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The Binding of Isaac (PC/Mac) Review - GoozerNation.com

It doesn't take more than a few seconds to recognize that The Binding of Isaac has an art style reminiscent of indie darling, and my personal GOTY for 2010, Super Meat Boy. That's because one-half of Team Meat, designer/artist Edmund McMillen, is leading the show.

The easiest way to describe Isaac is to say that it's one-part The Legend of Zelda, one-part dual-stick shooter like Smash TV, with the gore-adorable art style of Super Meat Boy. (Edmund McMillen, PC, The Binding of Isaac) -

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"Sure, you may be offended by the context of the story, but let's be honest...you are already aware that these titles games are created by smaller groups of people, who don't have to conform to the restrictions that non-independent studios have to."

Binding of Isaac just used relgious symbols in a negative light. It's like saying red alert's use of Kane and the mythology that surrounds him as a basis for a villain means they must be anti-religious!

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