Assassin's Creed Ladder Dance Glitch

Another video featuring the many notorious gameplay issues with Assassin's Creed.

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kingofps34043d ago

I dunno what Ubisoft did with the extra time they had with the game? Looks like the gameplay programmers had the time off.

ruibing4043d ago

I would stay its more of an issue with quality testing.

eLiNeS4043d ago

I created a video as well along with another glitch with a guard on his heals, take a look

Spike474043d ago

out of all things they screw up with glitches?

I hope hey fix this with some update atleast, or i'm not buying.

dachiefsman4043d ago

i wouldn't buy it period....the game is 12-15 hours or maybe is a solid rent, since there is no real reason to replay the game unless you wanted to kick up the difficulty level......

ParaDise_LosT4043d ago

hahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahah ahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahh ahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahah ahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhah ahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahah ahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahah hahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahah ahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahha hahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahah ahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahhaha hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahah hahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahaha hahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahha hahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahaha hahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhaha hhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahaha hahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahh ahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahaha hahhahahhah

Holy crap lol......

I'm waaaaay too easly amussed :|

Danja4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

HAHAHAHAHA...ok im seriously come I didn't experienced ne of those amazing glitches ?..well except that it froze on me twice today when playing the last mission but that's thinking about selling it..cuz I probably won't play it again since i've now moved on to uncharted..!!

darkwing4043d ago

its the new dance craze!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.