Naughty Dog: Sometimes we talk about going back to Crash Bandicoot & Jak & Daxter

Naughty Dog on Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter - "Sometimes we talk about whether we might go back to them.”

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dangert122548d ago

Honestly I doubt you do when you say you only do a series a generation or if you do you talk about going back in the upcoming gen?..personally I wish you never had such system one series per gen I loved ND'S Crash and j&d games so to did i love uncharted but too much one is a killer man like i like uncharted 1&2 three looks like game of the year contender but im not in a rush to get it because im not that excited Its just more uncharted at this point =/ id love for some one else to pick up j&d for the fans sake

Abash2548d ago

Come on Naughty Dog, please make at least one last epic Jak & Daxter game! Jak 4 after Uncharted 3 please, then you can focus on a new IP and Uncharted next gen

egidem2548d ago

Agreed! This gen could use one good Jak & Daxter game. Let's hope that the game is secretly already in the works.

fluffydelusions2548d ago

I would love another Crash Bandicoot game. This was my first game for PS1.

_Aarix_2548d ago

That and crash team racing. The seconds my favorite.

Lazy_Sunday2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

J&D and Jak 2 were probably what got me interested in the games industry--I loved the artwork and gameplay mechanics, the drastic change in gameplay aesthetics--almost everything about those two games. In fact, I loved them so much, it actually led me to want to become a game dev. Though the chances of actually leading development on a game are quite slim, I'm going to school for game development--hopefully someday I'll get the chance in this hell of an industry, even if it is a self produced indy *fingers crossed*.

theonlylolking2548d ago

I like their 1 ip each gen. That means they can focus on that one franchise and end up making it legendary like crash and Jak.

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pedrami912548d ago

If they could atleast make HD-port Jak 1-2-3 for the PS3/Vita.

raytraceme2548d ago

That would be a WASTE of naughty dog resources sony already has a studio that does remakes.

UltraVegito2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

crash badicoot+jak and daxter on the vita....make the ultimate combo happen

iamnsuperman2548d ago

Crash bandicoot is great and all but I think Naught Dog has surpassed this. Uncharted isn't just about great gameplay but has great storytelling. Crash is more of a fun type of game. UC is more serious

_Aarix_2548d ago

Yea cause we all know the most fun games are serious /s. Though heavy rain was fun and serious hhhmmm...

Quagmire2547d ago

I dont know. It wasnt really fun in the general sense. Yes I wanted to play the game, but not because of the gameplay (if that can be called gameplay), but because of its dark depressing story.

It was enjoyable in the sense its enjoyable to watch Se7en or Schindler's List, in that it doesnt make you laugh or feel good, but makes you sad and depressed which makes such a long-lasting and significant impact on you.

Hope Cage continues to make those experiences.

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The story is too old to be commented.