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New DmC Wallpapers, More Craziness

New wallpapers show different and unexpected sides of young(er) Dante in anticipation of DmC. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

DragonKnight  +   1468d ago
There's anticipation for this underwear skidmark of a game?
zerocrossing  +   1468d ago
I keep hoping for this game to disappear! but it's still hear! D:
Deadpool616  +   1468d ago
Capcom - "Please buy it!" D:

Me - "Nope." :)
Baka-akaB  +   1468d ago
Walllpapers are supposed to be pretty , not garbage .
zerocrossing  +   1468d ago
It's pretty much garbage, does that count ?
felonycarclub  +   1468d ago
i had completely forgotten about this game since i had not heard anything about it for a while and i was hoping they had cancelled it
Axecution  +   1468d ago
Im still curious what the game is going to be like. I'll give it a try for sure.

These wallpapers arent very good though lol. Some noticeably flat and blocky textures. Of course, the game obviously isn't this close up, and it moves fast enough that it wont really matter.
Im not boycotting this game like everyone else. Ninja Theory has made 2 very solid and under-rated story-based games so far. It may not be Devil May Cry but i think it still has potential to be a great game >.>
HarryKawk  +   1468d ago
Even if you're gonna bash the game (before playing!), it's hard to deny the talent and work put into those pieces of art. The angel one especially is amazing.
Hozi  +   1468d ago
Sorry Capcom, the only game you're doing that has my interest is Dragons's Dogma.
dudieboy  +   1468d ago
You guys who are against DmC: just out of curiosity, why?

Possible Answers:
1. Don't like/tired of Devil May Cry games,
2. Don't like the new direction they took Dante, or
3. Don't like that they handed off the IP to Ninja Theory.

I guess there could be other reasons but I can't think of any. If you have a different reason let me know, otherwise please pick a number.
Deadpool616  +   1468d ago
For me it was the people representing the game and the bad PR. Every interview they had just insulted the original fans intelligence. Fans asked why they changed Devil May Cry and they pretty much replied the original Devil May Cry series wasn't cool anymore. Fans said they wanted the original Dante, they said "I don't care". IF they showed a little respect towards the fans that helped make Devil May Cry what it is, then there wouldn't be as much hostility.

Another reason is the original series had a lot unanswered questions that may never be answered now.
dudieboy  +   1468d ago
I agree, a flippant attitude to your customer base isn't a good business plan.

Again, just out of curiosity, what are the unanswered questions of the series? I never payed any attention to the story in these things. ;)
ABizzel1  +   1468d ago
That's a sorry excuse. Ninja Theory said from the beginning that Capcom wanted them to doa complete reboot of DMC, so what were all you negative ninnies expecting to play.

DMC 1- was good because it was something new.
DMC 2- was decent at best
DMC 3- was the best in the series a true 9/10
DMC 4- was again only decent (great gameplay, bad choices)

Capcom hasn't had a perfect streak with DMC, and everyone complaining about the game before they've played it are being childish and immature (I must remember this is n4g). The main reason people are complaining is because

1. It gives them something to complain about
2. They're mad they couldn't force Ninja Theory to change Dante's look.
3. They're mad Ninja Theory's making DMC.

Number 1 can't be helped, some people have nothing better to do with their lives.

Number 2 has been fixed. While it's still not the same Dante we know, the overall look in unique, fresh, and doesn't look like the original look they were going for.

Number 3 get over it. Capcom paid them to do it, so move on. Either buy the game, or don't.

There's just too much hate for this game, and none of us truly know anything about it. For supposedly fans you sure aren't acting like it, when change comes you support, and if they fall then you remind them. Not bash them.
DragonKnight  +   1468d ago
@ABizzel1: You couldn't be more incorrect if you tried.

The reason people are complaining about DmC is because they have damn good reason to. No one wants to play a game with Tameem Antoniades' ego as the main character. And if you don't even like the main character, you won't enjoy the game.

No one wants to play a DmC game from developers known for poor combat mechanics, and from the trailers we've seen everyone's fears were justified. NT are only capable of making good stories. That's it. When it comes to combat they fail miserably. And the problem for them is that the games they've tried to make are action games. Action games sell on their combat more than their story and Ninja Theory has never understood that. Heavenly Sword was a good game, but compared to the established action games it failed in the combat area. No jumping, standing still to block, no real need to switch between weapon styles, and much more. Enslaved was worse. The game practically played itself. Ninja Theory can't make action games. Period. And then they blame consumers for their sh*tty products.

No one wants to play a DMC game where the story has been completely nullified in favor of this trash that NT have come up with for this latest installment. The only connection to the previous series is the name of the protagonist, and yet the game is trying to sell on Devil May Cry fame. Half angel/half demon? WTF? Emo/Twlight Dante? WTF? Smoking to make himself "look cool" WTF? A British flag patch on his jacket? WTF?

This isn't Devil May Cry. Not at all. They should have just made it its own standalone crappy game. Crapcom have failed hard this gen, and using Ninja Theory for this game is just another fail.

If you think people are just complaining about Dante's looks, you're not paying attention.
ABizzel1  +   1468d ago
@ DragonKnight

Combat is the only thing you or any other so called DMC fan should be worried about, and that is something I agree with. Ninja Theory are decent as best at combat, but Capcom is suppose to be working with them and again the game doesn't come out until TBA 2012, so the gameplay is still up in the air.

In that regard I agree with you.

But in Story if you thought DMC had a good story originally then you need to play more games, watch more movies, or something. The original series story was about as deep as a kiddie pool. Dante and Virgil are the sons of Sparda, and literally that's all you need to know about the story over all 4 of the games. Ninja Theory is at least trying to dig deeper and build upon what I assume to be one of your favorite video game characters. Why would you or the rest of you want Dante to not progress as a character. That's all they're trying to do, so don't knock them for that. If what they do sucks, I'll be the first to admit it, but don't knock them until you've tried it is all I'm saying.
DragonKnight  +   1468d ago
@ABizzle1: It has a better story than this piece of trash DmC has. Emo Dante Antoniades rebelling against "teh man" and being half-demon/half-angel is proof enough that this game is trash. Crapcom working with them has proven nothing, as the combat is WORSE now than it ever was before. You got an ugly character modeled after the lead developer, a disjointed and senseless story that has NOTHING to do with the DMC universe yet is trying to cash in on the name, and a butchered combat system running at 30FPS on probably the most ancient engine that exists this gen in UE3. And does any part of that sound GOOD to you? You can't see ANY reason beyond the lame 3 you mentioned why people are complaining about this game?

I sincerely hope no one buys this game. Teach Crapcom and NT a lesson that they've both sucked horribly this gen, and if they want to be relevant and successful, they better damn well shape up and heed some of what the fans are saying. Because right now, you have a publisher/dev that couldn't care less about disecting a game and selling it in pieces as DLC; working with a dev that blames the consumer base for their lack of success instead of recognizing that they suck and are to egotistical for their own good.
ABizzel1  +   1467d ago
"a disjointed and senseless story that has NOTHING to do with the DMC universe yet is trying to cash in on the name"

This is a REBOOT. Why would they use the same story? Ninja Theory's game is going to be at the very least deeper into Dante's character than any previous DMC, we don't know anything about Dante's past and that's what this game is for.

LOL, Maybe ninja theory felt since it's going back n time that they need to change the combat back to 30fps (if that's been stated as the final product) so it would play at the same frames rate DMC 1 - 3 were since technically this is before those.

In all seriousness, give them a chance. The game is due out next year, so save your complaints until then.
J-Killer15  +   1468d ago
The main reason I'm against this game is because I don't agree with Capcom's westernization theory. I tried to be optimistic about this game after the first trailer because they brought back the gothic artstyle from 1 & 3, but their previous games have proved that they're simply not cut out to make this type of game. I'm pretty sure they can make an adventure game with quality production along the lines of Uncharted, but they can't make a fast paced action game especially with the Unreal engine.

People have to start treating DMC like a fighting game in the sense that 60 FPS isn't a luxury, but a necessity. All of the cancels in 3 (jump, switch) and buffering crazy combos would be impossible on the Unreal engine. On top of that, in the two trailers, there's never more than 4 enemies on screen compared to 3 & 4 where there would sometimes be 12-15 on screen at once. Also, the air combos in the trailer look like they can be performed with ease compared to 3 where it took skill to keep an enemy in the air that long.

Certain games such as DMC are suppose to be made by eastern developers because their style is different from everyone else. Let's look at Vanquish for example, on the surface it looks like a typical 3rd person shooter, but it's really an action game when played correctly. Not saying that western developers aren't innovative, but they make different types of games compared to eastern developers. They have cater to 2 different audiences.

Capcom are completely alienating their core fanbase while trying to appeal to the west. They have ignored a lot of the feedback from DMC4 and wanted to take this series in a direction we didn't want it to go to. I can't even blame NT (although they haven't been too kind to the fans) because Capcom wanted this. However, this series was destined to go this route because Kamiya was never given a chance to make a sequel to the game that birth the 3D action genre. At least P* exist and Bayonetta 2 will be out soon. That's all that matters
ABizzel1  +   1468d ago
This is an understandable reason not to be for this game, and is also my greatest concern for the game. From the trailers thus far it seems a bit slower in terms of fluidity of movement (hence I think it's only 30fps). The game does look easier than normal for a DMC game.

"People have to start treating DMC like a fighting game in the sense that 60 FPS isn't a luxury, but a necessity. All of the cancels in 3 (jump, switch) and buffering crazy combos would be impossible on the Unreal engine. On top of that, in the two trailers, there's never more than 4 enemies on screen compared to 3 & 4 where there would sometimes be 12-15 on screen at once. Also, the air combos in the trailer look like they can be performed with ease compared to 3 where it took skill to keep an enemy in the air that long."

That says it all for me personally, but I'm still hoping for the best for it, because from all the trailers, it looks like they have the perfect setting and atmosphere for this game, a good story and interesting concept for once, and great potential to set up a new take on DMC. My biggest concern though is the gameplay, because that has been Ninja Theory's weak point in previous games (enjoyable, but nothing special), but Capcom is suppose to be helping with gameplay so here's hoping.
Quagmire  +   1468d ago
If you dont like it, dont buy it. Simple as that.
HarryKawk  +   1468d ago
Thank you.

Edit: +1 intelligent bub for you my good sir.
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Quagmire  +   1468d ago
Thanks, but no ones gonna care. Theyre still gonna post 100 annoying ignorant comments about how they should cancel this, why this isnt Dante yadda yadda yadda, but all the ranting isnt gonna change Capcom's decision, nothing this gen has.

I understand why there is criticsm, but seriously, If you dont like the game, why comment it and keep giving it attention? Its contradictory.
Zanarkand  +   1468d ago
*facepalm* wtf Capcom enough is enough... dont you see?
TheMutator  +   1468d ago
New DmC Wallpapers, More Gayness!!! fixed*
kasasensei  +   1468d ago
I like it! :D
gano  +   1468d ago
The only people defending games like this and ff13 reductions
are all new age gamers who don't understand or care for the effort of the 8bit, era.
Most first system is a 360 or they just started gaming because it's the new trend.
So hype like games are going to sell because they said it's popular not good, but popular.
There was a progressive movement in the games from looks to actions.
M$ introduced the stand still movement.
We are really having to wait to see full potential 50gb
games on one disc let alone 25 and up consistantly.
Because of this dlc is more popular, half complete games
are on being made.
Am i the only one who notice now how most games being made are not only shooter after shooter/ but after they drop
3 to 4 months later you can damn near buy the game at 20 to 30 bang.
They hype the shyt out of garbage like skyrim and battlefield. Shooting and whatever that is.

Point being One culture is being forced to adopt another
culture to supposedly be sucessful in the gaming arena.
And american games are still full of fail.
except rockstar, 2k, rocksteady.
M$ needs to gtfo.
#14 (Edited 1468d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Jappy-k7  +   1468d ago
"8bit, era" LOL , what are you like 40 or something?

i have read some of your comments, you're a racist, why do you even bother coming here this is an american site too u know I'm reporting you!
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Acquiescence  +   1468d ago
Can't wait for this game...
Never liked the franchise beforehand anyway, so I'm in a fortunate positiion here. I'm very fond of Ninja Theory, and with them on board this time to incorporate their own idiosyncracies into this reboot, my interest in Devil May Cry is piqued again. Hack 'n' slash gameplay was never my bag anyway, I'm just in this for the sterling art design, music and emphasis on NT's mo-cap tech to bolster the characters/stroy. If they can improve upon the technical issues inherent in Heavenly Sword and Enslaved then all the better. Oh and Andy Serkis...he better be in this.

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