TimeShift Review by Absolute Gadget (7/10, Xbox 360)

With Halo 3 being released not so long ago it's a wonder why anyone else would want to release another first-person shooter, especially given the mass fanfare that surrounds the Master Chief and co. But abandoning all sense of reason, TimeShift has taken up the challenge.

As the title suggests, TimeShift's narrative centres on temporal manipulation, in this case the ability to pause, rewind and slow time. This is done so thanks to a time-shifting suit, and it's up to you to find another professor in the dystopian future that just also happens to have a similar suit.

Ever since the Matrix trilogy many films and games have 'borrowed' the 'bullet time' effect of slow motion. In the gaming world the more relevant examples would be F.E.A.R. and now TimeShift.

The ability to slow down time has been done so often, but the addition to rewind and stop it altogether does mix it around a bit, slightly.

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blu3print4043d ago

I'm gonna give this a chance as I'm not that serious of a FPS gamer so something light should this should do me quite fine, plus I enjoyed the demo