Will Amazon Kindle Fire Give Apple iPad and PS Vita a Worthy Competitor for Mobile Gaming?

With Amazon’s entry into the burgeoning tablet market today with Jeff Bezo’s introduction of the new Kindle Fire, Apple’s iPad might finally have some competition. While based on Google’s Android mobile and tablet operating system, Amazon’s Kindle Fire differentiates itself from it’s Android tablet brethren on four competitively unique features, 1) it will be sold thru the biggest e-commerce storefront in the world which has already had huge success with its Kindle e-book reader; 2) it will leverage Amazon’s massive content library and licenses in books, movies and music that is bigger than even Apple’s iTunes; 3) it will leverage Amazon’s massive cloud ecosystem delivering new and interesting services; and 4) and perhaps the biggest differentiator, it will sell for $199 which is $300 cheaper than the cheapest Apple iPad 2. Keep in mind, the HP TouchPad, while a flop at $499, sold out in less than 24 hours when its price dropped to $99-149, even with the prospect that the WebOS it runs on would not be supported moving forward and there were very few apps for it. But what will the Kindle Fire do for gaming?

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Kamikaze1352455d ago

You must be out of your mind to buy an iPad for a gaming device.

remanutd552455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

apple ipad as a gaming device ? who the heck would buy an ipad as a gaming device ? lmao, this guys is talking nonsense , i have an ipad 2 and the last thing i would do is to game on it , controls are really terrible and the games arent that good either , i bought my ipad 2 for other things not gaming , vita on the other hand will buy it as my portable gaming machine , cant wait !!!!!

zeal0us2455d ago

The kindle fire isn't even competing against ipad or even the vita. Look at the specs, people. The only thing it got competitive is the price. Also the kindle fire is primarily for ebook reading not gaming. So if you're going to waste on a kindle fire as a gaming device, don't save your money for a gaming console or handheld.

longcat2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

The only intelligent caomparison may be with the Barnes and Noble "Nook"

All other comparisons are attempts to get hits. It doesn't even have tilt controls. I dont need to play scrabble in color.

Hicken2454d ago

Why another of these "mobile gaming" articles that makes far-reaching assumptions?

Smartphones and tablets don't compete with dedicated gaming devices. They don't. Sorry, I don't care how much you like Android or Apple, but they're not competition for- nor are they in competition with- systems like the Vita and 3DS.

The Kindle, to the best of my knowledge, is an e-reader, which means its functions are more limited than a tablet. Even if it has expanded functionality that makes it more like an iPad, its primary function places it in a different market.

That, and Apple fans are as bad as any console fans.