Xbox 360, PS3 – HD DVD & Blu Ray killer?

High-definition movies and television programmes will be coming soon to an Xbox 360 near you, and may just solve the problem of choosing between the Blu Ray and HD DVD disc formats by picking neither.

Windows client business manager Mike Hughes said that Xbox Live Marketplace's high-definition film and programme downloading service should be coming to Europeans 'pretty soon' and in the meantime has been doing extremely well in the US where it was launched just over a year ago.

Hughes told "Content is moving away from the container: eventually high-definition content is going to move onto the internet more and more.

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INehalemEXI4042d ago

This service has already been going on for folks in US so if it was going to kill blu-ray and HD DVD it would of done so by now, no ?

Main problem with this idea is the high cost of 360 HDD's IMO its not really consumer friendly at this point. My 360 HDD is full as it is and theres no way im paying for 1 of those 120 gb HDD's Thats a rip off.

wil4hire4042d ago

The quality pales in comparison to an HD-DVD disc.

Its like the "HD" Compressed crap quality from time-warner's On demand service.

ravinash4041d ago

If I want to watch movies like how their saying, I'd get pay-per-view TV.
This is the only service I expect would be effected by this.

sonarus4042d ago

agreed. the high def you get from dwnloading on xbox is not the same quality AT ALL. Digital media is definetly the more convenient option but i still see it as more of an alternative it will be a while before digital media distribution can dominate disc based media IMO. Even if digital media were to dominate it wouldnt be because of the xbox 360. If digital media is victorious it would be off the computer and not the 360

the worst4042d ago

but people would like the disc

Danja4042d ago

yeh like ppl are actually gonna buy a 360 to watch HI-DEF movies..and we have the PS3..which does it alot better..!!..and the PS3 will also be getting HI-DEF downloads soon...

mikeslemonade4042d ago

As small as the hd format war is, the downloadable service market for movies is even smaller. The 360 and especially the PS3 are at the top items that force people to adopt hdtvs and high def players because you get both a high def movie player and a game machine for as low as $400. Then you spend the extra money for a rental service like Netflix for movies because movies are still too expensive to buy or download. And there's hardly any ads if any for these downloadble services. My guess is less 10% percent of 360 owners actually know there is a movie service where you can rent a download. Also there's not enough content in the store. The selection of movies is even smaller than HD format software which is already smaller compared to dvds.

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The story is too old to be commented.