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Battlefield 3 beta bugs don't exist in retail

Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE Daniel Matros states "A lot of what you are seeing in the BETA doesn't exist in the main game already. 1st Party submissions mean we couldn't give a version of the latest code in the BETA but the retail game is well ahead of what you are seeing now with a lot more bug fixes already in place." (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

-Alpha  +   1431d ago
Damn well better not be
JoGam  +   1431d ago
Yup...It better not. So tired of buying games with glitches and problem that don't make the game fun.
deadpoole  +   1430d ago
You guys have to thanks to EA/Dice ... that they are doin Network load test with the release of BETA (not demo) because what I remember .... during the Launch of Modern Warfare 2 .... they didn't carry out network test and it turned out to be nightmare and huge let dow on launch day.

Plus compared to original game size which is more then 16Gb+ .... this beta is highly compressed stripped down to its barebones basic just for testing purpose beta engine ...

I wouldnt confuse this with retail game ... And plus I will take words of developer any day over random ppl spreadin Mass Hysteria about ... how screwed this game is (judgement based on beta).

DICE has delivered following
1. BF2 complete,
2. Bad Company 1 complete
3. Bad Company 2 complete
and now

4. BF3 will be complete as well.

so just do the basic math and you'll get your answer.
Pixel_Pusher  +   1430d ago
I'll post this here also.


So there seems to be some confusion around what a beta is. That is why I am posting this in order to clear it up :)

When a new game is created or updated, there are several stages in development before the product can be sold in the commercial marketplace. You might remember our Alpha Trial from July which was the first stage, in which the game is tested by software testers and gamers. A beta version is the name for the second stage of software testing.

The beta version of a software release is considered to be a preview. It has most of the standard features, but is not yet ready for wide release or sale. During this point, the studio will collect feedback from users about the product's usability — what they like and what should be changed — before the game´s wide release. A beta version of a game can be either a closed beta, which is limited to a specific group of users, or an open beta, which is available for the general public to use.

Today, most games are first released in beta version for testing.
PhantomT1412  +   1430d ago
People tend to think devs build the beta version, then wait for feedback and then work on it again for a patch while doing nothing or playing around between these last two phases.

Get in the real world people, developers are workers, they have to work if they are not in holidays and beta-testing phase doesn't mean holidays for them.
While open-betas are going on, they still do their internal testing and are constantly working on the game. Many things were probably already fixed by the time the open beta was online.

It's not an updated or a mod of a previous game (*cough* MW3 *cough*), they made the game from scratch, it's pretty normal their game isn't finished two month before its release.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1430d ago

I hate those glitches and the laggg!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
and the trying to jump over stuff and having to try like 6 times to get over a wall and getting sucked back and then jumping foreward. and then what do ya know your dead.

BUT if they can fix this this game is PURE GOLD i love it it is fantastic. Cant wait till i can run around and not glitch cause then its ONNN!!!
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NCAzrael  +   1430d ago
You can call this a beta all you want, but if they've already gone through bug fixes and balancing then you might as well call it a demo/stress test. Betas are supposed to be the latest code, giving testers the ability to find bugs and balance issues and give feedback that helps shape the game. So far I am not impressed.
PhantomT1412  +   1430d ago
No, beta are meant to check gameplay feedback from players. Bugs and finding technical problems isn't the priority, they don't need us for that, QA testers can find holes too. If that was the case, they would've made us check every other map.
Of course if you find bugs, that would help them to report them but what a dev really wants to check with a beta test is player's gameplay feedback, and eventually the network stability for online multiplayer games.
Cosmit  +   1430d ago
I hope.


Sorry but Bad Company 2 was a complete mess with lag/rubberbanding for a long time after it was released. Completely unacceptable. Still played the hell out of it.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1430d ago
I know nothing about this BF3, but after playing the beta on PS3..
I have a few things to say...
COD:MW has better gameplay and graphics on its multiplayer... And call of duty 4 was the only COD I bought btw...
killzone 2 visually destroys this game in every way. hopefully the single player mode has improved graphics cause it looks like crap.
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Nitrowolf2  +   1430d ago
BF3 beta is a mess. I know it's a beta, but the release of it is so dam close to launch date it has me worried. This is a good example why devs. shouldn't have beta solate
Ghoul  +   1430d ago
"1st Party submissions mean we couldn't give a version of the latest code in the BETA"

that answers your question
gamingdroid  +   1430d ago
So how old build is it?

Because you know apart from bug fixing, I would like polish. The type of bugs seen on BF3 is atrociously bad. It feels like an early Alpha at best and does not reflect well on Dice or the game, which suggest the entire thing including the game is rushed.

I will wait for the reviews of the "retail" version.
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da_2pacalypse  +   1430d ago
did you read the article or what? they're basically only testing for network connectivity. Plus Dice is notoriously well known for giving out lots of updates post launch. for example, bad company 2 had about 8 updates.
Ghoul  +   1430d ago
i played all battlefield games they made until now, every game was polished.

so nope im not concerned at all
SwampCroc  +   1430d ago
I dunno I played the Beta and while it is not exactly what i was expecting I like the the majority of it...

I'm not really sure how Beta's and all the testing actually plays out and stuff...

but I do know the game comes out Oct 25th... and today is the 1st... so that still leaves PLENTY of time to address any issues...

this is like the 2nd Beta I've ever played.. I tried the Uncharted 3 on PSN earlier this summer. so yeah I don't know the logistics and stuff the developers use... But I'm confident that BF3 is going to be a quality upon it's actual release.
beastman14  +   1430d ago
Good, I can't think of playing a game like this.

Related video
chriski333  +   1430d ago
People need to chill dice will deliver that's what betas are for
Dart89  +   1430d ago
For those who cancelled your preorders cuz of the glitches in the beta i bet you feel pretty stupid right about now don't you??
NBT91  +   1430d ago
Obviously the freaking community manager of the developer is going to say "Oh its only a beta, its not like that in the finished game." KillZone 2 & 3, Uncharted 2 all had betas which play EXACTLY like the retail versions (number of maps, and weapons etc aside).

And based off that, I am no longer getting the game on day one. Until I see multiplayer footage that looks vastly improved from this "Beta"
gatormatt80  +   1430d ago
This is what we in the PR business call damage control.
3GenGames  +   1430d ago
gogospeedracer  +   1430d ago
Bugs are one thing but what about the graphics?
da_2pacalypse  +   1430d ago
console version looks very good, if you don't think it looks good for a game that has full destruction of all in game objects... you're crazy.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1430d ago
Exactly speed, it doesn't look half as good as COD let alone Killzone 3 or any other standard fps.
Yomiro  +   1430d ago
Not worry about this game at all...check out caspian border gameplay from the beta.

gogospeedracer  +   1430d ago
That does look good. But that is the PC. We are more concerned with the Consoles. After playing the beta on both systems, I'm worried BIG TIME!
StayStatic  +   1430d ago
Apparently their are 99 bugs at the moment.

Source : http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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LedZeppelin  +   1430d ago
the beta is a month old build, people need to stop jumping into conclusions.
milohighclub  +   1430d ago
I also heard from my friend at game that they spoke to the e.a rep who has played one of the latest builds for ps3 who said that the console textures are so much better than the beta. So much so he said he was shocked when he saw how bad the beta looked.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1430d ago
these bugs are hurting the sales at least 60% of my friends play the game and since its all buggy and glitchy and weird they are cancelling their pre-orders and alot of people are doing that. i know the purpose of a beta its to fix things but damn dice at least get rid of the under the map glitch before launching a public beta
Silkside  +   1431d ago
well i guess this will shutup all the "this is a demo" crowd..
JsonHenry  +   1430d ago
If there is a zero day patch then on the flip side it will shut up all the "this is a beta" crowd.
Bladesfist  +   1430d ago
They patch battlelog not the game to fix all the bugs they have fixed so far.
Nate-Dog  +   1431d ago
We'll see. I doubt it'll be perfect.
jozzah  +   1431d ago
No game is perfect. DICE said that every game ships with bugs.
AMD_CROSSFIRE_FTW  +   1430d ago
Then theirs will have a s*** load of them.
Hockeydud19  +   1430d ago
If you want any game without bugs then you'd have to wait a good time after original release date to even get 1/3 of the bugs out of a game. There's no game on the planet that is "bug" free.
Ramses3  +   1430d ago
I was actually pretty impressed with the beta, apart from the squad system not working properly and overpowered lmgs, i didnt have any problems.
Glad I preordered :)
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Hellsvacancy  +   1430d ago
I know, i got wasted earlier by some mofo with a PP2000 from miles away, even a sniper would struggle
Reborn  +   1430d ago
Been there.

I spawned at the start, once it moves into the tunnel. Some guy was in the bush with a PP. Surprising. He only got like 2-0 end of the game.
riksweeney  +   1430d ago
The bugs present in the beta version have been removed and instead we've introduced a different set to keep you on your toes :)
superrey19  +   1430d ago
I think you're confusing Dice with Treyarch...
Les-Grossman  +   1430d ago
If the current bugs are not in the Retail Version then there will be new ones . There always is
SJPFTW  +   1430d ago
Betas are usually 1 - 2 month builds. also take into account that Sony and Microsoft has to approve it before it goes on the PSN store/xbox market place which can be a 1 - 2 week process.

Personally i think they should have just kept it closed, probably given it to people with veteran status. Most of the gameplay complaints come from people who think it is COD and that sprinting out in the open will NOT get them shot in the face
Philoctetes  +   1430d ago
I decided to pass on this game after the playing the beta. Ironically, the reason why is because this game borrows too much from COD -- it was clearly designed to appeal to that audience, so it's kind of odd that you used that as a point of reference.
leogets  +   1430d ago
bro ya missing out.you cant make such assumtions on a 1 map beta that is 1.a rush mode and 2.A smallish confined map.you need to see past this map with epic conquest battles over many huge maps,vehicles ect.This is only a small taste of gameplay and server testing.People that think this is like cod must be pritty damn brain dead.it infact has the core battlefield gameplay experiance.nothing like cod. nothing whatsoever.
TKCMuzzer  +   1430d ago
Luckily it does not borrow the floaty controls, shoddy hit points, easy kill streaks and most importantly it will leave the ever
growing amount of to****s that infest the COD lobbies right where they are.

Soz, the amount of idiots I have come across in COD has forced me to leave the game behind, that and it's constant reselling of the same game.

Love the beta. Makes me realise how good it will be once the bugs have gone.
SJPFTW  +   1430d ago
movement is slower, standing to crouch to prone is alot slower, recoil is is higher (even higher than BFBC2), pulling out your gun is slower and the pace is alot slower, more tactical. There are no kill streaks, no perks.

So how does it resemble COD? the only thing similar is it has guns and is in a modern setting. And let me remind everyone that Battlefield did the whole modern combat thing way before COD. in fact if BF2 wasn't so popular COD would not have went modern. By now they would have probably have made their 7th WWII game
HSx9  +   1430d ago
Exactly, I am a level 6 BF Veteran and you don't see me complaining, I tested both the Alpha and Beta.
radioking  +   1430d ago
None of the gameplay complaints i've seen say the beta is like CoD, although I could be wrong. Most of the complaints come from gamers saying it's like MoH
finbars75  +   1430d ago
The beta is great from what I have played and I'm enjoying every second of it.Yes it has a lot bugs and glitches but it's a beta and that's how things get fixed.So yes I am going to bring another fps game that doesn't get that beta treatment and look how that turns out every year.How it sells so many games blows my mind considering tha nothing has really changed for in the last 6 years.But then you get a BF game which offers a lot more in the gameplay and you survive with what you got not earning silly killstreaks and perks because you need all the help you can get with no skills.BF3 will be good to go once release date comes just like bfbc1 and 2 where.Dice knows what they are doing so have some faith in them.
ondsnap  +   1430d ago
bullshit Dice!! Less than a month before you release this to the masses....come on. Stop trying to feed us Kool Aid. My preorder has been cancelled and my $60 is going towards UC3....
SJPFTW  +   1430d ago
no one cares. dont wanna play with whiners and cry babies anyways. have fun with your Call of Uncharted 3
MidnytRain  +   1430d ago
Call of Uncharted? That makes no sense.
soundslike  +   1430d ago
you mean gears of parkour

JellyJelly  +   1430d ago
This should go without saying.
RememberThe357  +   1430d ago
That sad part is that people are so stupid they have to say it. There are still idiots who think this is a demo.
Dazel  +   1430d ago
While no game is perfect and obviously it wasn't gonna look that good on console, I've never played a beta that wasn't 99% like the retail game that followed. It's such a shame as I was really looking forward to it and at its core its still Battlefield.

Turned from a must have to a cheap post Christmas buy now.
Hufandpuf  +   1430d ago
Cheap post christmas? Bf3 plays better than almost every FPS currently out there.
NBT91  +   1430d ago
No, it does not
EazyC  +   1430d ago
Will the graphics look nicer and will there be less baggies in PS3 final release? I hope so.

They best fix that Metro-holes problem, it's a joke trying to get to the Mcoms with them in the way.

This beta has left a sour taste in my mouth. Much more so than the BC 2 beta, which I loved from the start.
TKCMuzzer  +   1430d ago
I think its safe to say these have probably already been dealt with in the final version. Remember this beta code is old and those glitches would have been picked up from internal testing.
I think the DICE guy has said these are not in the retail version, so they have already addressed it.
thespaz  +   1430d ago
I thought we already knew this?

I doubt they completely eliminated the tearing though. I bet the screen tearing is here to stay (maybe not as many tears, but they'll be there).

Thank goodness I don't care for Battlefield games. Now I don't have to buy it.
soundslike  +   1430d ago
'durp i herd about screen tearing 1 time from someone smart so now i think i know everything "
thespaz  +   1430d ago
Dude, I come from many years of gaming on PC. I know all about v-sync, double-buffered and triple-buffered and I am aware that some games will use what's called a "soft v-sync" which means v-sync is on for the most part, but if the framerate gets too low, v-sync will disengage and tearing will occur.

Grow up. I know more than you think.
59Martins59  +   1430d ago
To this I say:

turgore  +   1430d ago
The game still is underwhelming.
I wonder if the single player will be good.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1430d ago
I don't care about the bugs
Its just that they gameplay is so frustrating. SOOOOOOOOOOO many campers it is ridiculous. I thought COD was bad (which is why I play UC and Resistance 3) but I literally played a game of Rush on the attacking side where the entire other side camped in the trams and proned on the floors of the subway section after they lost the first round. You could do NOTHING about it. Everywhere we went was full of campers and the fact that you die in 3-4 bullets doesn't help.
caboose32  +   1430d ago
Exactly, the bugs dont matter, it's the awful gameplay mechanics that they have implemented into the game that just ruin it. This isn't Battlefield 3 at all. Hell, this isn't even a worthy BC sequel either. This game is just an excuse for EA to sucker us all into their new sh*tty service called Origins/battlelog.
BlackKnight  +   1430d ago
I don't think you know what camping means. Camping is hiding and making the game take forever. In Rush mode, only the attackers can "camp" since if they sit behind cover or in a bush, nothing gets done, the game is prolonged. Defenders are SUPPOSED to wait for you and defend the bomb site, that isn't camping. Only in deathmatch games can camping be done by any team or person since the onus is on everyone to search and kill.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1430d ago
What's weird is that they have had tournaments on Operation Metro that never showed any of these bugs.
Ron Zook  +   1430d ago
I'd frickin hope so! This beta is terrible, I've been playing BFBC2 and its so plush compared to this
ondsnap  +   1430d ago
Keep believing that bullshit!! The game is BF2 reskinned with campers galore!! Keep your big maps and jets, i'll take the fast paced action on COD..this is what the hype was about?? Really??
MysticStrummer  +   1430d ago
You're calling this reskinned and full of campers, but you like CoD?? Really?? Keep on with Modern Full Priced Expansion Pack 3, I'll take the big maps and tactical variety of BF3.
belal  +   1430d ago
hope so, the killcam thing is funny but stupid,every time i die and watch the killcam i get under the map, i get kicked out of the game some times, and one time i got stuck under the map... still this is beta, nothing to wory about, dice have proved themself with bc2 and older bf games.
ZBlacktt  +   1430d ago
Look for it used on Craigslist a week after it comes out. Save $15 right off the bat.
fourthpersonview  +   1430d ago
They shouldn't have released a beta but a demo instead.
RioKing  +   1430d ago
or both...
Ashby_JC  +   1430d ago
I havent read the comments...but read the tweet.

And I can bet any amount that some will still doubt what the man just stated!!!

typeN8  +   1430d ago
They frackin better be

This is insane

Dice dont let me down

You have always been the one to keep my attention

Clean it up...your butts are on the line

Lots of new faces..hope they stick around
spartanmike1978  +   1430d ago
Enjoying the beta, I'm sure the bugs will be ironed out by release. My one big question is r these the finished graphics for the console versions? And if their not can the developers just come out and reassure us that the final game will be a bit better looking. Don't get me wrong the beta is not bad looking, but rather inconsistent, some things look great, others like crap, for instance, the textures on the rocks look great, but the grass, and little flowers on the ground look like crap. Anyone have any info on the texture and graphic issue?
3GenGames  +   1430d ago
I believe it was all around nerfed for the consoles to get the download size less. I believe they said even sound was only 1/3 the quality for the console download version. I'd wager they will look substantially better on the disk with the full content when released. And without the 98% of the bugs, obviously. Especially the rendering ones that suck really badly.
ThreshStar  +   1430d ago
...so let me get this straight...

The creators of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - A game that was one of the biggest First Person Shooters in 2010 and still has a large online community to date - are pretty much creating an updated version with larger destruction, more vehicles, better graphics, larger maps...essentially Bad Company v3.0 and somehow...SOMEHOW people got a hold of this Beta version and thought of it as the Final Product??

Here's the deal - if you honestly think one of the major FPS companies would put out a game with that many glitches without any fixes or adjustment whatsoever...you should just stop playing video games entirely.

They're TESTING benchmarks, stress tests, etc. NOT giving you a full preview. We were never told it was a demo, NOR was it a finished product.

Sure, no game is perfect, but to honestly think a game company like DICE would release that AS IS is laughable, and anyone who would even for a moment consider the notion they were going to invest that much money on Battlefield 3 and release a piece of crap just proves why I hate the gaming community so much.

Could be THE most judgmental, gullible fan-base ever.

I weep for the future of gaming.
barney14  +   1430d ago
spot on man! 110% agree with you

truley is sad that all these people that are saying this is shit, cancelled their pre-orders based on this beta are just pathetic.

as thresh said, if you honestly think a developer as big as DICE would actually have this as their final product, then please...for the love of baby jesus, stop gaming, you are an absolute idiot if you think this.

thresh, glad someone still has common since
Ashby_JC  +   1429d ago
I agree,

And we are of very few on this site or at least in the comments for BF3 Beta that realize..THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WILL BE GETTING ON THE 25th!!!

No vehicles
Limited destruction
Average sound
Holes in maps

And more...but guess what. I like what I see in the core game itself. Like the dev said. What is in the BETA is not what you will see in the FULL Retail.

But for whatever reason...ppl are STILL WHINING. Its insane.

PS LOL @ for the Love of Baby Jesus
iLemon  +   1429d ago
media73  +   1430d ago
Here is my 20 min commentary for Caspian Border, and I witnessed only a few bugs, truly amazing!

Ashby_JC  +   1429d ago
Ill have to check out your video. I hear Caspian Border is VERY VERY good!!!
Steadyhndz  +   1430d ago
Most bugs will be fixed in time for retail release. DICE and EA are also very good about patches on day of release for bugs that aren't fixed in time of production lineup.
Ashby_JC  +   1429d ago
From the tweet it seems ...FIXED already comes to mind.

All who canceled or are whining. I want to see there reaction when the FULL platter hits in a few weeks.

I cant WAIT!!!
chickens  +   1430d ago
i have been having issues with the unlocks. i unlock something then i cannot find the thing. then i unlock a new sight for my sniper and some of the other sights disappear -.-
Steadyhndz  +   1428d ago
Upgrades are specific to the gun. You also have to go to accessories under that gun, and kit.
Your probably not looking the right area, it is a bit confusing in BF3.

If you do have some kind of unlock problems, it is simply fixed by relogging in, and this works 100% of the time.
chickens  +   1427d ago
i play it on the xbox 360 and i do go on the weapon customisation and use the same gun all the time. when i go under the accessories, sometimes i get a X8 scope and sometimes it dissapears and there is a X7 scope instead.
what do i need to log onto? i dont think iv logged into anything to play this beta.

everytime a new game starts, the game automatically gives me either the X7 or X8 scope. its the SVD sniper i think. only one i use.
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