Amazon’s Kindle Fire Will Be PS Vita’s Biggest Opponent In 2012 And Beyond

Joel Taveras writes "A post-Christmas launch date isn’t the only battle Sony’s handheld will have next year. This isn’t an argument about which devices will provide better gaming experiences; that would be ridiculous. What I’m doing here is taking a look at the impact of Amazon’s entry into the handheld entertainment device space and what it means not just for those who currently inhabit it but also those that plan to like Sony’s PlayStation Vita."

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Letros2454d ago

Don't see how a tablet is any competition to a dedicated mobile gaming device.

fluffydelusions2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Agreed. That said, for $199 Kindle Fire is not a bad deal and I may pick one up but not gaming...

7-inch IPS (!) panel, Gorilla Glass coating, a 1GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and a chassis that weighs 14.6 ounces.

Abriael2454d ago

It does sound like a great deal, but honestly I'm not sure what kind of future this thing has, the market is getting overcrowded.

fluffydelusions2454d ago


Well it's running Android so it's only a matter of time before it gets custom ROMs and such.

iamnsuperman2454d ago

Not to you but the millions of casual gamers out there who take up the majority of the market nowadays.

sashimi2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

You mean those casuals who buy $1/$2 minigames on tablets and iphones? somehow i don't think Sony has much to worry about....

If anything all the tablets and smartphones are competing against themselves and the devs for those "app/games" are going to have more and more trouble making their product stand out with so much [email protected] & multiply clones of games out there.
Leading to a very bad place for the casual market.

supremacy2454d ago

That could be so, but again I dont see big name companies making a profit selling 40,50 dollar games of social devices, because quite honestly they just wont sell like they do on dedicated gaming machines.

There's a difference between a phone/tablet and a handheld, people know first hand what kind of games are made and sold on handhelds in comparrison to the ones on phones/tablets.

The perception, the essence, the form factor of a dedicated gaming handheld just simply cannot be replicated by a phone/tablet. Why would you spend your time trying buy and turn a phone/tablet many mainly use for texting and calls and email into a dedicated handheld?

Phones/tablets arent built for games, if todays phones/tablets for example ran the games most dedicated platforms do, then that whole battery issue wouldnt be talk about as much even though it would present itself in a worst way.

Sure there will be new phones/tablets out there, more powerful than the one before it. But not everyone would be able to afford/optain or even feel the same way about certain units causing what most big name publishers fear, fragmentation.

You see, when a person buys a gaming handheld they know firsthand why they are buying it for. Gaming.

The same however couldn't exactly be said about people who buy cellphones/tablets. No one knows for sure why they buy a phone/tablet for, it could be for a number of reasons other than gaming or nothing to do with gaming at all for that matter.

It is these reasons above why big name publishers will keep developing for dedicated gaming handhelds as long as they(platform holders)keep making them People will keep buying them.

Parts are only getting cheaper and things are becoming more accessible with each passing year. So I am sure there will be new gaming handhelds in the pipeline, and I mean looking at the vita and its feature set. Its obvious Sony has been studying the market changes, bring over the social aspect you come to expect from a social device while maintaining the hardcore presence.

Xperia play is a phone with buttons, and so was the engage and we all know what they didn't do and have yet to replace.

Oxymoron0282454d ago

No. They don't take up the majority of the market.

They are part of a different market, why can people not tell the differences between markets and targeted audiences.

It's like arguing that Cars are going to fall out of production due to the rising number of bikers...

iamnsuperman2454d ago

@sashimi. Those $1 games actually make a large return compared to inital investment. Also a lot have a monitary mechanic that make even more money. The only worry should sony have is getting the casual on board. They needto advertise the vita to caiter this but still going to be hard considering the tablet is "in". Apple make a lot of money through the app store

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Prophet-Gamer2454d ago

Tablets are meant for simple gaming, physical buttons are needed for any serious game. The Vita will be just fine as long as SONY markets it right.

PirateThom2454d ago

I'm actually hoping for a Kindle app on Vita.

Oxymoron0282454d ago

Well, from what I've read, PSVita runs on android OS, makes sense that they'd allow access to the android market place and if so then there's already a kindle app on that. So may already have one!

heylo2454d ago

wrong, Sony uses a custom Linux OS since PS2

heylo2454d ago

how about you provide a source for that android OS claim first?

death2smoochie2454d ago

This will be a big threat to the ipad3.
That price alone even though it lacks half the features will turn heads.

Highlife2454d ago

I agree just look at what happened when the HP Touchpad had a $99 fire sale. They went in seconds.
I still think there is room for the dedicated handheld gaming machine. Physical buttons and devs that work on systems that are the same spec wise can get the most out of said system. And you just don't have that with android. To many different devices.

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Highlife2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Double post. How the hell did that happen.

lumley6662454d ago

oh please dont make me laugh lol gameplay on any tablet is just crap, ps vita gameplay is far better then a shitty tablet lol

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