Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Konami Reveals New Bundles, Preorders Begin

Konami has begun to take preorders for Metal Gear Solid HD and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and has also revealed new bundles along with exclusive bonus items.

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chickens2424d ago

any idea if any of these are available for the uk? im interested in the headphone package. thanks

Agent_00_Revan2424d ago

These look great. Now I understand why they split up the collection in Japan. I'll probably have to pick these up.

Can't get to the site on my phone, can anyone tell me how much these sets are? in dollars would be appreciated.

trikster402424d ago

It's a Japanese site. just average 100 yen = $1

regular editions = 4482 yen (roughly $45)
premium editions = 9980 yen (roughly $100)
style premium editions = 14980 yen (roughly $150)

kingPoS2424d ago

The gold look better on the ps3 ver (clear cases FTW)

solidboss2424d ago

so this is only in japan? no special editions for the u.s?

trikster402423d ago

Wow, you know what's weird? I can find that item by following your link, but you cant find it just by searching for it...

solidsnake2222423d ago

I know, I had the same problem. Found this link on an article here at n4g.

solidboss2423d ago

i love mgs but jesus christ 30 more dollars for an artbook?