PSX Extreme Reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune ( 9.0 )

Uncharted is, perhaps, the best implementation of action and platforming available thus far. It delivers in practically every category that makes an action/platformer a great game. You'll instantly find yourself engrossed with the game's amazing gameplay mechanics, fluid controls, gunplay, and will love its monstrous sense of scale. Uncharted is one of those rare games that truly defines its respective genre, becoming the benchmark for everyone to follow. If you've been dying for a proper Tomb Raider game, and have obviously been left disappointed, you must pick up Uncharted. On top of playing superbly well, it also looks a helluva lot better than Lara Croft's rack. Yep, thats nice.

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360sucks4020d ago

this game is better than bioshock

HarryEtTubMan4020d ago

" We've waited a while for a Playstation 3 game that TRUELY SEPERATES itself from Xbox 360 software... and we finally have it. Drake's Fortune is !!!!!!EASILYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! THE BEST LOOKING CONSOLE GAME ON THE MARKET"

-QUOTE from GT on 11/18/07

Sorry....couldn't help myself... I can't to explore the jungle/tombs and try this game out.

xplosneer4020d ago

Every review has talked about screen tearing, yet I've played the game one and a half times and haven't noticed a single frame rate drop or screen tear. Weird huh?

Kyur4ThePain4020d ago

but it is still, by a mile, the best looking and playing game I have laid my hands on this year.
A "very well done" to the devs.

The Karate Kid4020d ago

Clearly raises the bar for all next generation games. And not to bag on our competitors but it is clearly obvious that if you want true next generation gaming then the choice is PS3.

Even with future 360 titles thats coming out, you can't even compare those to Uncharted. Ninja Gaiden 2 which is being produced by a Graphical powerhouse Team Ninja, that game can't even come close to the fidelity of Uncharted.

The future looks *Very* promising for the playstation brand as the console has just stretched its legs...The Marathon begins in January!

Little Big Planet
Gran Turismo 5
Devil May Cry 4 (If its a system seller be assured it will move PS3's)
Grand Theft Auto 4 (If it's a system seller Yes it will move PS3's)
Killzone 2
Metal Gear Solid 4 (800 pound Grid Iron Guerilla)
Resistance 2 Rise to Man
Motor Storm 2
Tekken 6
White Knight Story
Getaway Next Generation
Socom Confrontation (This will move some consoles for sure)
Final Fantasy 13
Hot Shots Golf 5
God Of War 3
Unreal Tournament 3

Special Key Notes: Blu-Ray will continue to get more and more popular,
Dual Shock 3 released in north america will be a welcome bonus,
Playstation home release with in game XMB and cross messaging will be a hugggggggggggggggggge addition that will spark 360 owners interest!

Playstation Home will be one of the Biggest talks of 2008 (I promise)
The community features of Home will be so huge, that Xbox live will be a thing of the past that stills cost the consumers, home will be free!

Last but not least, another $100.00 price drop right before the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 =)

Nice review for uncharted! 8.9 is still a 9 in the books!

felman874020d ago

I'll be picking this game up this week

jackdoe4020d ago

I'll be picking up this game next week as well. Along with CoD 4. Was gonna get Assassin's Creed, but I'm waiting until all the game ending freezes sort themselves out.

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