10 Reasons Lollipop Chainsaw Will Rock

Grasshopper Manufacture’s next Suda51 endeavor will be the perfect combination of offensiveness and gory glee.

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Venox20082455d ago

I could think a million reasons.. one of them = SUDA51!!! :)

PirosThe4th2455d ago

I was about to say that... XD

dudieboy2454d ago

Good thing he's one of the 10 reasons then. ;)

TheEatingVodka2455d ago

I could think a million reasons.. one of them = Boobs

tarbis2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

And she's a blonde

Quagmire2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Its unique. I might have sexual exploitation and zombies and gore, but it aint no generic warfare shooter, I tell ya h'what.

thats_just_prime2455d ago

from what I've seen this game looks like a lot of fun and why else do you play game if not to have FUN ?

Hicken2455d ago

Why "Will" and not "Could" in the title? Nothing's ever "possible" anymore. It's always "This game WILL suck" or "This system IS better."

On topic, I think it'll be a pretty good game. I'd be more into it, but I'm rather burned out on zombies.

dudieboy2453d ago

Affirmative writing; it's good enough for the Bible, so it's good enough for gaming. :D