Was Assassin's Creed doomed from the beginning?

Fans and certain sections of the media are going wild with Assassin's shortcomings. Some have conveniently bashed the game up on its visual front. But the question would like to address is the fact how everyone overlooked these so called glitches and issues with the game when they played it time and again, not once did they find anywhere that any website/journal had actually written anything such as this, present in the game.

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gamesR4fun4042d ago

This game proves it beyond a doubt look at all the so called big named reviewers who didnt mention a single glitch. bs plain and simple

wil4hire4042d ago

I think our trusted "Review" Society really needs to be examined.

Reviewers have had their hands on this title from day one.. Instead of geting bj's from Jade Raymond perhaps they could have reported how repetitive the gameplay is.. how GLITCHED the close to final builds of the game were.. how beyond the pale retarded the AI is etc.

More and more I'm starting to think that these sites are ran by unprofessional teenagers.

I mean, the interviews are beyond retarded with these people.. The same questions asked by every site...

It really makes me miss the days of Print magazines...

I mean those were businesses, with reputations at stake. Now online reviewers can be anyone that drives traffic to their site. No integrity.

Here im goign to sum up all of the reviews for the next year..

Amazing exclusive PS3 titles...: 8-9.1
any 360 title: 9.6-11/10.

Lord Cheese4041d ago

sorry, i cant agree that reviews have some sort of M$ bias. The fact is, there are far more games on the 360, and they've had much more time to write them and perfect them - its only natural that the results are slightly better. Not only that, m$ have almost shot their entire load in terms of big titles for the system already - whats coming next year thats really anticipated? Halo wars and Ninja Gaiden 2, thats about it. The fact is, if you look at the big games that have come out exclusively for the ps3, you've got: (i own all but one of these)

Resistance - ok, but not particularly innovative
Ratchet & clank - very good fun, but far too easy
Heavenly Sword - fun but flawed combat system and too short
Warhawk - i'll defer to someone else here, but i could never get a game on the darn thing, and it seems very limited when i just decided to fire up a lan game to have a look-see
Uncharted - not played it, but it looks somewhat derivative to me.

(Sorry if i missed anything!)

Compare to that the number of games out on the 360, and its no wonder there are a few higher scoring titles on there. I'm sure you'll find that the average review for a 360 game is very close to the ps3, because theres far more dross on there too. I'm sure, given a few more months, when the big releases start hitting the ps3 more regularly (MGS4, GT5, God of war 3, FFXIII etc etc) that they'll get the reviews they deserve. I'm sure you'll recall it took a long time for 360 games to really start getting top reviews - the first really top game on the system was gears of war, over a year after the system was released. I own both a ps3 and a 360, and i'm confident that eventually i will have just as many great games to play on my ps3 as my 360.

Topshelfcheese4041d ago


I would rather have a game that has zero reviews below 8/10 than a game that has 10's and 6's mixed in. The 8-9 game you know is good cause zero reviewers have given it a poor score. We need to get away from this anything under a 9/10 average isn't a AAA title. Uncharted proves that by being universally accepted by reviews as being great.


I agree with you to an extent, but the simple fact is, there is yet to be a game that deserves a 10/10. Reviewers have been throwing them around like candy this last year. As too your point of Ratchet and Clank, they have always been easy, They are more about having fun with the crazy weapons and enjoying the funny moments in the cut-scenes etc. Not every game needs a one-shot kill difficulty, I beat CoD4 on the highest level and that was hell on earth, and now I'm enjoying Uncharted on Hard, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the game, much like Mario Galaxy, ridiculously easy, but fun.

SuperSaiyan44041d ago

I dont know why the hell people are slagging this game off, this game is fantastic on visuals and gameplay!

I have completed it and have 810 achievemant points as well.

I was soo hooked on this game the last time i was that hooked when i played KOTOR!! This game is a 8/10 in my books and leaves me wanting more!

P4KY B4041d ago

But so far I can say that I have never seen better animation.
The graphics are impressive too.

I haven't seen a single glitch yet. But if i do its not going to spoil the game for me.

UnblessedSoul4041d ago

The game isn't that good doing the same thing over and over again can really piss you off I give it 8/10

SabreMan4041d ago

you summed it up perfectly by your score

you say in your opinion the game isn't that good but you still give an 8

if a game isn't that good i would call it average so surely a game that isn't that good should be a 6 at most.
I am not having a go at you here i just feel you highlight what is wrong with the whole review system atm.
An 8 should be a good must have title a nine should be a stunning must have title etc etc

I have only played past the first Assassination as i can't stop playing Cod4 but i have experienced no problems with the game so far and imo it's an 8 a good must have title

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