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The Last Guardian: 2-Minute Trailer Reveals New Gameplay Footage & Insight

New footage of Sony's The Last Guardian has surfaced. (PS3, The Last Guardian)

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LedZeppelin  +   1118d ago
crxss  +   1118d ago
liking the soundtrack a lot too!
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VINNIEPAZ  +   1118d ago
meetajhu  +   1118d ago
Good thing they didn't release this year. My wallet would be been burnt.
MakiManPR  +   1118d ago
This game suffer from FFversusXIII disease.
crxss  +   1118d ago
not even close. game was revealed in 2009, whereas ffversus13 was revealed in 2006....
MerkinMax  +   1118d ago
I think it's time to get away from these modern FPS games and play something unique like this.
felonycarclub  +   1118d ago
damn i think this game is going to make me cry, that part at 2:27 where the animal is calling the kid to comeback and it looked like it had tears on its eyes just made me sad, thank god for sony
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kennyboy  +   1118d ago
i cant believe its not butta

i cant believe its not cg
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1118d ago
awesome-took long enough though
AdmiralSnake  +   1118d ago
The game looks extremely polish, just wow.
Wintersun616  +   1118d ago
Game of the Generation! Looks awesome and love the soundtrack too!
r21  +   1118d ago
my god, that creature looks so real! the way it moves and howls *o* it gave me chills.
HaHa_Ostrich  +   1118d ago
This is why I prefer Sony. They put their faith in something different and unique. Im a sucker for games like this. I mean the market is oversaturated with shooting, blood and gore and while games like Dead Space or Gears or Battlefield are great, sometimes I want something more than just shoot monsters.
GamersRulz  +   1118d ago
I'm speechless....
Eddy223  +   1118d ago
Something tells me that poor creature dies at the end and i cry myself to sleep afterwards.
Gamer3000  +   1118d ago
that's sony for you
you will never find games like this on any other platform
the game look incredible
Ddouble  +   1118d ago
thehusbo  +   1118d ago
Just.... incredible.
KidMakeshift  +   1118d ago
I want a Chihuahua bird

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