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Battlefield 3 open beta launch times

The launch times (or launch window) for the upcoming open/public Battlefield 3 beta. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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gogospeedracer  +   1279d ago
I can't wait!
just_looken  +   1279d ago
FYI 2 all if you search battlefield in the ps store and scroll down you will see the beta but atleast in canada you cant access it usa can.Thought i pass along the information
BeAGamer  +   1279d ago
i searched Battlefield on my US Account - found the Beta, but it said:

"Can't be accessed on your account"

DeFFeR  +   1279d ago
^^ I got that about an hour ago (12 noon EST)

Now, my PS Store won't open - says it's "undergoing maintenance"

I have it for 360 - my first impressions are "wow, I hope these are alpha graphics"

You can be creeping up to a bush, and it'll just disappear, then reappear a few seconds later...

And there also seems to be a weird glitch where you can go prone in just a few "right spots" and completely disappear out of the visible map, but still be able to shoot - and in the view of your killer, he just appears UNDER the map.

The gameplay is good - I've heard a few times already "this definitely is a battlefield game" or some variant of it.

The game is fun, the graphics are "meh" and some people are already level 20+... even with 2 extra days, that's ridiculous.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1278d ago
played it....the beta isn't even on MW2's graphical level. Very fun though. It's just another shooter on the market trying to be recognized . Can't wait til around march, I'll get this around 20$.
Pacman321  +   1279d ago
Its out now on PS3 in the uk and Australian store! Go go go!
XxPURExX  +   1279d ago
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   1279d ago
Man this game is OVER HYPEEEEE there's nothing speical about it.
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SuspendedSphere  +   1279d ago
Yeah, who wouldn't be excited for the "Return" of the real battlefield? But lets face some facts, it looks better then other console and PC shooters, it sounds better then other shooters, it has amazing animations and I feel like my body actually weighs something. The shooting is satisfying and I'm sure the vehicle controls are still excellent.

So I guess with all that being said, we should be REALLY hard on the people getting hyped about the new CoD. What has changed in 8 years?
Ashby_JC  +   1279d ago
@ Killuminati

I would feel the same way based on the Open BETA ..but I KNOW better

The Beta has ZERO vehicles..and is one of the smaller maps.

Also it is a BETA so its gonna have issues.

Give the FULL retail version a rent and some time and if you dont like it then...cool. Just dont base BF on this limited MA they chose for the BETA :)
gogospeedracer  +   1279d ago
I played the BF3 beta on the 360. Seems a little buggy. Sounds are missing. Graphical glitches. Not a bad game but unpolished. Should be since it is a beta. Looks just like Battlefield 2.
Gray-Fox-Type0  +   1279d ago
playing it on the PS3 right now, and i can say one thing the graphics are terrible...it feels like bfbc2 or heck cant remember bfbc2 looking bad as this, the trees are terrible, the grass and textures are a pixalated mess, the player models are awful, and dissapointing the destruction seems toned down.

maybe judging too early and this is what i get from playing the beta.

Graphics are ps2 quality.

dice dissapointing on consoles. Killzone 3 just destorys it to pieces, and people wont even be able to run the game on PC with that sort of graphics dice advertised.
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Ashby_JC  +   1279d ago

You might want to go back and fire up your PS2 and then come back and retrack that "Graphics are PS2 Quality" Statement

K3...ok...a small game with limited player numbers and small ass maps. No vehicles...no strategie. give me a break.
DeFFeR  +   1279d ago

Have you played it?

The graphics aren't much better than Bad Company 1. I know it's in Beta, but still - it doesn't look as good as BFBC2... which it totally should, and I hope it will be on release day. I'll probably play it regardless, but I just hope that the graphical code for this beta is very old.
Aloren  +   1279d ago
Just tried it on 360. It's no PS2 game, but to be honest, most FPS that came out in the last 12 months looked better than that. I know it's alpha and all, but so far, I'm not impressed.
Deputydon  +   1279d ago
I think you're all insane if you think this game looks worse than BC2. Go back and pop in BC2, it was a jaggy mess.

Not too mention the beta builds generally are older builds. Do you really think they are going to release the final game with people falling through the ground? Doubt it. And they have already said there are graphical elements missing from the beta as well.

Personally I think turning a corner and being blinded by a flashlight is gorgeous. Even on the lessened console versions.
SuspendedSphere  +   1279d ago
If only I wasn't running the beta on two different machines, both with a mixture of Ultra and High settings. Then your theory about no one having a PC who could run the game would be semi accurate. It's not even high end hardware.

You should also try playing some PS2 shooters, you either never have or you have some memory issues.
Tripl3seis  +   1279d ago
ive been waiting for this for months cant wait to try it!!
Legion  +   1278d ago
I had an ad link to play Battlefied 3 on Live yesterday. Clicked on it and it showed -1 points to buy. Clicked on the buy option and it said I didn't have enough points and showed like 4 billion points plus to get it, then it had the little do you want to add points at the bottom. Wasn't sure I had enough in my bank to add that many points. ha
Tripl3seis  +   1278d ago
badvlad  +   1279d ago
I missplaced my early key i wanna play too ; (
Rearden  +   1279d ago
Hopefully we won't see a delay like with the 48hrs early access. Some who had "early access" still haven't gotten their keys -- me included :(
GOODKyle  +   1279d ago
It's worth the wait. Trust me.

Raiz  +   1279d ago
check out this guys... Exact timing for all region...

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cyborg47  +   1279d ago
what the hell?! what are you getting the disagrees for?
Thanks for the link anyway.
Calvin_ISA  +   1279d ago
Probably because whoever made the list doesn't know how to alphabetize? Lol. I dunno.
MiamiACR69  +   1279d ago
First come first serve. 3PJJ-GFTM-LUYM-WGGN-JSLW < PC EARLY BETA KEY!
St0  +   1279d ago
Apparently the open BF3 beta just went live on Xbox 360 according to a battlefieldo.com tweet


"The 360 marketplace is still updating, be patient young #BF3 Beta Padawans :)"
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lookintomyeyes   1279d ago | Spam
EmperorDalek  +   1279d ago
"Australia (AEST): 11 PM – 13 PM"

13 PM?
TheColbertinator  +   1279d ago
Didn't you hear? Australia has shattered the space time continuum.
EmperorDalek  +   1279d ago
At first I thought you were serious... Then I remembered my username...
DeFFeR  +   1279d ago
Yeah, they're on Neutrino Standard Time - it's faster than light, so they needed to add an extra hour.
younglj01  +   1279d ago
I live on tha East so do that mean I only have 2 hours too download tha beta if so im out of luck bc im going too b working.Guess I'll just stop by subway then damn my job for missing it ;(..........
leogets  +   1279d ago
i was diddapointed when it said europe 3pm as i was told 12 noon.then that lovely chappie sent the link for all regions and i was like 12 noon baby yeahhhhh ;P
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1279d ago
downloading Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait
loobtube  +   1279d ago
Yep search for battlefield 3 in the store,downloading it now in the uk
B00M  +   1279d ago
Cant wait. Will be downloading for PC. What's the official site to download it from and do I need to install origin now?
Maxned  +   1279d ago
Don't get your hopes up people... jesus what a disappointment
Pacman321  +   1279d ago
Im playing right now on PS3 and although its a buggy mess atm and graphics aren't amazing, the game is still very fun.
FunkMcnasty  +   1279d ago
I disagree that the beta was dissapointing, but I totally agree with your avatar. Jimi is my Jesus!!
Ashby_JC  +   1279d ago
Im REALLY liking what I played so far!!!

Because I know and HOPE lol. The retail version will be BETTER.

From my understanding isnt the BETA commpressed to allow for smaller Download times??

I can only see the BETA helpng and the FULL retail being that much better :)
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1279d ago
I WANT TO PLAY! Im a big fan of the battlefield series and have been playing since 1942! TRUE FAN!

Oh before all you newcomers come in, It's 1942. Not 1943 which was released on the PS Store and XBLA
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StayStatic  +   1279d ago
IIMMMM INNNN , downloadng now :D
evilbart  +   1279d ago
didnt think i'd like this game but 5 hours playtime now and lovin it definetely day one buy now
Ashby_JC  +   1279d ago
It takes getting used to if you never played ANY BF games.

IMAGINE how much better it will be when FULL retail hits. All the maps...vehicles....buildings to be destroyed...etc etc!!!!

Im liking the BETA so I KNOW I will LOVE the full game :)

To each his own...not all will like it. And some will blast it for the bugs etc..even though its a compressed beta DL.
XiaoSet  +   1279d ago
Well Halifax is wrong :P
It says 8AM, but it's 10:18AM now and still not allowed to download it.
"This content cannot be accessed on your account."
bub16  +   1279d ago
disagree with me all you want. but this game looks terrible on PS3, I was looking forward to this game. after playing 30 mins of the beta. im 100% not buying it and buying MW3, everybody says MW3 is MW2, well least i know ill like it, no different then spending £40 on the map packs
outlawlife  +   1279d ago
doesn't look good on xbox either and very glitchy

huge amounts of screen tear and weird blinking, buildings popping in and out....very distracting

definitely not a smooth experience

I played for an hour or so this morning and I came away rather unimpressed...dice should have worked on their game more instead of smearing other games
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DeFFeR  +   1279d ago
What do you mean by "blinking"?

I thought there was a glitch when I first entered the subway - I kept getting white and red flashes on my screen (are those the "blinking" you speaks ofs?) which just turned out to be guys scoping me (right before getting my head shot to pieces...)
No Way  +   1279d ago
@outlawlife -
Maybe you need a better TV? I haven't noticed 'huge amounts.'
And, can honestly say I've not seen one building pop in and out..
outlawlife  +   1278d ago
the blinking is massive screen tearing the whole picture will flip out for a split second, not the tactical light or laser

I don't need a better tv...they don't make much better than what I have(super high end 46 inch 3d LED, and I also have an older 40 inch lcd, played on both)

as far as the building, just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it didn't happen to me

if this "beta" was supposed to convince me to buy battlefield over other game it isn't helping

the outrageous number of freezes my friends and I are getting are pretty annoying too
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No Way  +   1276d ago
@outlawlife -
I understand, I'm just making a suggestion, lol.
And, I'm not saying that it never happened to you.
Just saying, from my experience, it's yet to happen.

And, you also say you and your friends get freezes?
What version are you playing on, may I ask? I'm on the x360..
I've not experienced any freezing, what so ever.
soundslike  +   1279d ago
lol I guess I didn't have to wait long but I already made a UK PSN account and I'm at 65%
JayFx2  +   1279d ago
When will it be up in the U.S store EST time?
joeyisback  +   1279d ago
between 9 11 am est from what the site saids
MasterD919  +   1279d ago
I jumped on the site and thought by logging into the EA account one of the 3 download options would become highlighted and allow for an install...but I just signed into Xbox and downloaded the beta from the Marketplace.

Its up and running...
typeN8  +   1279d ago
Nothing here on the westcoast yet
Xenial  +   1279d ago
Glad i pre-ordered MOH LE. xD
RioKing  +   1279d ago
Its 10:43am here on the east coast US and it's still telling me "this content cannot be accessed on your account.'


Edit: maade a uk account, downloaded beta, now switched back to normal account and am about to play!
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SuperDopetastic  +   1279d ago
nothing on the east coast yet,i can search for the beta but it tells me content cannot be accessed on your account....fuccccccck
Drithe  +   1279d ago
wtf is going on? Those idiots need to let the american beta open already!!!

End of Line.
MasterD919  +   1279d ago
The American beta is open already....I got it over an hour ago and I'm an American.

If you have a console- its in the marketplace store already....

If you have a PC- I'm not 100% sure but I had to login to an EA/Origin account before even being acknowledged.
outlawlife  +   1279d ago
I got it somewhere around 7am on xbox...i'm on the east coast, no trouble for me at all

friends tell me the origin thing is a mess and people are struggling to get the PC version
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Drithe  +   1279d ago
I was talking about the PS3. Sorry.
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