Gametrailers reviews Uncharted

Does Drake get wiped off the map?

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xhi44018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

always seems to be the most balanced of reviewers. I haven't watched this one yet, but I wonder what it will get.

EDIT: That's the thing with all these ps3 games, they look and play fantasticly, (aside from LAIR), they are extremely fun, but they cut short, like a movie almost. These ps3 games are so briliant, however, fail to satisfy it's price tag as it's value is not up to scratch. By value I mean for instance in comparison to something like The Orange Box, buying that assures you and gives the peace of mind that your paying one hundred dollars (in australia) for a game that will last you a hell of a long time. Not just one awesome weekend.

I guess in the years to come more GTA long games will come out, but until then.....yer.

MikeGdaGod4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

it was very good. i'll definately be playing again on Hard to find the other medals.

it's not short either, i just had alot of free time this weekend and put some major hours into it.

time to flip AC..........................

lawman11084018d ago

I will buy this when it's $49.99 at Circuit City or for less on Ebay. Looks great but thats alot of money for a game you will not touch after you beat it in 2 days.

zapass4018d ago

After playing this amazing game, reading the reviews feels exactly like watching foxnews: makes me want to puke at the legally sponsored dishonesty, and the appalling lack of accountability. This is the best game I've played this year on any platform, don't let any digital cuckroach tell you otherwise, especially if they own a soapbox in the gaming media. Microsoft is now swift-boating at large because they've seen how successful it is when you can get away with murder. I am now done with official gaming sites just like any mainstream media outlet.
It is urgent for us gamers to find new ways to get independent reviews.

Chris_GTR14018d ago

hey.. it IS 49.99 at circuit city.. cause this week only they are giving a 10$ gift card when u buy this game. im getting it for shure

consolewar4018d ago

Another one bites the dust
And another one gone
And another one gone
Another one bites the dust


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ATLRoAcH4018d ago

The design score brought it down.Scored nines everywhere else.

360sucks4018d ago

It has to have online multiplayer
It has to be more than 20 hours long
and it has to be on the 360

consolewar4018d ago

look at the agrees count. Jealousy is awful thing.

Wait Beyond

Kratchet4018d ago

This game was meant to play on hard. They must have played it on normal. On Hard everything is so much better. Can't wait to play Crushing mode

sonarus4018d ago

I played it on hard too and IMO that brings about the perfect challenge. Uncharted biggest flaw has to be its length but its still a pretty good game. Not everyone plays game at a stretch so a lot of people could easily find fun out of it. I think they are being a little too hard on the games length. I'm really busy and even though i beat uncharted in bout 10hrs str8 i cnt wait to play it again on crushing jst that i dnt have the time. The game is that good. I dnt play all games twice but I do games like God of war ratchet and clank e.t.c.

aiphanes4018d ago

Mass Effect is suppose to be only 15 12 hours of playing Uncharted is perfect...

Cod4 was only 5 hours...but at least it had some awesome online....

toughNAME4018d ago

..wheres the logic there?

i swear to god it feels like every ps3 game is getting 8.9..they just cant make it over that hump

Bonsai12144018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

yeah tough, i realized that too. if you average the parts, it rounds up to a 9...

but doesn't matter, i'll be picking this one up on wednesday

another question i have is, when will gamespot's review come out.. haha

lawman11084018d ago

Does NOT make the game more fun it makes it LESS fun.

DrPirate4018d ago

Doesn't change thte fact it's the most fun I had with a single-player game since God of War 2.

n_n4018d ago

nothing can change the feeling and awe i get when i pick up the controller and continue where i left off in Uncharted. no game EVER had me stop mid-game to look at the amazing scenery for 10 minutes before getting back in the game. that's all i got to say. this game is TIMELESS. everything just meshes so well.