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One-Shot Kill Snipers, Weapon Damage and More - BF3 Beta Issues To Be Fixed

On top of noticing how gorgeous the game looks, you've probably already noticed a number of bugs and glitches like the glitched terrain, the perma-blue screen after respawning, or the inability to aim down sights. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Criminal  +   1218d ago
I'm glad that the final version will different than what we're playing now. The game is truly amazing and with some fixes it could be the best multiplayer experience of the year.
iamnsuperman  +   1218d ago
You just got to hope this build is much earlier than ones they have now and are just stress testing because its a bit of a bug fest. They have all ready confirmed it is impossible to fix all bugs. Just hope they priorities the bugs because they haven't got long
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Criminal  +   1218d ago
As long as they fix the map hole, "blue screen palette", and reload animation bugs, I'm happy. I think they mentioned somewhere that the beta is a month behind the full version, so there's hope!
Crystallis  +   1218d ago
Yea same here. The game is a blast to play even with the issues. If they can have a smooth launch with most of the issues fixed then this game will be steller.
DaTruth  +   1218d ago
That sight thing happened to me! I just threw a grenade and it went back to normal!

Edit: I find I rarely get hit and don't die or rarely hit anyone and don't kill them! It seems like it comes down to who sees who first! I don't know if they should fix it, because I hate unloading a clip in someone and then watching them run off or kill me with a one-hit weapon! But getting killed so fast leaves me unable to tell WTH happened or where I was hit from with no possibility of running, ducking, striking back or avoiding death in any way!
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Mister_V  +   1218d ago
I'm really happy about the whole sniper rifle thing... I seriously thought everyone was just THAT good and that I was being shot in the head ALL the time. Either that or everyone had aim-bots. Anyways, good to know.
Nate-Dog  +   1218d ago
Same, I got killed by one guy in one alley 3 times in a row with one shot even with me running left and right, was wondering what was going on.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1218d ago
But why would they have Alpha build when this is a Beta? This isn't the alpha were all in. I'm with one of you about this being a stress test the most.. which they've already failed yesterday with the 360 being down for hours at a time.. but I'm a bit worried. There's not much time for this game, and I'm sure they're being stamped and printed right now.

IT's going to be one hell of a huge patch day 1 i'm thinking. Or I smell a delay.
DaTruth  +   1218d ago
Failing a stress test is likely a server problem, so even if the game was stamped and printed yesterday, they would still have plenty of time to fix it!
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cyborg6971  +   1218d ago
I agree its fun and I love it. But the biggest issue ie the inability to squad up with friends. For a game that preaches teamwork you'd think getting a squad of friends together would work.
Dart89  +   1218d ago
Only be killed a few times with a one shot from snipers but other than that the beta is very addicting.

RPK kicks ass:D.

OT:Glad they're balancing weapons but ive never encountered one that's overpowered they all seem good to me.
Criminal  +   1218d ago
It is addicting! The RPK didn't do it for me, I'm really enjoying the engineer kit.
Mister_V  +   1218d ago
I did find a problem where I felt like I was only being hit with one bullet before I died from any weapon. I know that they probably put a few bullets in me and for them, everything was fine. But, It sometimes doesn't register for me.
JsonHenry  +   1218d ago
^^ That is called lag. You probably got peppered but only noticed the last shot.
bigboss911  +   1218d ago
My only problem is that you can't choose hardcore. Also shotguns are a blast. No pun intended.
JsonHenry  +   1218d ago
Yeah man, I can't wait till I can play in hardcore mode.
Criminal  +   1218d ago
I'm stoked for hardcore mode too, but I was wondering is anyone looking forward to TDM?

Personally, I couldn't care less about it. Rush is my favorite mode.
bigboss911  +   1218d ago
TDM is the best way to test Weapon loadouts and learning a section of a map without being a detriment to your teams objective. Also good way to warm up after playing another game.
Undeadwolfy  +   1218d ago
The shotguns are great, or at least, im great with them lol. But one thing that has been infuriating me is that there are times where the enemy will see me first, ill get one close or far range shot, doesnt matter, and sure he'll kill me, understandable long range, but when I look at his health, it will be 100%. When its point blank range in the face he should die, but ill get killed by his rpk or assault rifle and he'll still have 100%. Ill see the hit marker and blood come from his head. Its very frustrating, its obviously lag but I hope its not like this in the full game. It happens so often that I feel like abandoning the shotgun even though im good with it.

BC2 wasnt like this. Sometimes ill also get killed when I run behind a wall and there for like a second. Once again, this happened rarely in BC2 but seems more common in this beta. Very frustrating.

Also, does anybody find the range on the defibrilators pathetic? You have to literally sit on your team mate and zap him in order to revive him rather than in BC2 where you could be like a foot away from the body. I almost dont want to revive my teammates cos I know if I run out and try to revive one, (which doesnt always work even when you are on the body) ill get killed straight away.
Hufandpuf  +   1218d ago
Shotguns are amazing but make the firerate a little lower lol I can clear a room without them knowing what happened. Amazing game btw, some of my cod friends have jumped over to battlefield and are eating their words lol
SH0CKW4VE  +   1218d ago
And that is the direct advantage of shotguns right there......they excell at clearing out rooms but arent so good at distance unless equiped with slugs.

SO NO lets NOT nerf the only strong point of the shotguns.

BTW One hit snipers is how it was in BF2, It is truer to BF2 gameplay because this game is a DIRECT SEQUAL. This is NOT BAD Company 3 like so many of you want it to be, this is real BF, adapt or die, either that or add COD to your christmas list your wasting your time on BF and by that I mean the true BF.
Hufandpuf  +   1217d ago
BF2 did NOT have 1 kill snipers. you had to get a headshot. Only the M95 could do close to 1 hit kills. And if you think IM A COD PLAYER, IM NOT. I've played every BF game made and I still play BF2 today.
TopDudeMan  +   1218d ago
I don't know, as far as I'm concerned one shot is enough with the snipers. I mean, for a sniper rifle bullet, if you get hit with that once, you might not die immediately but your military career is over. Watch this video showing the penetration through steel plates from distance etc.

Related video
DarthBigE  +   1218d ago
yea there needs to be a couple of spots where if you get hit its one hit kill because otherwise the bolt action sniper rifle is pointless because it takes way to long to reload an enemy gets away
andslasher123  +   1218d ago
I don't know if this only happened to me but every time I spawn I can't sprint for s few seconds and then starts sprinting am Hoping am not the only one.
Mister_V  +   1218d ago
^ This happens to me too many-a-times. Wasn't sure if my thumb stick was broken or if it was just the game. Hmm.
DarthBigE  +   1218d ago
happens to me too
just let go of analog stick and try again
Fil101  +   1218d ago
I got a double headshot kill with the sv98, 1 bullit from quite a distance which kinda shocked me and worsed inacruate weapon in the game for me is the pp2000 absolute bullshit the range it's got is stupid.
ToKiiNz  +   1217d ago
I had a quad no scope with the sv98 and the m16 is overpowered it kills me in 11 shot and the sniper unlocked after the sv98 isnt a 1 shot 1 kill in the chest im not buying it
grahf  +   1218d ago
I'm not impressed. I just can't get over where spawn points are located and having to run a minute to get to some action. Thats what killed Brink for me.
Beta deleted, pre-order refunded. Guess it just isn't my thing. Oh, and the article starts with "On top of noticing how gorgeous the game looks"... He must not be playing the X360 version. If I had an awesome gaming PC my opinion would probably be different.
zeksta  +   1218d ago
Oh look, a troll.. *Bubbles down*
No Way  +   1218d ago
@grahf -
The game (even for being a beta) looks astounding, especially on consoles.
The game looks brilliant, and I don't understand why people still complain..
Stop being so damn picky, about everything. It could look a helluva lot worse.
And, if you have a problem with spawn points, then play as a Recon soldier..
You could simply go find a good spot and throw down a 'tactical insertion.'

Stop whining.
Oldman100  +   1218d ago
They really need to fix the defibrillators. In my experience they rarely work. I go up to a body that needs reviving, use the difibs and nothing happens. Kinda frustrating if you ask me.
No Way  +   1218d ago
@Oldman100 -
I agree, sometimes I hafta use the defibrillators two or three times to revive someone.
And, often, having to use it two or three times gets me killed, or they respawn..
peowpeow  +   1218d ago
Agreed, it hardly ever works if I run to a body and defib. I have to atleast crouch to get it working
theEx1Le  +   1218d ago
Use L1 to charge them first
Convas  +   1218d ago
Man despite the problems and my various anger at DICE/EA over some of these issues, I'm still getting it day one. I'm having so much fun with it.

Last game I played was Defenders. Went 70-36 with the UMP with Flash Suppressor and Holosights.

The amount of unlocks is staggering for these guns! And I notice that single fire mode and timing my shots nets me more kills than full automatic with the M16.
No Way  +   1218d ago
The only problems I've encountered is sometimes I won't spring and sometimes can't aim.
Though, in order for me to start sprinting again, I just need to stop moving for a second.
And, for the aim problem, I've noticed that you can just swap weapons quickly and it'll work.
trenso1  +   1218d ago
I can't sign into to battlelog idk why so um if anyone can post this for me it would help so the bugs I noticed that were on this list was the gun pdw-r has a reload animation glitch imyou get it at level mid 30s. It will take longer than it's supposed to reload and doesn't even put the clip in the gun o hope they also address the squad seeing as I can't join with my friends and I also am having trouble finding a way to change my dog tags
SITH  +   1218d ago
I got a feeling Bf3 will be delayed. It will be amazing if they fix these issues by the end of the month.
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