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Xbox Evolved Mass Effect Review: 9.8/10

Is this the best game on the Xbox 360? You can bet the house on it. While it may be a matter of opinion, Mass Effect delivered the most amazing experience on any next-generation console I have came across. The dialogue and conversations with NPCs make this the finest told storyline in any video game. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 9.8/10

Dr Pepper  +   2841d ago
It's almost here...
BLACKJACK VII  +   2841d ago

"Is this the best game on the Xbox 360? You can bet the house on it."

"While it may be a matter of opinion, Mass Effect delivered the most amazing experience on any next-generation console I have came across. The dialogue and conversations with NPCs make this the finest told storyline in any video game."

"...they continue to put forth the THE BEST STORYLINE IN VIDEO GAMES, I have no fear that it will be the PERFECT game -- at least for me. Definitely find someway to play Mass Effect to determine if this game suits your style since there's NO OTHER GAME out on the market like it."

AAA title review = 9.8
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Zhuk  +   2841d ago
Only Xbox 360 provides gamers the highest quality AAA titles like Mass Effect. Game of the Year has arrived and it is easily the best RPG I have played since Oblivion.

I have put over 20 hours into this game and hardly touched the main storyline, it's an incredible experience! I think i'll be able to get 40 hours out of it when its all said and done, then I can do it all over again with NewGame+!
tplarkin7  +   2841d ago
360 is the best this gen.
The most and best games, period....
dhammalama  +   2841d ago
@ Fhuk
Hmm, although this game looks good, I'm just going to say it's crap. . . Because of you.

@Everyone else - Looks pretty kick ass. Can't wait to pick it up. Just waiting for U:DF to arrive, I'll finish that, and this will be my next purchase.
aiphanes  +   2841d ago
20 hours and you have not finished the game?
The game is only 15 to 20 hours max to finish...not 40 hours...
dhammalama  +   2841d ago
He could just be doing side quests.
I've read that there are about 20 hours to the main plot, and about 20 hours in secondary missions.
Dr Pepper  +   2841d ago
@ aiphanes

You see, there are these things, usually in RPGs, called "side-quests" and/or "side-missions" and what they do is make the game longer. So you can play it for a longer period of time without actually finishing the main quest. Do you understand?
WIIIS1  +   2841d ago
aiphanes is just sore that PS3 games hardly exceed the 10 hour mark.
Rhezin  +   2841d ago
^^^ broke the street date, huh? Sounds like an amazing game, I always thought the Bioware RPG's were completely awesome because of the story and all the side missions/quests/weapons variety. This game WILL deliver especially now that the combat is real time.
Zhuk  +   2841d ago
street date was broken in Australia, lucky enough to pick up a few copies for friends and family
TheFamilyGuy  +   2841d ago
Can't wait for this game. Tomorrow I know Teamxbox and probably all the other sites are posting their reviews up, so I'm excited to see what they all think of it.

What is even cooler is that this is already a planned trilogy, so we don't have to question whether or not we'll get another ME in the future :)
ParaDise_LosT  +   2841d ago
Can't wait
JokesOnYou  +   2841d ago
Great review
"While it may be a matter of opinion, Mass Effect delivered the most amazing experience on any next-generation console I have came across."

This was a great review, he did a good job of giving a genuine impression of the game, he had plenty of high praise for the game while at the same time pointing out some minor flaws, it will be interesting to see what "Effect" this game has on some of the other well known game sites, either way I'll be picking up my copy soon.

fe10  +   2841d ago
Go Xbox
Go Xbox
Go Xbox

play beyon noobs...
xplosneer  +   2841d ago
Nice nice nice, maybe I can pick this up for christmas.
Xbox is the BEST  +   2841d ago
triple "A" title to add to my stellar collection. Keep it coming Microsoft
Jump In
BLACKJACK VII  +   2841d ago
Let's go IGN & Gamespot ! Bring on MY GOTY... (OUR GOTY for the Bioware fans!).


I've been waiting for this game since it was announced at E3 2006 !


Yet another excellent review !!! ENJOY YUR GAME.


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pwnmaster3000  +   2841d ago
this game look cool
even though im a ps3 fanboy this game looks ko the only thing i dont like about is that the characters have no emotion their like robots but nice graphics though.. if i had a 360 i will get this
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dachiefsman  +   2841d ago
2 more days....I should have bought it on ebay.....i mean whats a 100 bucks?
jaja1434  +   2841d ago
10000 pennies
Cost of gas to drive from San Antonio to Dallas and back...twice
Half a meal at a 4 Star Dinning.
15 minutes with "Jasmin"
3 1/2 hours on the phone with Mr Wenk in Japan
About 1 hours at 6.25$
Between 20-30 live chickens.
68.22 Euros or 11,113 Yen
A new Frret cage + 1 10 pound bag of bedding + Ferret Shampoo + 1 bag of Ferret food

Lastly 13 DVD's from Wal-Mart "bargain bin"
JokesOnYou  +   2841d ago
your post is a shining example of "be careful what you ask for", I could be wrong but I really dont think dacheifsman was really expecting an answer, lmfao funny sh!t

power of Green  +   2841d ago
Looks like the experimental console has another must have this holiday
Xbox FTW...
360Crusader  +   2841d ago
I've been looking forward to this game all year. Thank god for thanksgiving I got thursday and friday off. So that plus the weekend I have to play Mass Effect. Without having to worry about school.
Funky Town_TX  +   2841d ago
looks boring. Too much talking. The v-sinc is bad also.
Spartan 117  +   2841d ago
What do you know your a crackhead.lol
Genuine  +   2841d ago
Got my copy ordered, can't wait. Luckily I have COD4 to tide me over.
Shadow Man  +   2841d ago
Sorry to break it to you
BUT this game is the most disappointing i've played all year. Wait how did this guy play it ... thinking in your head. I got off a torent and yes i have a 360, but it isn't much fun. Story amazing character models good, at least for the characters in your squad. Graphics super overrated. The environments all look the same, terrible textures (they try to cover them up with a screen grain filter). They repeat the same stupid rover things over and over again and they are plain out retarded. Absolutely no fun. When you are able to get out and shoot its pretty cool, but is seems far in between.

Heres my scores
Graphics: 7.5 (terrible textures, screen tearing like no other, and from the mouth there faces are static no emotion)
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 8 (because of the rover crap)
story: 9.5
presentation: 8.5 (fantastic story but the gameplay gets old: ROVER)
replayability:9.5 (be good be bad)
Overall: 8.6 average

i would give it more like an 8 though for how much i really like it
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power of Green  +   2841d ago
Sure I'v seen better ingame interactive Dialog scenes too!. *sarcasm* We assume you have a 360 if you were somehow able to get a earily copy or was willing to pay for it. Gotcha!!!...

Why would a 360 fan announce he had a 360 when claiming they had played Mass Effect?.
mesh1  +   2841d ago
RIGHT WE BELIVE U ! 1st ive heard no 1 get mass effect from torrent 2nd every single person that got it rearly are blown awaay 3rd we have seen enough iof mass effect to know ur lieing
power of Green  +   2841d ago
WoW this got hurt due to the control, I was thinking the graphical issues would hurt it.

I guess some won't grade on that as many games load the complex texture slowly these days.

PGR4 has issues and even COD4, Assassin's Creed more so with PGR4 out of these games. At times I'm racing on red or white air due to the road not loading..
Caspel  +   2841d ago
being the writer of this article, the texture loading does happen in a lot of games like you previously stated. Sure, I excused them this time, but they need to address via patch or in the sequel. I am sure casuals won't even notice, and if they do, they'll just think that it's the game loading up and think there's no problem about it.

Anyways, with so many other games doing it, I don't see the real harm since it's a constant problem in next-gen games. With it being on par with a lot of other games with the issue, it doesn't drag the rest of the graphics portion down. Having to rate the graphics from a 9 to 10's in whole #'s, the minor problems allow for it to be a 10 (even though if I was able to give it a score with decimals, it would be different).
wil4hire  +   2841d ago
It is a very well known fact that all 360 games "issues" or graphical problems are overlooked & excused when it comes time to grade.


omg. I just read Caspel response. Hes the guy who wrote the article.. and there it is.. Excusing things for a 360 game review.. I've never heard of that.

Why not just give ME 10/10. Reviews aren't really worth anything now at days anyway. No one decides to buy based off of a review. People just average scores together, or they just rent the game first.

Did anyone here actually think ME is going to get less than a 9.8 from an xbox site?
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power of Green  +   2841d ago
Do you even have a PS3?. Assassin's Creed had worse or slower texture loading than the 360 version. PS3 is having worse issues yet it was still getting high scores in some cases.
power of Green  +   2841d ago
I wouldn't dream of you issuing a hit on the graphics rating when so many other games have this problem?. Wouldn't be fair in my opinion.

Gears of War had these issues too wouldn't be fair as GEow scored big time.
x440Magnumx  +   2841d ago
So 9.5 or better graphics wise. So the loading issues thanks to so much going on at one time is only worth at most 5%.

Sounds awesome to me! Assassin's Creed and COD4 are both beautiful games, on both consoles, but they both suffer from hit collision problems and some framerate stumbling in the most intense moments.

Bioware knew they had to deliver big, so they pushed the 360 as far as a developer knows how to at this point, and it seemed to be a huge sucess graphically.

But more important the gameplay and story had the power to set the "merely excellent (which is a laughable term) , not perfect" graphics aside.
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skagrerrrr  +   2841d ago
i'm getting
dis game too
slak  +   2841d ago
Am going to f*ck the mass effect CD so bad

lol jp cant wait GOTY
Caspel  +   2841d ago
to the guy who cried fowl about excusing the graphics... man, are you ignorant or what.

It would be the same thing if I were to say that I was disappointed with the Unreal 3 Engine for not allowing me to use long hair for the males. Almost every UE3 game doesn't allow for characters to have long hair, so in case and point, it's excusable since so many games fall victim to it.

Besides, if you read the whole comment, outside of just being a waste of a time you are, you would take notice that I mentioned that if the publication allowed for me to use the decimals, I would have. Rating a game in 9 in graphics is a very strong accusation of it's graphical performance when it only had one flaw in texture loading. So, rating it a 10 was acceptable since the difference between say a 9.7 to a 9 is quite high, so having to lean to a 10 is more of the pathway for a reviewer to go for.

Now, please accept your place at the back of the line where no one even knows you exist.
EDF 2017  +   2841d ago
LOL I have the game and you don't hahahahaha!!!
Wan't proof with pics take from my blackberry pearl?

Related image(s)
TheMART  +   2841d ago
And the average review score is rising! From 92% to 93% where will it end?

n00dl3s  +   2841d ago
I'm not making fun of Mass Effect...
... it very well may be a great game. It looks like it. I'm just saying that I don't trust reviews on obviously biased sites. "OMG Xbox Mag gave Perfect Dark Zero a 95/100 ?!??! IT MUST BE GREAT!"

:P and don't flame me because I know it's gotten plenty of great reviews from other sites. I'm just mentioning it.
TheMART  +   2841d ago
Mass Effect went up another time

From 92% to 93% and now

it's at 94%!


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