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Episode 72: Isaac… Isaac! Where Are You? (JPS)

Xeserox of Just Press Start writes:

"The second episode of our double header is a bit different from what we normally do. Yes, we have a special guest, and we ask him lots and lots of questions, but you might not want the kids around for this episode. The language in this episode does get a bit strong.

We are joined by Edmund McMillen, on the eve of the release of his new game, The Binding of Isaac. Jeff and I ask many questions about his new game. Jeff learns about Indie Game: The Movie that is coming out. We end up getting a wealth of knowledge about how emotionally draining it can be before one of these developers launches a game.

Enjoy this one!" (Edmund McMillen, PC, Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac)

Xeserox  +   1275d ago
Absolutely awesome interview! Not only do you get a deep look into the creative process behind the game, you also get what goes through the mind of an indie developer right before their game launches!

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