Nier 2 Announcement Coming?

The Executive Producer for Nier tweeted several times yesterday hinting that a big announcement coming this Friday. What is the announcement, Gaming Unwrapped thinks they know.

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WildArmed2363d ago

How Nier ended... hmm i guess we could have a sequel.
I wonder if they'll import.. oh wait that's right. They erased all my data lol ^^

I loved NIER, great story.

Looking forward to this, but I doubt it is true :(


i thought that the company that originally made this game shut down?
either way, if this is true then that would be nice.

jc485732363d ago

you know how it is. if this company can't do it, then they find another developer.

hintonmj2363d ago

Yeah, Nier was surprisingly engrossing. The story was fantastic, and even the grinding, if you bothered to do it, was very zen and satisfying.

Ryo-Hazuki2363d ago

Its not a new Nier game. Its a Nier concert

Lord_Sloth2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I wanted Replicant...

Hicken2363d ago

Replicant would be amazing. Better yet, Replicant + a new game.

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