid and has a huge following."

So did Hitler.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1217d ago
Oh boy, that's probably just to wrong, but I LFMAO'd!!! Bubbs up for being funny!
ape007  +   1217d ago
contra157  +   1217d ago
I have a better idea, just scrap this stupid game
BLACKBIBLE  +   1217d ago
Guys let me know if you agree or disagree with some of my picks. Also if you want to me further explain why I chose some of the Celebrities I chose ask me in the comment section on the site, and I'll answer as soon as I can. I welcome logical Debate. :)

Vin Diesel, and Ving Rhaymes would actually fit as a good villain other then LL Cool J. Hey come to the site and post these thoughts on the article so we can discuss them.
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iceman06  +   1217d ago
I say that you add an O.G. category and bring back the real Old school. The soundtrack would be off da chain! (addendum...I'm sure that they could use those royalties as well} Slick Rick tha Ruler...with da nugget rings!?!? Oh...r&b beef with Oran "Juice" Jones and Montell Jordan...Juice could give that "Walkin In the Rain" speech after the beat down...silly rabbit..tricks is fo kids...LOL
jefet21  +   1217d ago
he is the most overated artist in all the world, he is the cancer of 14 years stupid girls and youtube sucks because of his videos
ape007  +   1217d ago
it's amazing how this kid justin drew bieber attract all the attention

whether it's extreme love\admiration or extreme hate , F bombs and homophobic stuff thrown at him all over the place

you know when u go sing, then go home, close the door and just see everybody talking about you.....you must be doing something right, gotta give him props honestly

"youtube sucks because of his videos"

LOL just ignore him man, looks like he's causing too much trouble for you LOOL
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Pozzle  +   1215d ago
If it's any consolation, most girls will probably grow out of their love for Bieber when they hit high school. Hell, I loved the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync when I was little. I eventually grew out of it tho.
ShaunCameron  +   1217d ago
Good list. But I would like to fact-check some things.

Kanye West is actually from Chicago. Should have made a Midwest Crew list.

Nicki Minaj is actually from New York. Belongs on the East Coast list.

Justin Bieber is from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Should have been placed on the Miscellaneous Crew list.
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TreMillz  +   1217d ago
since when being from Queens is dirty south?
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1217d ago
dude who made this list is an idiot. he puts jay z as the leader of the east coast crew, then under misc has him listed also. if anything put diddy under the misc crew. what about BIG? i didnt see him listed anywhere. what about pac? this list is wiggity wiggity wack. lol. so many better artists than the ones listed. the only ones i agree with are the actual def jam artists/characters that have been in the game.
fredolopez  +   1217d ago
yeah JB is the perfect addition to this list!!!
Rivitur  +   1217d ago
Just for the hell of it K-rino (houston underground been rapping since the 80's) and Canibus (Lyrical Law probably the best rap cd I've heard this year)
Bags_BuzzFocus  +   1216d ago
bieber should be a bonus stage where you just beat him up like bashing the car in SFII

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