RAGE 'First 20 Minutes Gameplay' [HD]

The first 20 minutes of Bethesda's RAGE, footage from the Playstation 3 version.

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Shaman2399d ago

They generally load in when you get to new area, once they are loaded there is almost no pop in. Should be less on PC and 360.

qwertyz2399d ago

less on pc yes as you'll install the full game to HDD before playing.

with 360 you'd only get less texture pop-ins than ps3 if you install the entire game to HDD

according to carmack the op-ins issue goes like this

pc>xbox 360 full install>ps3 partial install>>360 no HDD install

Christopher2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

LOL. Is that a Halo bobblehead?

As far as pop-ins, they're there if you look for them, but very few in general. A heck of a lot better than RDR and LA Noire. Game looks great!

Edit: Nice detail. When the bandit has your gun and is talking to you while you are hanging upside down, you can see in the barrel of your pistol he's holding, down to the ammo in the cylinder.

CloseSecond2399d ago

Overall things look solid but texture popin was noticable and so was the lack of real-time reflection on the chrome work. Still know very little about this game and look forward to the reviews.

Shanks2399d ago

What the hell are you and Shaman talking about? I watched the whole thing and there are ZERO texture pop in. Did you even see the video?

CloseSecond2399d ago

Could ask you the same question as there was definitely pop in.

Apocwhen2399d ago

I noticed some texture pop-in at the start of the video too. It is slightly noticeable but I think I can overlook it.

maxmill2399d ago

Those GFX are crazy and its not a COD clone? After BF3s crap (console) im sold on this

CloseSecond2399d ago

Between this and Dark Soul's I wont even miss the lackluster visuals of Bf3.

Kewl_Kat2399d ago

the character animation and dialogue are amazing. the visuals remind me of borderlands, they look vibrant!

gamernova2399d ago

First is was bastion, then dead island, then FIFA 12, and next in line to kill my wallet is RAGE!! Already pre-ordered. PC of course :)

Ranich2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

I was too worried RAGE would hurt my poor PC, although I'd think my specifications would meet the requirements and still be able to run at good settings;

GTX 580
AMD Phenom II X4 3.5GHZ

Although I'm sure you guys would be better experts than myself.

gamernova2398d ago

Nah, your system is good. I think it may even be good for Bf3 and semi high settings.

Ranich2398d ago

Well, I'm able to run mostly high settings on the Battlefield 3 beta with pretty good FPS; 50-110 FPS. Texture quality is actually on Ultra, while the rest is on high, although anti-aliasing is a like on medium / off (there's two anti-aliasing settings).

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The story is too old to be commented.