Never before seen Singularity Concept artwork

Raven Software recently released a batch of never before seen concept art work for the creatures and monsters of their under-appreciated masterpiece of gaming goodness Singularity.

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ElementX2268d ago

Singularity was a fun game. The graphics weren't the best but it was enjoyable.

Quagmire2268d ago

If Activision werent dicks in forcing Raven Software into making bullshit dlc for Call of Duty, we wouldve had a sequel to this by now.

r212267d ago

Singularity is way better than CoD, IMO. they NEED to make the sequel now.

sycnation2267d ago

Singularity was / is a great game. I spent dozens of hours on it. Raven does have great potential. Hope acti lets em do a sequel or a new ip.