Sony Survey Reveals PS Vita and PS Store Possibilities

"We all want to get our hands on it but Sony are holding some of their cards to their chest (which has never been the specialty) and are keeping hush on many of console’s features. However, keen to get a second opinion from the players themselves, they hosted a survey revealing a whole host of new tidbits about not only the PS Vita but the PS Store too and J Station X has the scoop."

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Misterhbk2632d ago

This is a great way to get people to begin leaning towards downloading games rather than purchasing from retail. Like I said before though, I like having the physical copies and even game cases. Something about having a collection I just can't shake.

ABizzel12632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Honestly this would be absolutely amazing if true.

Let's not get our hopes to high people. Is this a part of PlayStation Plus? Will PSN still be free or will they charge $50 a year for it, and $100 a year for it and PS+ if it changes to this? If this service comes out you have non choice but to buy the 32GB card to store all your stuff on and those cost $100. The only thing sure is the cost of the card, so hopefully this all becomes standard PS+ stuff. If it does become part of PS+ then Sony can count everyone jumping on board sooner or later.

Make ts happen Sony.

Misterhbk2632d ago

I'd also like to add this

Beyond the door reveal on October 5th...
Earlier rumored Vita release on October 28th...

Ah damn I'm just getting my hopes up.

CynicalVision2632d ago

'Trade in your downloaded games'

Yes, yes! The lack of trading is a big reason why I don't buy all my games digitally. A service like this would be incredible.

forevercloud30002632d ago

This will be a selling feature in DD's favor. If I can at least get a portion of my money back for a game I no longer have use for, that would be awesome. I really like the idea of "Selling back" a digital game for a percentage of credit where I can use it on another.

Ddouble2632d ago

I really like some of those choices there. Group discount sounds good. I still plan on going both routes though, download and physical. I like Collectors Edition with all the extras.

2632d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.