Eurogamer 2011 Hottest Sexiest Booth Babes

It’s that time again! We had the pleasure of attending Eurogamer 2011 and as a treat we have a collection of photos covering the hottest booth babes at the show! Although our main focus was gaming we could not help but notice the extreme HOTNESS at the show, especially at the Microsoft booths! Yes we know, we should not have been there, but if you were there you would totally understand!

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ATi_Elite2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

The Razer girls were Hot!!

PsVitaBuzz2335d ago

They certainly were! :-)

Slicer2334d ago

10 of my favourite things about booth babes....

malol2334d ago

this proof that EU girls are hotter that US girls
since all you see in US based event are ugly cosplayes

Sugreev20012334d ago

The girl wearing the 'World of Tanks' T-shirt was gorgeous.

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