Rambo Poster Looks Like Dark Sector Box Art

Kotaku: "As you can see, it's obvious that they share similarities - the white/black duotone; the menacing stance; the even more menacing bladed weapon... you get the picture. Heck, you can see it.

Ignoring the fact that I had to flip the Dark Sector art for symmetry, if someone told me the same art director had been behind both pieces, I'd probably believe them".

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Cartesian3D4043d ago

look at God of war 2 boxart..

its one of the best views of Man's body in body building .. I love that.. so do they .. :P

mighty_douche4043d ago

ummm why? because they have their backs to us?

great.... this is news huh?

Skerj4043d ago

Didn't Chronicles of Riddick have the same pose? Why yes, I believe it does.

OOG FunK4043d ago

lol how the hell does this make news like really you think this is the first time a poster showed someones really

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