Sony halves fees for PlayStation 3 software development

Sony halved the fees it charges for a software development kit for the PlayStation 3 video game machine Monday to encourage outside designers to make more games for the struggling console.

Sony Corp.'s gaming unit, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., said prices for the development package for the PlayStation 3 will be reduced
to US$10,250 in North America, 950,000 yen (US$8,600; ¤5,900) in Japan and ¤7,500 (US$11,250) in Europe.

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wil4hire4047d ago

Was the Xbox360 desperate 1 year after release, with only Oblivion and Gears to show for it AAA wise? And 5 million units sold?

It's the first damn year of the console. In Two years, it will be at the same exact place the 360 is.. if it manages to sell the bare minimum of ps3 units.. you know.. since the ps3 has no games.. yet managed to still sell 6 million 400-600 dollar units. Now it does have games..

ruibing4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

The PS3's problem is the PS2's success. I've only bought R&C and Uncharted so far because I've been buying a lot of PS2 games like Tekken, Soul Calibur, FF, and so many more.

I really wish these articles would stop being flame baits by attaching negative words like "struggling" to the PS3. That's like some anti-MS post that refers to 360 as "refurbs".

What really amazes me is how fast these flame baits attract 360 and anti-Sony (which are often one and same) fans. They are like a pack of circling vultures just waiting for another article like this to drop by so they can speak their mind about the same issue with the same arguments to the same audience for the hundredth time.

trane0074047d ago

You damn idiots never fail to say something stupid. Cutting price isn't called desperation.

gamesR4fun4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

but you cant deny it Sony's pulling all the right moves.

blacsheep4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

realisin their earlier arrogance was due to earlier success with the ps2 and now understanding consumers are not loyal to companies or hardware but are loyal to GAMES thats why we buy consoles.

i applaud sony because they now mean business in getting their dominance back and looking at their sales since they introduced the 40g ps3 and 2008's line up of stellar games who would be stupid to bet against them?

microsoft be very afraid

Enigma_20994047d ago

A "gimped" $99 HD-DVD player...

THAT'S desperate.

fredy4046d ago

A "gimped" $399 PS3...

THAT'S desperate

Enigma_20994046d ago

... and you honestly think it's as crippled as the Toshiba HD-DVD player?

Don't make me bring up the 360... that won't even PLAY movies without an upgrade... remember?

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N4GayFanturds4047d ago

I need to sell these consoles, devs. Free BR Movies for you and your families. Please help me! I'm a big has been. I used to rule the gaming industry last gen and now I'm begging for help. I cut the price down 3x already. What else can I do?!!

Danja4047d ago

HAHA it's funny you can Label the PS brand a has been when it's outselling the 360 in every other country except NA...

and why not throw the devs some free Blu Ray movies huh...I mean M$ is bribing them with money left , right and center ..paying off sites..and reviewers to praise the pleasefixme 3 sh!tty

P4KY B4047d ago

10 free Blu-rays
3 price drops
A large slice of humble pie.

wil4hire4047d ago

6 million PS3's sold in 1 year screams of desperation?

FirstknighT4047d ago

5.5 million sold. But the main kicker is that Sony's main guns isn't selling well. HS, Lair, Folklore, R$C, Eye of Judgement, and all the multiplatform games have sold horrible. That's why you see Developers giving up on the ps3. Monster Hunter 3 going to the Wii is a perfect example. While the 360's first year had about 8 games that sold well over a million by the first year. That's where it counts and that's why the 360 has a better first year than the ps3.

jackfatal4047d ago

they are ps3 knifes and daggers!!
the main guns start with uncharted and next year games;)
good luck to ur 360!!

wil4hire4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I hate to break it to you, but Lair/HS/Eye Of Judgement weren't the must-buy-system-sellers for the console.Niche titles can never do what Metal Gear/Gran TUrismo/FInal Fantasy/Ratchet & Clank can do. Seriously as a gamer, how could either of those titles FLOOR gamers & casual buyers to flock out to stores and buy the gamesystem.

For christ sakes you mentioned a ONLINE CARD GAME.

I know you Xbots love to think that Sony dropped the biggest titles and they flopped.. but they didn't. Worldwide HS/Lair are selling fine for unknown IP's.

Capcom doesn't speak for all developers. If so, Then "Developers" think that the PS3 is easy to develop for.. and is a great tool, and they will start using it as their lead system. So says the creators of COD4/Unreal.

see what I did there?

Your point about the 360 having a "better" year is subjective. Sticking to #'s, there is no difference. The argument is that - - - since when is 5.6 million units an epic tragedy. In business, you plan for two years at LEAST. I'd say at the minimum.. The only way to compare the two systems would be to compare both at the two year mark. NOT the one year mark. If anything, the 360 is a tragedy for still being in competition with a BLURAY player according to Microsofts PR team.

"Developers giving up on the ps3."

What Developers plural? IIRC Lost Planet is making its way to the ps3, as is Street Fighter, Resident Evil.. and Monsters for the PSP.

So in the real world.. the world of truth:

The PS3 makes amazing games that cant be done on the 360- See Gametrailers Review of Uncharted.

DEV's find the PS3 no more difficult to develop for- See Infinity Wards comments.

Developers aren't leaving the PS3. See Lost Planet/Resident Evil.

Does Microsoft pay you to make stuff up?


You are arguing Semantics. How about $500.00 dollars USD via Paypalto find a credible news source that says "THE PS3 HAS HAD A TERRIBLE FIRST YEAR." As you are claiming it did. You clearly have absolutely no awareness of what a business plan is, let alone a successful year to SONY means. If you did the comparison wouldn't be between the PS3 and the 360, no. It would be between the Wii and all of the other systems it has left in the dust. So because Xbots think that the PS3 had a bad year, Sony should pack-up and exit the game arena.

You have no rebuttals for any of the accusations you have made. I'm not forgetting the fact that you said developer's are running away from the PS3. WHICH DEVELOPERS AGAIN?!

If you blatantly LIE about "facts" like that, why should anyone listen to any of the drivel that you spew on a day to day basis here?

You are like the entire Xbot community on this site. Power of Green is at least funny at times, but the man/boy/woman has intellect. You lack any sense of being able to make a coherent argument.

You literally just garbled up all of the latest xbot-anti-ps3-spam.. and spewed it out. I trounced every single one of your idiotic statements to leave you saying that I have to ignore 2008 to make a fair 2 year vs 2 year argument. As much sense as that DOESN'T make.. I'll go ahead and ignore a solid 2 year vs 2 year comparison.

If 5.6 Million units SOLD without any MAJOR games or Good Multiplats is terrible, then 6 million units for the 360 its first year is what? Abysmal? I am trying, I really am trying to find your logic here.

Its sad that you are unable to afford both systems, it really is. I bet you are even missing out on Crysis. But its no reason to make yourself out to be a total douchebag that has invested his pathetic ego entirely into a piece of hardware with a 30% failure rate. Yes it has games, as does the PS3.

Ask yourself this, where was the Dreamcast when the PS2 came around the corner? Which system had more games.. more sales... more users? Now Ask yourself which unit is still around today?

I hope that you one day you will be able to get a job, and enjoy all of the games in the industry.

You want newer successful games? Try Uncharted, Ratchet, Resistance, Warhawk, Motorstorm, COD4, and Oblivion on for size.

FirstknighT4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I'm talking about ps3's main guns in 2007. You guys are talking about 2008. Now you mentioned the ps3's first year and that's what we're talking about here. Not 2008. So if you look at what the ps3 has done in 2007 with its multiple price cutts and horrible software sales, you can see why the word desperation is used alot. You sony boys always talk about FF, MGS, or GT. How about some newer successful games like Gears of War, Bioshock, Dead Rising, Crackdown, etc... So again.... Wiiforhire, you mentioned why you think the ps3 had a successful FIRST year well I just told you why they didn't. Don't try to use 2008 to cover the fact that the ps3 had a horrible first year.

The Wood4047d ago

pity some people forget the 360 only had the ps2 and gamecube to compete against for a year. Its staggering how short sited some people are like they have a severe case of 'now'tism and looking ahead is pointless because the world will cease to exist at the end of the year.

The tide has already turned I feel. Mass effect is the last MAIN title that the 360 has in the NEAR future. The more casual gamers will decide this battle and the ps3 has the edge on variety of games. Im talking singstar, buzz, pseye games, timecrisis, guitar hero/rockband, Eye of judgement, motion control games plus the usual driving run n gun, fps/tps sports, puzzle etc.

bubbles for you.

Figboy4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

that ownage was so hard i almost reached into the internets and threw in the towel for First Knight.

he's been on my ignore list for ages now, so i have idea what he said to make you own him so hard, but i'm sure he deserved it. plus bubbles for you.

i don't even need to post anything on this thread, since you've said everything i was going to say anyway.

fredy4046d ago

your confused because you can't do your math..

6 million Ps3..haha

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Gordii4047d ago

Get your xbox360 A$s out of this Thread and everyone else this for ps3 owners do you see us going on your Xbox360 Threads. Thank you.

I think its quite a good idea to be honest and its one of the best marketing idea's any Company can make weather it be SONY Nintendo or Microsoft. That being said Lets see if there are companies willing to take the chance on the PS3 i will be waiting for ya's :)

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