Mechwarrior reboot news coming soon

Fans of the BattleTech universe can get excited, as developer Piranha Games is announcing that news about their MechWarrior reboot will be coming very soon. The game is being advised by Jordan Weisman of Smith & Tinker and co-founder of the BattleTech / MechWarrior IP.

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bumnut1759d ago

Mechwarrior was awesome back in the day, except for the arena one.

darthv721759d ago

mechassault? Which do you prefer?

I like the pick up and play simplicity of mechassault. Its still part of the mechwarrior universe and surprising MS never made a 360 version.

Come to think of it.......why has there not been a new crimson skies? That would be a great multiplayer game to have.

bumnut1759d ago

Crimson Skies was very good too, I'd like to see a new one.


JonahFalcon1759d ago

I liked the BattleTech RTS, too.

Saryk1759d ago

Best series I have ever played. Will be on my buy list without a doubt!

Triggs1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Oh wow, I'd likely buy a flightstick, throttle, and pedals if the developers do Mechwarrior properly!

evrfighter1759d ago

Its going multiplat. This series its doomed to be a console port

JonahFalcon1759d ago

It's being lead developed on the PC. The reason there is a 360 version is that it's an easy DirectX port.

tarbis1759d ago

I was a fan of mech warrior back in the 486 days. Wish I can find a copy of the old game.
I just wonder how they're gonna reboot the series.

EVO-OM3GA1759d ago

Saw the teaser Trailer for this about a year or 2 ago, finally gonna get some more news on it cant wait!

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