High Velocity Bowling is cheesy, quirky and... wait, what, it's actually fun too?

There's really no way to get around the fact that High Velocity Bowling is Sony's answer to the Wii Sports phenomenon. Using a motion-sensing controller to guide a virtual bowler into nailing strikes and avoiding gutter balls is indeed shared between the two, but what's surprising is that HVB's attempt at creating a virtual bowling experience for the PS3 crowd is actually pretty fun.

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akaFullMetal4040d ago

wow, actually surprised, i guess i might pick this up then, or download it sorry, ahahha

felman874040d ago

What?! a PSN title that's fun?! BLASPHEMY!!! /sarcasm

Gordii4040d ago

Atleast it has real looking people .... look at the wii bowling your a damn bowling pin lol....

Kholinar4040d ago

ummm... from the review:

"especially considering the cast of characters looks something like the reject pile from the last Hot Shots Golf localization session"

Obviously the aim of nintendo is not to go photorealistic with the Miis. If it were, I'd suppose they could do better than the "Order of the Phoenix" type ugliness we have here. But then it'd make it a lot harder when creating your own, right?

the worst4040d ago

picking up this tuesday if its released

ATLRoAcH4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

...about this game is that you can listen to the music from your hard drive while playing.They told us that on the Playstation Blog.

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