Songs and artists that need to come to Rocksmith as DLC [The Gaming Vault]

Hoping for awesome downloadable content for Ubisoft's Rocksmith? Everyone is! Here's a list of some of the incredible artists of the world that would make an already incredible game even better.

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borisfett2429d ago

What's the heaviest, most difficult guitar song ever written?

Sidology2429d ago

Probably some dissonant song written by some guy nobody's ever heard of.

And then there's this:

Moduserous2429d ago

Cinderella and Nightranger!

Bathyj2429d ago

Not a bad list, but how could you not have Guns n Roses in there?

Or Metallica.

In fact Slash's ugly mug should be all over this game.

Sidology2429d ago

My big thing about not including Slash or Metallica was that none of them do anything revolutionary with a guitar.

While solid artists and musicians, they are straightforward guitar plays with standardized techniques.

I tried to stick to progressive artists who break out of the mold (Cynic, Mastodon, Kiko Loureiro) or, rather, created the mold in some cases (Joe Satriani, Mountain, Led Zeppelin).

Metallica and Guns'n'Roses/Slash don't really fall into either of those categories. I mean, I understand that Metallica are the biggest metal act EVER, but I like to think of the little guy. Also consider that without Joe Satriani, Metallica wouldn't even be a thing.

Bathyj2429d ago

Thats all fair enough.

I'm just saying, Im viewing this title not as a game but as a teaching aid. I recently just took up the guitar and I'm not looking to revolutionise the instrument.

I just want to learn to play songs I love.

ironwolf2429d ago

Looking forward to this. I have a house full of amps and guitars that need a good workout.

RoboRyan2429d ago

As soon as I saw this article, I thought how cool it would be if Rocksmith was able to get Led Zeppelin for DLC. Sure enough, you guys mentioned it. Probably among the most obvious answers, but it would be amazing.

Sidology2429d ago

I had written a list prior to writing this piece, and ended up dropping a few artists like Scorpions, Michael Schenker Group, U.F.O. and Uli Jon Roth's solo stuff as well.

And for some reason, I completely forgot to put Led Zeppelin on said initial list, and they ended up being more of an afterthought.

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