Kotaku Preview: The Joker Dies in the First Act of Arkham City (Or Does He?)

Now, okay. Do keep in mind that this is "Comic Book Death" we're talking about here, which is only slightly above "Anime Death" in terms of "deaths that don't really count". But sad to say, it does look as though very early on in Batman: Arkham City, the J-man will bite the big one, and we'll spend the majority of the game free from his jolly jeers.

Warning: Demo spoilers at the source

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NukaCola2215d ago

Warning: Demo spoilers at the source

WARNING: Spoilers in the headlines. Why the hell would you even mention anything to ruin or spoil this game Kotaku?

DatNJDom812215d ago

What a bunch of pricks. Spoiling the game like that. If I was Rocksteady I'll blacklist any site that publishes anything like that. This is so unprofessional. This is why kotaku is a shitty site. Let the players play the game and see for themselves. Nowgamer is guilty for it as well. BRAVO video game journalism BRAVO!!!

MrDead2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I hope this article dies very soon, who approves these?? I would have liked that to have been a surprise.

jut4202215d ago

Kotaku is the worst gaming site around. I wish people would stop visiting them so they could just die out. I can't even read the article to defend or attack them because I don't want the game ruined. The title does enough of that on it's own

ryhanon2215d ago

I understand the dislike for Kotaku in general, but in this particular case I don't think they're to blame. This was something Rocksteady specifically asked the press to report on (Kotaku is definitely not the only one, I've seen it on at least three other sites so far). Sure, Kotaku could have chosen not to do so, but when all of the press at this event was shown the same thing, Kotaku not reporting on this would have just been weird.

In this case, as with most of the spoilers for this game so far, the blame lies squarely with Rocksteady. I just hope the things they've chosen to spoil about this game so far are virtually inconsequential in the grand scheme of the games storyline (though I don't really see how this could be).

MrDead2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Kotaku and Nowgamer could have run with a title Major Batman Plot Spoiler Inside, and let us choose to find out what that news was.

ryhanon2215d ago

@ MrDead

Yeah, I guess that's true. I suppose it makes sense to direct some of the rage and fury in the direction of Kotaku and others that chose to run with such a headline. You make a fair point.

Still though, I'm more irritated with Rocksteady. They've spoiled so much about this game so far that I imagine as I'm playing it I'll just be thinking "I wonder when I'm going to bump into Penguin" followed by "I wonder when I'm going to bump into Mr. Freeze" followed by "I wonder when I'm going to bump into Two-Face" followed by "I wonder when I'm going to bump into Cat Woman" followed by... oh, you get the idea.

My point is, in the first game it was more like "OMG! That's Mr. Freeze's cell! I wonder if I'm going to have to fight him that would be awesome" or "OMG! That's Poison Ivy! I wonder if I'm going to have to fight her!" etc etc... I had no idea what characters were in the game or what ones I'd have to fight/interact with. It made for a great feeling of discovery and anticipation and surprise. I don't see how Arkham City will be able to capture those same feelings when I already know most of what I'm going to experience.

jut4202215d ago


I think it's pretty dumb of both Rocksteady and Kotaku to share this info with the public, but IMO, the majority of the blame lies with Kotaku (and Nowgamer, who also had an equally revealing title, which I didn't see before first coming into this article), for the revealing title. They should have let us know their article had a spoiler inside and let us choose if we wanted to see it as MrDead said. I had no choice. Once I read it, there was no turning back. They do stuff like this pretty often though...this isn't a first time occurrence. It's like they actually try to ruin things just to say they were first.

christoph2032215d ago

if kotaku spoil one more game they will probably get a serious case against the site..

Oldman1002215d ago

Lol i swear i seen a similar article close by...

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